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An examination of the California Secretary of State’s website shows that Montebello Mayor Vanessa Delgado, who lost her 32nd Senate race, received over $606,000 in the final four days of the campaign, bringing the total support to over $1.5 million dollars.

Delgado will be in the Aug 7 runoff to earn the right to serve until December, when either Democrat Bob Archuleta or Republican Rita Topalian will take the seat.

$575,633, 94%, came from the California Charter Schools Association; the remaining 6%, $31,036, came from the Keeping Californians Working, Dentists, Housing Providers PAC.

The final tally for each PAC:

Keeping Californians Working, Dentists, Housing Providers = $144,541

Restore California’s Middle Class, Oil Company PAC = $305,601

California Charter Schools Association PAC = $1,056,396

Many observers are wondering why Delgado received such massive support since she is only in her third year on the Montebello City Council, has very little state-level political experience, and has been involved in several controversial actions before and during her term in Montebello.

Just a few weeks ago, the state ordered an audit of Montebello’s finances with Delgado at the helm. The review was approved by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee in Sacramento on a 13-0 vote, and placed the City under the “high-risk” category.

Additionally, Delgado was just served recall papers, with sources telling HMG-CN that the recall is close to the signature gathering stage.

Three years ago, HMG-CN exclusively reported that Delgado had personal ties with the Calderon family, and in particular with former California Assemblyman Tom Calderon, who was indicted for bribery and money laundering charges along with his brother Ron in 2014.


Montebello City Council Candidate Vanessa Delgado Has Ties to Tom Calderon


HMG-CN was first to report that Delgado worked with Arman Gabaee, the Beverly Hill real estate developer who was arrested two weeks ago on felony charges of bribing a Los Angeles County employee to secure a $45 million government lease.



Montebello Mayor and 32nd Senate Candidate Vanessa Delgado Tied to Arman Gabaee



And the lure of the Charter School gravy train enticed local elected Republicans from Downey to endorse Delgado and had many observers scratching their heads.

Last week, HMG-CN reported that Downey residents were thrust into Montebello politics, courtesy of Downey Mayor pro tem Rick Rodriguez and Council-persons Alex Saab and Blanca Pacheco.


Welcome to Montebello, Downey: Rodriguez, Saab, and Pacheco Endorse Vanessa Delgado



Rodriguez and Saab, both staunch Republicans, were found on Delgado’s website endorsing the Montebello Mayor, subbing local Republican and eventual winner Rita Topalian.

Voters in Downey Districts one and five will be quite surprised at that endorsement, given they voted for Republicans Rodriguez and Saab.

Many on social media lashed out at the two for the endorsement, which will only get louder now that Delgado lost and is looking at a recall from her Montebello City Council seat.




  • The Community says:

    The $1.5 Million question is: What exactly did Delgado offer or provide these few donors for their financial support🤔

  • Knows LM says:

    Any candidate for a district state office that is receiving over $1 Million from any PAC is immediately suspect. Then mix in her history and the enemies she has made, and the pervert Cristin Garcia having her investigation covered up and the Dems need to start worrying about both seats and their credibility., just closer

    I’m not predicting defeat, just more unnecessary bad exposure for the party.