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Publish a Name Change With Los Cerritos Community News

The Cerritos Community News is a legally adjudicated newspaper and can publish your name change, we are on the approved list you can obtain at the court.

The court requires you to publish your request in the notices section of a newspaper. You need the name of the newspaper where you plan to publish to complete these forms.

We charge $299 total, the notice must run four times.

Start the name change process

Get all the forms here.

How to file forms with the court

Learn how to file your forms click here.

Publish the form in the newspaper

You can publish with the Cerritos Community News,  click here to contact us or call 562.407.3873.

Learn about publishing in a newspaper, click here.

File at the courthouse at least one week before the date

The Cerritos Community News will  mail the proof of publication to you, file it with the court clerk before your court date.

What to expect on your court day

Find out what happens in court.

Get your Name Change Decree

Click here to learn how to get your Decree.

More Information

Click here for more information.