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Montebello City Council Candidate Vanessa Delgado Has Ties to Tom Calderon


Delgado also just recently changed her address so she could vote in  Montebello.

Montebello City Council candidate Vanessa Delgado.

Montebello City Council candidate Vanessa Delgado.

By Brian Hews

A Hews-Media Group-Community News investigation has found that Vanessa Delgado, the recently declared candidate for Montebello City Council-supported by current Montebello City Councilman Jack Hadjinian- and a candidate who touts herself as a “Montebello home owner and a product of the local community,” has personal ties with the Calderon family, and in particular with former California Assemblyman Tom Calderon, who was indicted for bribery and money laundering charges along with his brother Ron in 2014.

In the same investigation, HMG-CN discovered that Delgado, who began looking for and eventually bought a house in Montebello in mid-2014, recently registered to vote in Montebello just weeks before the filing period for City Council candidates.

The relationship with Tom Calderon was discovered via a recent campaign flyer where Ms. Delgado listed the location of her June 11, 2015 fundraiser as the “Delgado Residence” at 412 N. 10th Street, Montebello, Ca. 90640.




A search on the address revealed the house was owned by Tom Calderon, sold to Ms. Delgado on August 8, 2014 for $555,000, well under market value in the area.



Sales history showing Delgado bought the house from Tom Calderon


When questioned by email about purchasing the house from Tom Calderon, Delgado responded, “my broker did the entire transaction, I had no idea who the owner was.”

But in another email she contradicted herself and indicated she knew Calderon owned the house saying, “I did buy my current home in Montebello from Mr. Tom Calderon, I actually never met Mr. Calderon.”

As a further indication that Delgado knew the home was owned by Tom Calderon she told HMG-CN that, “he (Tom Calderon) had not lived in the home for some time.”

A simple Google search revealed the address to be that of the Calderon Group, Inc., Tom Calderon’s company that secured several questionable no-bid contracts from Central Basin Municipal Water District.


Google results of Delgado's address search.

Google results of Delgado’s address search.


Questionable Relationships

The flyer also lists Central Basin Water Director Leticia Vasquez as a Delgado “Committee Member.” Vasquez is the embattled Director of CB who was recalled from the Lynwood City Council in 2007 and is a “party plaintiff” in a $2 million whistleblower lawsuit filed against the very public agency she was elected to serve. Records show that the lawsuit has cost CB over $270,000, click here to read story.


Central Basin Water District Director Leticia Vasquez, who took office only one year ago, is a party to a whistleblower lawsuit against the very district she was elected to represent.

Central Basin Water District Director Leticia Vasquez, a Delgado Committee member, is a party plaintiff to a whistleblower lawsuit against the very district she was elected to represent.


Vasquez is also under investigation by the Fair Political Practices Commission for conflict of interest and violating campaign disclosure laws.

Click here to read entire story.



Vasquez was also linked to a leaked FBI subpoena.

Click here to read story.

Vasquez’ connections to the Calderons have been well chronicled by HMG-CN which include Vasquez’ recent hiring of a law firm connected to the Calderon family.

Click here to read entire story.

Vasquez’ 2012 campaign also received donations from both Ron and Tom Calderon and received heavy funding from convicted felon Ricardo “Ric” Mayer and convicted felon who plead down to a misdemeanor Angel Gonzales, owner of Pyramid Printing.

Managing Vasquez’ campaign money was David Gould, owner of Los Angles based David Gould Company and the preferred treasurer of Ric Mayer and Angel Gonzales.

The flyer obtained by HMG-CN show that David Gould is Vanessa Delgado’s treasurer.


Delgado campaign flyer showing David Gould as her treasurer.

Delgado campaign flyer showing David Gould as her treasurer.


When questioned about David Gould and the Vasquez-Mayer-Gonzales connection, Delgado responded, “Leticia Vasquez did not share her campaign contributors with me. I did not know about those (Mayer and Gonzales) campaign contributions. David Gould is my treasurer.”

In addition, on the same campaign flyer, Ms. Delgado, who works for Primestor, a large real estate developer based in Los Angeles, noted some of her other “Delgado Committee Members” one as her boss, CEO of Primestor Arturo Sneider.





Sneider also has connections to the Calderon’s, working together with Tom Calderon on a Garfield High School project where he donated $25,000 to restore the gymnasium. Snieder and Ron Calderon also endorsed Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) for State Senate.

Recently Registered to Vote

It was also discovered by HMG-CN that Delgado registered to vote in Montebello nine months after she moved into the city, according to electronic records at the Registrar/Recorder’s Office in Norwalk.

Just weeks before the state mandated deadline to register which would enable her to run for City Council, Delgado, the candidate who touts herself as a “Montebello home owner and a product of the local community,” finally registered to vote under her new address in the city.

Ms. Delgado recently bought a home in mid-2014, moving from Pico Rivera to Montebello, a time to presumably change the voting record from Pico Rivera to Montebello, especially if contemplating a run for City Council.

But Ms. Delgado neglected that civic duty until May 15, 2015.

An examination of the electronic records at the Registrar Recorder’s office June 15 showed that no one under the name of Vanessa Delgado was registered to vote in Montebello, however there are three included in the records from Pico Rivera.

When informed that there was no one under the name of Vanessa Delgado, she replied, “I did update my registration on-line. I will check in with the Registrar to see why the records have not been updated.”

According to the Montebello City Clerk’s office, Ms. Delgado could not run for City Council unless she was a registered voter in Montebello.

California Government Code No. 36502 also confirmed that Ms. Delgado could not run stating, “a person is not eligible to hold office as councilmember, city clerk, or city treasurer unless he or she is at the time of assuming the office an elector of the city, and was a registered voter of the city at the time nomination papers are issued.

The filing period in Montebello to run for City Council begins July 13, 2015.

  • Montebello Sleeze Patrol says:

    More Montebello scum. It speads like cancer in that town. A Leticia Vasquez connection means that Jim “teacher jail” Roybal is right around the corner and Bob “call me Daddy” Apodaca as well. Nothing good can come from more dirt like Vasquez and Delgado invading Montebello. When there’s nothing left to steal will these people finally go away?

  • Hoe Patrol says:

    Where does Mayor Jack get off running his latin action? This paper should be investigating her “male friends”. I seem to recall she made quite a name for herself in Pico Rivera with a former councilman in that city (he was a male hoe so that probably didn’t count). Then there the trash guy, a few cops and more, yes many more, politicos.

    I’d give her a chance if I could vote in Monetebllo. Usually these kind of broads don’t move past the used up stage. I wonder how many kids she has now? She’s got one older one I think. Could be a grandmother already with a mom like her as a role model.

  • HOE Patrol says:

    Latina hoe all the way and now she’s Mayor Jack’s wanna be armenian-looking action. Not good for Mtb. but I’d vote for her if I lived in the hood. Usually chicks like her just end up getting used up and tossed. She’s a survivor alright. I think she has a kid that must be pretty old by now. Wouldn’t be surprised if she a grandma by now given what thjat kids probably seen.

  • Michelle says:

    This should be required reading for voters.

  • My City In Ruins says:

    Anybody but Delgado. This woman works for property developer Primestor that exploits struggling immigrant communities and makes fortunes off their city council alliances. Montebello isn’t Delgado’s city and her agenda is simply to rip off the city like all those con-artist that came before her. Look at what her buddy Leticia Vasquez tried to do in Lynwood where she was recalled. Vasquez’ grand plan was to build a football stadium in the heart of the city. Sound familiar Carson??

    When will the ignorant residents of Montebello learn? Delgado is just another stooge for Primestor or some other money-bags looking to get rich. City Council would be her golden ticket to pay off her $550,000 mortgage that a single mom can hardly afford?? Just saying?

  • Respect and Civility are Needed says:

    I find it unfortunate that a piece like this makes substantial leaps of faith that are simply not conclusive and do not make a direct connection to the Calderon’s. That is a small political community so many of these “revelations” are perhaps coincidences. Why is it not plausible that she researched who lived in her house after she bought the house and received questions regarding this potential connection. Why isn’t something more balanced written like her accomplishments both academically and professionally. For goodness sake she is a Stanford grad with other advanced degrees and excelling in her career. Respect that. And once again these comments referring to her as a “hoe” “broad” “chick” are just stupid comments that show we live in a sexist, masochistic society that would rather berate a woman rather than uplift her. So what if she has “male friends”…so what.

    • Michelle says:

      And once again these comments referring to her as a “hoe” “broad” “chick” are just stupid comments that show we live in a sexist, masochistic society that would rather berate a woman….

      I agree that “hoe” is not necessary here. Better to stick to facts. I think you may have meant to write “misogynistic” though. It has a totally different meaning than “masochistic”.

  • Nancy says:

    Current resident of Montebello and what I find amusing about Vanessa Delgado is that she has no shame in having married men sleep over her house. An A 48 license plate to be exact. Disgusting woman running for council.