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Sources: Central Basin Water Director Leticia Vasquez ‘Whistleblower’ Lawsuit Has Cost Agency $270,000

By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has learned that an internal audit done at Central Basin Municipal Water District (CB) commissioned by Board President Phil Hawkins shows that over $270,000 has been spent investigating and fighting the Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawsuit that current CB Director Leticia Vasquez filed against the embattled agency.

The audit shows that a majority of the $270,000 has gone to legal fees. In addition a substantial amount has been spent on management and staff of CB.

The revelation of the audit and the fees comes at a time when Vasquez and her two board allies Director James Roybal and Robert “Bob” Apodaca are attempting the fire current CB General Manager Tony Perez because he paid $16,000 out to CB Director Art Chacon to settle an accident that occurred in 2010.

The audit also comes on the heels of a $670,000 settlement in the sexual-harassment case brought against Apodaca.

“Imagine that, the two people who have called the meeting to fire Perez over $16,000 have cost the agency almost $1 million, this is corruption and cronyism at the highest level,” said a source at CB.

HMG-CN contacted LA County Supervisor Don Knabe for a second time about the possible dismissal of Perez who said, “Central Basin needs to stop searching for a scapegoat to blame for their dysfunction and negligence, and instead review their mission: to distribute water.  The constituents who elected us depend on Central Basin being stable and reliable.  Removal of their General Manager would jeopardize their insurance, financial status and stability, and it is a painfully obvious attempt to cast dispersions away from who is truly responsible for this mess.  Show some leadership and accountability.  Surprise me.”

The meeting takes place at 10 AM today at the Central Basin offices in Commerce. HMG-CN will attend and will report after the meeting.

  • Luis Contreras Sr. says:

    This is total bulls_it! Why can’t the Board simply refuse to play Leticia Vasquez’ silly game? Isn’t this the same woman who constantly complains about excessive legal fees? The rate payers of Central Basin get absolutely NOTHING out of this bogus Qui Tam lawsuit while Vasquez seeks to cash in for something she DIDN’T discover. What a C_NT!