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Democrat Bob Archuleta Is In the November Runoff for Senate District 32

Staff Report

Democratic State Senate candidate Bob Archuleta pulled off one of the biggest campaign victories in the history of Senate District 32 on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

He said it’s time to turn the page on a tough, grassroots campaign and start focusing on the November General Election.

The race had outside special interests pouring well over $1 million to mislead and deceive voters.

“I took this race directly to the voters, speaking to them about our campaign, and they showed their support at the polls,” Archuleta said. “Now we will work even harder to bring everyone together and work in Sacramento for the benefit of District 32 and the state of California.”

Voters decided that the person who will be the next senator representing the 32nd District must have experience and knowledge and be trustworthy. They felt Archuleta best embodied these attributes.

The former mayor and current Pico Rivera Councilman was vetted by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, The Justice Department and The White House during the appointment process by the Barack Obama Administration to the board of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Archuleta, who also worked for the George W. Bush Administration on behalf of veterans, showed voters he is a uniter and not a divider.

“They saw my message of unity and how I have a history of reaching out to everyone — Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike — to bring everyone together for the benefit of our community,” Archuleta said.

He was honored to be in a competitive race with all of the candidates, and now looks forward to having the voters continue to put their trust in him and send him to Sacramento.

“Our campaign will continue to be about unity, honesty, integrity and leadership as we take this fight all the way to November 6,” Archuleta said. “I am humbled to have the confidence of the voters and now, with everyone’s support, will take our collective voice of unity to Sacramento.”

  • Tony the Tiger says:

    Truly a victory for the residents of the 32nd State Senate District! Vanessa Delgado was bought and paid for by virtually every nasty greedy special interest perennially controlling Sacramento. No more, Bob can’t be bought!

    Thank you Brian for focusing and reporting on Delago’s exploits and otherwise. She grossly oversold her role as a business CEO when all she really was was a glorified secretary. She disgustingly proclaimed that she was an effective City Mayor when Montebello is nearly bankrupt, is being audited by the State and she was behind extending crooked contracts, especially the one for her own brother!!

    About the only thing Vanessa Delgado DID proclaim correctly was that she was a single-mom (albeit one who got knocked up when she was a sleazy 20 year old who was sleeping with a married cop!).

    Bob will be good for the 32nd and I am looking forward to seeing him win in November.