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Welcome to Montebello, Downey: Rodriguez, Saab, and Pacheco Endorse Vanessa Delgado

MONEY? Downey Mayor pro tem Rick Rodriguez, Council-persons Blanca Pacheco and Alex Saab endorsed Democrat Vanessa Delgado. Rodriguez and Saab are Republicans.



Welcome to Montebello politics Downey residents, courtesy of Mayor pro tem Rick Rodriguez and Council-persons Alex Saab and Blanca Pacheco.

Rodriguez and Saab, both staunch Republicans, were found on Vanessa Delgado’s website endorsing the Montebello Mayor, a tax-and-spend Democrat running for the 32ndSenate seat.

Voters in Downey Districts one and five will be quite surprised at that endorsement, given they voted for Republicans.

Rodriguez, Saab, and Pacheco’s criteria for endorsing must have included high marks for corruption, financial mismanagement, and conflicts of interest.


Delgado’s website showing the endorsements.


The three snubbed long-time Republican Rita Topalian and a much better Democratic choice, Bob Archuleta, who was an Obama appointee, former Mayor of Pico Rivera, and has over 25 years in politics.

Joining Saab, Rodriguez, and Pacheco on the Democratic bandwagon were Montebello council-persons Jack Hadjinian and Art Barajas.

Under Delgado, Barajas, and Hadjinian’s watch, Montebello was ordered into an audit by the state of California, looking into sole source contracts, conflicts of interest and gross financial mismanagement.

The state auditors called Montebello a “high-risk” city.

And yet Saab, Rodriguez, and Pacheco endorsed Delgado.

California State Auditor Elaine Howle said, “Based on the financial records of the city of Montebello, we have serious concerns about their financial condition and their forecasting.”

Delgado is also under fire for a $50,000 city construction contract given to her brother.

And Delgado was found by HMG-CN to have worked with Arman Gabaee, the Beverly Hills developer who was recently arrested for bribing an L.A. County employee in exchange for a $45 million lease.


Montebello Mayor and 32nd Senate Candidate Vanessa Delgado Tied to Arman Gabaee


And yet Saab, Rodriguez, and Pacheco endorsed Delgado.

Also found on the website associating with the three was Pico Rivera councilman David Armenta.

Once again, the criteria Saab, Rodriguez, and Pacheco used for associating with Armenta must have included high marks for corruption, financial mismanagement, and conflicts of interest.

Armenta recently attempted to shake down the owners of the Pico Rivera Sports Arena and attempted to fire City Manager Rene Bobadilla when he would not follow Armenta’s scheme.


Pico Rivera City Manager Bobadilla to be Terminated for Refusing to ‘Change’ City Vendor


Armenta also sided with disgraced Pico Rivera Councilman Greg Salcido, who was caught on video calling everyone in the military “dumbshits.”

And yet the three joined Armenta in endorsing Delgado, slapping candidate Bob Archuleta square in the face.

Bob Archuleta

Archuleta is a veteran and both his sons are currently in the military.

Campaign records show that over $1 million has been spent on Delgado by special interest groups, a massive amount given that Delgado is in her first term.

No doubt Saab, Rodriguez, and Pacheco wanted to jump on that Charter School gravy train for future political considerations and endorsed a Democrat over a Republican while joining corrupt politicians in the process.

Welcome to Montebello, Downey.






  • #PigsWillBePigs says:

    Residents of the 32nd Senate District should be on high-alert. The amount of money being poured into Vanessa Delgado’s campaign is absolutely INSANE! One million dollars to “buy” a Senate seat promises to invite corruption back into the District that already saw the like of Ron Calderon being hauled off to prison. Voters MUST take notice of this money being “invested” by special interest into their hand-picked “yes-woman”. There would be no way Delgado could look her constituents in the eyes and say that she would not be a puppet for her massive donors. That kind of money sends Delgado the very clear message…cross the money and the money will come back and cross HER! All I can say is that this paper has certainly warned everyone. Spread the word people! Delgado has a reputation of sleeping her way up the food chain over the years and taking all this special interest money is virtually the same thing…except it much easier on her knobby-knees💃. I mean, what is whore in politics but a politician that takes everyone’s money and then screws the constituents she was elected to represent??

  • L. Fuentes says:

    For the record amount of the Bond we the Montebello residents are in debt for is $54 Million Dollars for the contract awarded to Delgado’s brother’s employer KPRS which is current as of June 2018, One year pass due date of completion costing the City of Montebello $300,000.00 per month in lost revenue and to date the City of Montebello over $ 2 Million Dollars in Bond payments. Also the Joint Legislative Auditors Committee vote 13-0 in favor of a Full Forensic Audit, Montebello was deemed a High Risk City. Montebello was the only city on the list of 7 with 3 out 3 Key Risk Indicators. Gross mismanagement and not following legal competive bidding process were of concerns to State Audit.

  • Elaine Vasquez says:

    I am deeply concerned about the utter lack of qualifications this young woman has to represent us in the State Senate. The little I know about her is that she was employed with a shopping center developer. That’s great that she held a job but just how does that make her some kind of housing guru? I worry about those who tend to overstate their worth.
    I believe the people in Montebello bought her shameless self promotion and elected her to City Council where she has been completely ineffective…all while serving on the majority too. That’s another bad sign.
    Thank you Brian for helping to fill in the blanks on this woman. I do believe that you are much like the company you keep and being endorsed by David Armenta certainly gives me pause. I don’t know much about that Downey bunch but I know Downey is very pro-development and I wouldn’t be surprised those people work with people that are supporting Delgado’s campaign. Politics is a swampy and this kind of money brings out the crocodiles.
    I think it best to pass on Vaness Delgado.

  • No on Delgado says:

    This woman has done nothing for Montebello but join the corruption with the other two idiots, Jack Hadjinian and Art Barajas. Their leadership or lack there of, has the city being audited by the state. They continue to disregard the concerns of the residents and ideas on how to make Montebello thrive again. The best they can come up with is bringing marijuana to our city in the most vulnerable area of our city with no regard to where our children attend school or where our toddlers are being cared for. There’s no trust from the residents of Montebello and there’s no way this woman is fit to be at the state level. Don’t blieve me and come see for yourself at our city council meetings- 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 6pm.

  • Annette R. says:

    Let’s just stop to think Delgado’s long list of sexual exploits and conquests. Then think about the scandals she’d be apart of in the Senate if elected.

    In her early 20’s, Delgado was then-Pico Rivera Councilman and resident Playboy Carlos Garcia’s mid-life crisis. Garcia left his wife and mother of his four kids for this hood rat and even set her up in his condo on Rosemead Blvd. He proceeded to make her his Planning Commissioner, the youngest in Pico Rivera history. It’s even rumored that Garcia is Delago’s Baby-Daddy….but who knows, the list of potential sperm donors is long indeed.

    There’s been countless city commissioners, staffs members and Councilmembers who have nailed her at various conferences over the years. The tales are legendary and frequently come up when the boys are drinking and hanging out. For some reason more than a few have been shared with me:)

    It’s obvious that Vanessa’s a liberated woman who knows how to play the game. Lately she’s known to be bedding Bell Councilman Ali Saleh, the married former lover of equally disgraceful Assemblymember Cristina Garcia. Saleh of course came after a roll in the hay with her fellow Montebello Mayor Jack Hadjinian who came after Pico Rivera’s married Mayor Gustavo Camacho….and the list goes on.

    These are all the tales that Vanessa’s endless daily campaign mailers won’t claim. I mean really, the pictures on the mailers don’t exactly depict Mother Theresa as they suggest. The only homeless Vanessa Delgado knows are the of the families she’s broken up.

  • Mrs. Rojas says:

    You forgot Arnold Glasman the old drunk City Attorney for both Pico Rivera and Montebello, he has no morals whatsoever. The Father of her Daughter is a married Sheriff, who’s wife was pregnant at the same time Delgado got pregnant. Dummy thought by getting pregnant he’d leave his wife….Nope. Heard she’s called a very religious person, because she spends so much time on her knees. She’s so corrupt how the Hell can people believe these stupid flyers? Her initials fit her, she’s a disease …….VD!

  • Montebello Secrets Told says:

    I know former Downey Councilman Luis Marquez spent some time between the sheets with thta floozy! Norwalk’s Marcel Rodarte was another notch on her leather belt. Hottie Assemblyman Ian Calderon tossed her around too. Ian use to bang her at his Uncle Tom Calderon’s home..which Vanessa later purchased. At least she knew her around the place.

    I question how she she never got around to cutting a deal with this newspaper to prevent these stories about her from coming out. You guys missed the ride of your life!

  • A Mouthfull of Truths says:

    I think the perse lips of the picture of Delgado in th is story says it all. For once she’s having a hard time swallowing (all this criticism of course).

  • The Community says:

    Like most Women Mayor Delgado needs her “Vitamin D” as well 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I’m glad to finally see females in politics behaving like Men.


  • Rosie & Ed says:

    Montebello voters have no one to blame but themselves. Anyone brought into Montebello politics by $10k Jack (the cost to buy Jack Hadjinian’s vote) is bound to be dirty and crooked.

    Montebello’s sinking fast and Jack & Vanessa have the petal to the metal!!

  • Gary says:

    Yay for HMG for being one of the few media to cover Montebello. You’ve done some great coverage before. Your coverage of Delgado, however, is arguably more opinion than news. Questions are not answers. Because someone, for example, did work for a crook doesn’t necessarily make them a crook. Otherwise, as a former investigator, I would have put an aweful lot of people in jail that did not deserve to go there. This is where a good investigator (or investigative journalist) truly earns their pay – finding PROOF that an accusation is true (or not). As for the comments here, some of these are at best misogynistic, if not outright libelous. If this is our discourse in Montebello politics, we have a lot more to worry about than our politicians.