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Radical Communist Organization, Led by El Rancho Unified Board Member Jose Lara, Trying to ‘Take Over’ the School District



Tuesday June 5, 2018, 10:00 a.m.

In the wake of the El Rancho Unified School District scandal, when ERUSD teacher Greg Salcido called all military personnel “dumbshits and lowest of the low,” a radical communist organization called Union del Barrio (UdB), with major assistance from ERUSD Board Member Jose Lara, is using Russia-type social media and intimidation tactics in an attempt to take over the beleaguered school district.

The actions of Lara and UdB – who helped elect Lara to his board seat – are contributing to an atmosphere of fear and hatred inside the district.

Lara wants to be the leader of UdB, even naming his Twitter account @JoseDelBarrio.

Sources are telling HMG-CN that Board Vice President is also actively helping Lara and UdB.

Lara and the organization are recruiting radical left-wing teachers, indoctrinating high school teenagers, slamming other board members, and menacing moderate teachers and parents, all in an effort to inject the anti-establishment sentiment on campus of advocating violence and espousing hatred for the police and the military.

The UdB wants to take back Southwestern United States because it “belongs to Mexico,” and they are focusing, with the help of Lara, on ERUSD high school teenagers.

One of Lara’s main weapons is extremist Ron Gochez, who heads the Los Angeles chapter of UdB. Lara and Gochez taught together at Santee High School in Los Angeles.

In the same vein as Greg Salcido, Gochez regularly refers to police officers as pigs and the military as a terrorist organization; social media posts can be found of Gochez advocating violence.



Gochez’ Facebook post calling police “pigs.”



Gochez’ Facebook post writing “non-violence never works.”


Gochez calls Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Ho Chi Minh his heroes, and openly advocates for the overthrow of the American government.

His hypocrisy is stunning,  teaching UdB-influenced, anti-American Ethnic Studies in his classroom, while cashing in on a government paid $103,000 annual salary.


Transparent California website showing Gochez earning over $103,000 per year.




His walls are draped with flags from Cuba and the Soviet Union, along with tributes to Che Guevara and Malcolm X.

While at Santee, Lara and Gochez banned together to form the “Communist Center” next to Santee campus to recruit and indoctrinate teenagers, it was the start of their movement.

The volatile Gochez was eventually moved from Santee to Maya Angelou Community High in South Central Los Angeles.

And now Lara and Gochez are running the same playbook at ERUSD, using Gochez and his intimidation tactics to advance the radical views of UdB in an attempt to indoctrinate students and take over ERUSD high school campuses.


Gochez’ Facebook post showing his affinity to communism and radical left wing leaders.

New Campus is a Target

The ERUSD is very proud of its newest campus, the Ellen Ochoa Prep Academy. But the efforts of parent and teachers to establish the school as an International Baccalaureate campus have been stymied by Lara and UdB’s radical views.

Elias Vargas

And according to high-level ERUSD sources, the principal of Ellen Ochoa, Elias Vargas, is collaborating with Lara to advance their agenda.

But the Board learned of the alleged collaboration and voted to move Vargas to another campus.

That is when the social media machine began their Russia-type anti-American campaign churning out slanderous posts in an effort to discredit certain ERUSD Board members, labelling them as “imperialistic Americans advancing the white agenda.”

It was right out of the Russian social playbook; fabricate stories about people, push the lies out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and let the internet “trolls” comment with more lies and hatred.

ERUSD Ethnic Studies

Three years ago, the ERUSD, led by current President Dr. Aurora Villon, established the first high school Ethnic Studies program in the United States.

It was groundbreaking and was chronicled across the nation.

Lara and UdB saw the graduation requirement as an opportunity to advance their communist agenda immediately labelling the program “not radical enough.”

The group began pushing out lies on social media, calling the program a fraud, accusing Dr. Villon and her allies of running a Trump-like studies program against Latinos, when in fact it was a nationally recognized program.

“Lara is ruthless,” Dr. Villon told HMG-CN, “he will call anyone a fraud who gets in his way, and he will intimidate and threaten you.”

At a ERUSD special meeting in May, Gochez and his thugs showed up for public comment. Many there viewed the maneuver as pure intimidation.

They talked about “white hipsters” that moved in next door to Gochez in South Central L.A.

Another man stepped to the microphone and horrified everyone in the room saying, “it is now your obligation (Gochez) to La Raza and be the neighbor from hell. Throw your dog’s shit into the yard, piss in their mailbox, play loud ass Mexican music.”

Attendees of the meeting told HMG-CN that Lara clapped after the vitriolic speech.

“They hate this country,” said one ERUSD parent, “they have a right to their opinion, but they can’t hate the country. What is hurtful is they are indoctrinating students, it’s getting bad.”

Now the group is getting more brazen on ERUSD campuses taking advantage of vulnerable teenagers believing Lara and the UdB’s message.

The more brash students are posting communist flags and communist leaders’ images on campus walls. Just yesterday a Russian flag was draped over a building at El Rancho High School.


Russian flag draped over the El Rancho High School gym yesterday.


Lara and the UdB have pledged “to come out in force” at the ERUSD’s next board meeting on June 19, and given what was said at public comment, many of the parents are fearful.

“Lara is a bully,” said another parent who did not want to be identified, “he wants to make a name for himself. These people hate America, the military, and the police and Lara is leading them, it has to be stopped.”




  • Angela Cardenas says:

    Wow, this is astonishing! My kids went to the Ranch and thank God these nuts were not around back then. This story is so relevant given the current state of politics in this country.
    The nut-cases are simply everywhere! Thank you Dr. Villon, Ms. De La ,Dr. Merino and Mr. Orozco for standing up to this bully Lara. Can we recall him if we can’t force him to resign?

    • Paul Martin says:

      I think the district board needs to look at putting down on paper a very specific code of conduct for teachers and other school staff. If you want to lecture Lara, get a radio show, you can even buy time on 870 AM, just like that douche Randy Economy did, then lie like you work for the station like Randy and Tony did.

  • The Community says:

    This story doesn’t make sense,

    Why did Mr. Lara vote to terminate Gregory Salcido’s contract as a teacher if they share many of the same ideologies?

    Also, Dr. Villon worked together with with Board member Lara to introduce and pass a Chicano Studies programs in the district….very confusing article 🙁

    • Concerned says:

      It’s Ethnic Studies not Chicano Studies that they passed. This Lara, Orozco, Gochez and their buddies only wants it to be chicano. ERHS is teaching a very diverse ethnic studies curriculum while Ellen Ochoa Prep is teaching Union Del Barrio and ARE (Association of Raza Educators) radical ideology similar to what is going on at Santee.

    • Anne B says:

      Because the whole country was watching? But when no one is looking, he does and says differently.

  • #CommonSense says:

    As crazy as Lara may be, it would have been political suicide to stick up for Salcido at that point. Lara has his re-election coming up in November and if he had voted to “save” Salcido his efforts to build UdB would have been jeopardized and most likely destroyed all together. Man, even Ray Charles could see that a mile away!

  • Katie Gomez says:

    Where’s the FBI and Homeland Security?? Brian, call the DA, State Attorney General, Feds, whoever and alert them to this story. This type of radicalized anti-American group poses a terrorist threat to our entire nation. They must be placed on some Watch List somewhere.

    I’m flabbergasted! I don’t want my kids going to school tomorrow and we don’t even live in Pico Rivera. I’m going to contact my school district and tell them I want to know if they’ve heard of Union del Barrio??

    Is there a roster of teachers involved in this group? They seem so proud of their nuttiness I wouldn’t be surprised if they branded their foreheads with a marking like the Manson family did back in the 60’s.

    • Paul Martin says:

      I pray there is another brave teen just like the one at El Rancho, that will record these douche’s if they start talking crap about America or Hate Whitey while on campus. Off campus Lara, Rochez and the other monkeys and clowns can say as they wish, but not when teaching our kids.

    • Nancy Bourquez says:

      Most members have public FB pages and are proud of being members. Start with the staff at Ellen Ochoa Prep where several staff have bios mentioning leadership in this group and Association of la Raza Educators (ARE) who are a branch of UDB

  • Nancy Bourquez says:

    I wish this weren’t true, but am relieved that the truth is out at last.

  • Teacher says:

    Lara and Orosco have been bullying the school district staff for a long time. Orosco is insecure man who pushes his power around and tries to intimidate people. He says he is from Pico but his actions are embarrassing to the district and the community. Lara is a poser that had gotten away with a lot. I heard he has a very tarnished past and a history of intimidation and anti-American sentiments. He cleaned his Facebook page to cover all his ill doings. He is anti-American, anti-military, and anti-law enforcement. Both them have to go.

    • Elias Serna says:

      What is your opinion of Ethnic Studies? Do you believe it increases student engagement and graduation rates? Has the ERUSD curriculum been one-sided?

      • Anne says:

        Graduation rates are not a good measure. Teachers are pressured to pass and students can get credit for a semester of work by spending a few saturdays on apex computer classes. Kids enjoy ethnic studies classes, but they need to be multi cultural -not Chicano only which is what Lupe Carrasco was teaching.

  • #RealTalk says:

    Everyone would be completely off base to think that Gabriel Orozco is also not part of the problem. He may not be as radical as Jose Lara, but he is also bad for the Dirstrict.

    People need to remember that this school district has accomplished so much as a result of Dr. Villon’s strong leadership and exceptional skills, but she is also just one vote. Thankfully, Dr. Villon has long counted on the support and wisdom of Lorraine De La O and Theresa Merino. However, she has also largely enjoyed the support of Lara and Orozco, not because they contribute so much or actually even support Villon, but because they are simply aware of all the successes the District has witnessed under Villon’s stewardship. They’re no fools, if Villon’s leadership brings the District positive attention, then it also brings them positive attention.

    Bottom line, the El Rancho Unified School District is fortunate to have the strong team of Villon, De La O and Merino running the organization while the community needs to vote out Lara and Orozco as soon as possible.

  • Steven B Smith says:

    This is how Communism works, they roll in and vote to steal everything, it’s a total liquidation of taxpayers. I wonder how they’ve paid off? https://www.erusd.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=216800&type=d&pREC_ID=479669

    $300,000,000.00 buys a lot of Socialist crap.

    When is the next bond vote?

  • #RealTalk says:

    Lara and Gochez are nothing but two-bit thugs! Just two misfits in life trying to bully their way into infamy. These type always fail when good people unite and fight back (think the Nazi’s during WWII). As a community Pico Rivera needs to take a close look at who’s on the ballot this coming November FOR BOTH THE SCHOOL DISTRICT AND CITY COUNCIL.

    Dr. Villon and Lorraine De La O should both be re-elected to the School Board and Lara MUST BE VOTED OUT and replaced with someone who is open and transparent about their intentions on running. I would also believe it’d be wise to support someone Dr. Villon and De La O feel that they can work positively with.

    For the City Council we should all agree that David Armenta’s time is up. Countless city dollars have been spend on this fool’s Dal Rae feasts, golfing tournaments and hotel accommodations. He’s never done a damn thing for the city but cause conflict and work with Greg Salcido to fire one good city manager after another.

    I also think it’s time to replace Mayor Camacho. Again, what has this guy done except add another expensive Sister City to satisfy his desire to travel to somewhere more glamours than San Luis Potossi and bring in Pico Rivera’s 100th mariscos restaurant?!?! Camacho doesn’t even attend neighborhood watch meetings in the North side where he lives. He’s just another do-nothing using his city contacts to perserve his job with the corrupt Del Terra construction management firm that he “recruits” projects for.

    Wake up Pico Rivera! Look at our crappy record of electing fools like Salcido, Armenta, Camacho, Lara, Orozco and even Brent Tercero who’s claim to fame when he ran was to abolish the one-cent sales tax increase yet when he was elected…crickets🦗🦗. Oh wait, he was also the “Environmental Mayor” whatever that means…and just how many electric car chargers are in Pico Rivera…ZERO!!

  • Guest says:

    Aurora Villon wants to sell the Ethnic Studies curriculum at El Rancho so she can make a profit. She didn’t even write the ES resolution but she has no problem taking plastic awards and going on fancy trips promoting it. She hasn’t even take an ethnic studies class herself. She has leads with intimidation. She cancelled an Ethnic Studies course for parents and pushed its teacher out of the district. When parents and students went 3 times to the school board, Villon and De La O dismissed them and let Trump supports bully and harass the students. Now this article comes out. What kind of Ethnic Studies advocate teams up with Trump supporters to attack students, parents, and colleagues? She is betraying everything Ethnic Studies stands for.

    • Nancy B says:

      Interesting use of “Trump supporters” to try to suppress free speech, intimidate opposing views, and demonize dissenters. Of course you can’t name any nor could you prove that they did or did not support Trump. Just another attempt to cause fear and hatred. Smoke and mirrors instead of an honest dialogue.

  • Guest says:

    Villon’s son also works at the district! Talk about nepotism.

  • Joe the Janitor says:

    How did this become about nepotism? Just about every family in the city has at least one family member working for the school district. Oh, I get it…this is like Trump’s strategy of using misdirection when his back is in a corner?

  • Ethnic Studies Teacher says:

    The people who are attacking our district and Dr. Villon, like Elias Serna, should do their research on who is in the wrong here. As a teacher who was part of the group who founded the model Ethnic Studies Program at ERUSD I recent all of the false information and attacks from a teacher who was let go from two of our schools, Lupe Carrasco-Cardona, for her failure to collaborate with other teachers and wanting to sabotage a very inclusive and healthy Ethnic Studies Program. She was only interested in her “radical” one sided curriculum that instills anti-American sentiments. ERUSD was recently recognized by Chapman University as the Ethnic Studies District of the Year and San Diego Unified School District has modeled their program after our program. We are inclusive and teach our students to appreciate and embrace other cultures. That is the reason our program is being attacked and critized by radicals who try to use the classroom to instill disharmony and hate. That is not the EL Rancho way. Mr. Serna, you sound like an intelligent man, familiarize yourself with our program before you start being so critical and jumping on the attack of our once peaceful community.

  • jose says:

    This ALL sounds like a bunch of B.S.
    Coming from people who trying to turn Pico Rivera’s great community against its self!

  • Making Money says:

    Orozco is cashing in on El Rancho’s Ethnic Studies program at Centinela Valley Union HSD. Check out Board Item #9B
    Gabriel Orosco, management/consultant and Special Education teacher”.


  • Anne B says:

    I guess anyone who supports Villon is now a Trump supporter?! Lies

  • Octavio says:

    All these unethical educators can be reported to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Don’t let people like Jose Lara or Ron Gochez take over your district, there are multiple ways to get rid of these two parasites and the colony of parasites that follows them everywhere.

  • Patricia says:

    Jose Lara has been accused of rape by LAUSD teachers before.Surprising to see that no one is talking about this. Brian, you should call the UTLA president, Alex Caputo Pearl and ask him about Jose Lara’s sexual misconduct. These sick people teach at LA unified. That’s why LA unified is trash.

    • Ethnic Studies Teacher says:

      Just read this post. This is serious business. How can this be confirmed?

      • Patricia says:

        Ask UTLA president. He knows. 213-368-6245
        [email protected]. He is a public figure demand answers. UTLA persuades teachers doing union work to not go to outsiders like police or district. get copies of incident reports taken by law enforcement, different than police reports. incident reports usually go nowhere. not a coincidence.

  • Maria says:

    Besides being members of Union del Barrio, Jose Lara, Ron Gochez and many supposed teachers from El Rancho and LAUSD are members of Defend Boyle Heights and other crazy organizations. This summer they’ve been terrorizing businesses all over Los Angeles by throwing dog shit all at doors, windows, and vandalizing properties. Look at this KCAL 9 report https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2018/07/18/asher-caffe-asher-kosher-shalom-boyle-heights-protests-defend-boyle-heights/
    They are disgusting, their behavior is disgusting, they spread hatred wherever they go. Their behavior is out of control and it needs to be reported. These people cannot be around children. Look at Defend Boyle Heights on facebook and google so you can see how they spew the same hatred that Union del Barrio does because they are the same organization but with a different label. Parents in El Rancho Unified need to call the news too and make them aware of how these groups are also terrorizing their school district.