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32nd Senate Candidate Vanessa Delgado Finds Time to Troll the Internet, Posting Defamatory Comments on Facebook


Candidate uses vulgar language and defames in Facebook post, sound familiar?


HMG-CN Staff Report

Embattled 32nd State Senate candidate evidently has time to troll the internet, taking precious time away from her campaign. HMG-CN was sent a screenshot of a defamatory and vulgar post by Delgado on Facebook.

“Must be nice,” said HMG-CN Publisher Brian Hews, “I don’t have time to go on Facebook,  I have to run my business. Apparently Delgado has time to post derogatory statements concerning true articles about her campaign finances and endorsements. If she is not afraid to attack the press, who else will she attack if she is elected? This is repulsive behavior from someone who is running for state office in line with Cristina Garcia’s vulgar language and slurs.”






Delgado’s post is a result of investigative articles published by HMG-CN in the past few weeks.

The first outlined how her campaign has benefited from over $398,000 in campaign support from three different independent expenditure committees.


Independent Committees Spending Over $398,000 in Support of 32nd Senate Candidate Vanessa Delgado


The second exclusively reported that Delgado consulted and worked with Arman Gabaee, the Beverly Hill real estate developer who was arrested last week on felony charges of bribing a Los Angeles County employee to secure a $45 million government lease.


Montebello Mayor and 32nd Senate Candidate Vanessa Delgado Tied to Arman Gabaee


The third involved Downey Mayor pro tem Rick Rodriguez and Councilman Alex Saab, both staunch Republicans, endorsing Delgado on her website. Voters in Downey Districts one and five will be quite surprised at that endorsement, given they voted for Republicans.


Welcome to Montebello, Downey: Rodriguez, Saab, and Pacheco Endorse Vanessa Delgado


MONEY? Downey Mayor pro tem Rick Rodriguez, Council-persons Blanca Pacheco and Alex Saab endorsed Democrat Vanessa Delgado. Rodriguez and Saab are Republicans.

  • The Community says:

    Vanessa seems like a very busy Woman, I wish she were my councilwoman… wink wink.

  • Guest says:

    ohh please, she defends herself and you post this drivel.

  • Rosie & Ed says:

    Please…she can start “defending” herself by getting off her knees for a change!!

    • Carla says:

      Your comment is beyond disappointing, inappropriate, ignorant and shameful. Why would you write something like that about someone you don’t even know?

  • True democrat says:

    This is an aweful website can’t believe anyone would take you guys serious. You failed to mention all the amazing Latina women who have endorsed her this article seems so one sided…

    • OMG says:

      Take Brian Hews serious, are you kidding me? This guy is the best investigative reporter in LA and everyone knows it, except you..

      What Latina woman endorsements? All East LA scum from her website this is all she has..

      Senator Martha Escutia (retired)
      City of Los Angeles, Councilmember Monica Rodriguez
      City of Downey, Councilmember Blanca Pacheco
      Little Lake City School District Board Member, Hilda Zamora
      City of Bell Gardens, Mayor Maria Pulido
      City of South Gate, Mayor Maria Davila

      Who’s missing?
      Many prominent Latinas who stay off their knees and have class….😂

  • True democrat says:

    It’s unfortunate this article is so one sided it failed to mention all the amazing female politicians who have endorsed her!