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Independent Committees Spending Over $398,000 in Support of 32nd Senate Candidate Vanessa Delgado



The Vanessa Delgado campaign for State Senate District 32 has benefited from over $398,000 in campaign support from three different independent expenditure committees.

Delgado, who has been in office less than three years, was recently served with recall papers. And just yesterday the state ordered of Montebello’s finances.

The review was approved by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee in Sacramento on a 13-0 vote.

Monies into the Delgado campaign came from the Coalition to Restore California’s Middle Class, Including Energy Companies Who Produced Gas, Oil, Jobs and Pay Taxes.

The committee supported the Delgado campaign with over $77,000 for research, mailing pieces, and consulting.

Major contributors include Chevron Oil, Houston-based CRC Services, Tesoro Oil, and Valero Oil.

The committee is also throwing money around to oppose Tony Mendoza (32nd Senate District), over $25,000; support Susan Rubio (22nd Senate District), over $90,000; and support Chad Mays (44th Senate District), over $176,000.

The second committee is the Families and Teachers United, Sponsored by California Charter Schools Association Advocates.

The committee has supported the Delgado campaign with over $271,000 for consulting services, literature and polling services.

“$271 large,” said a Montebello resident who did not want to be identified, “Delgado had already sold out to special interests and she is not even through the primaries, who know what she promised to the oil companies, insurance companies, and housing companies.”

Major donors are the California Charter Schools Association Advocates Independent Expenditure Committee, the Charter Public Schools Pac, and Speak Up.

The final committee is Keeping Californians Working, Dentists, Housing Providers, Energy and Insurance Agents.

Major donors to the committee are Chevron Oil, the Personal Insurance Federation of California, and the Farmers Employees and Agents Political Action Committee.

The committee has supported the Delgado campaign with over $49,000 for mailing, polling, and consulting.





  • Montebello’s Whore Mayor says:

    Vanessa has been a whore in every sense if the word for selling her ass and influence for decades to many men. She was former Pico Rivera Councilman Carlos Garcia’s whore for years living in one of his condo’s on Rosemead Blvd. It’s also rumored that Garcia is her daughter’s baby-daddy (he has a few of those like a woman named Ruby that worked for Pico’s Parks & Rec). Many know that she’s secretly banging the married Bell Councilman Ali Saleh who recently dumped Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia after he learned that she’s a even bigger whore than Vanessa. This is the new “woman power” revolution that is developing where woman use the men for sex and power.

  • The Community says:

    Great investigative story regarding Vanessa Delgado,
    I can only imagine what’s happening behind the scenes with these new-generation politicians.

    We know have text messaging, smartphones, emails, and so many technologies to get backroom deals done!

    I think this younger generation is truly taking advantage of all of their resources, however, most will eventually get themselves in trouble by violating some type of campaign law.

  • Knows LM says:

    A return of Tony Mendoza would be better than this C U Next Tuesday. The only candidate that would be worse is the wannabe Roma gypsy kingpin Sarega.

    Over in the 39th Congressional Dist race I am a bit surprised Andy has been AWOL from everything. Not even campaigns signs. I wonder if his campaign manager had a relapse.

  • Nutty Dude says:

    Love that picture of Delgado. With those perse lips I can only imagine what that mouth is full of? Yes, words I know:)😉

    • The Community says:

      Does Vanessa have a boyfriend? Husband? What’s the 411 on her other than what the comment way at the says.

      • Knows LM says:

        Isn’t she the one that was with Central Basin WD and was ever living or shacking with some random black dude out in Windsor Hills near Crenshaw. Forgive me if I am wrong, all these corrupt bitches are hard to keep track of when I have the La Mirada Village Idiot Trio of Tony Aiello and the two wannabe important someday Sarega’s under foot.

        • The Community says:

          You may have your political female mixed up, but none of what you mentioned would surprise me these days.

          As a former political insider there’s many ways in setting up a pay-to-play system, it’s not just financial kickbacks, but giving out these no-show jobs that have salaries of $29k ( $2,400 per month) to an elected officials spouse, friend, or family member.