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Whittier Daily News Reporter Mike Sprague Evades Law Enforcement in Commerce 

Whittier Daily News reporter Mike Sprague.

Whittier Daily News reporter Mike Sprague.


Reporter harassing Chacon’s family for the past two weeks, including his 80 year-old mother and his 77 year-old aunt.

By Brian Hews and Randy Economy

Members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department responded to the home of a family member of Central Basin Water District Member Art Chacon on Monday after Reporter Mike Sprague of the Whittier Daily News allegedly trespassed and made verbal threats to Chacon’s 80 year-old mother, niece and her boyfriend.

Sprague has been aggressively pursuing Chacon for the past several days with interview requests and has personally visited Chacon’s home and members of his family who live at different locations in the City of Commerce.

Sprague was once again at Chacon’s house early today, “banging on the door” according to Chacon.

Chacon’s mother, fearing that Sprague would “harm her” called 911 on Monday afternoon at around 12:30 p.m. when Art Chacon said “was verbally demanding information about me.”

After Chacon’s family caught Sprague’s actions via a video cell phone, Sprague fled the area literally minutes before a Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper obtained a cell phone video of Sprague leaving the scene by sprinting down a Commerce neighborhood street.  Sprague entered a blue 2013 BMW 525 and left the location.

See video click here.

Chacon said that Sprague has been “stalking me and my family for weeks.”

“My mother is an elderly senior who suffers from advanced diabetes, she should not have be harassed by a reporter, especially a reporter like Mike Sprague who has an agenda to get me out of office,” Chacon said.

Central Basin Director Art Chacon's mother, in wheelchair.

Central Basin Director Art Chacon’s mother, in wheelchair.



Chacon said that Sprague has been “camped out in front of my house on and off for the past couple of weeks” and that has been in “fear” of Sprague to whom he called “unstable.”

“Look, politics is politics, but I have a small daughter, and a wife that I need to protect.  When Sprague comes on to my property repeatedly, and knocks on my door and ‘demands’ that I speak to him, to me that is crossing the line of decency,” Chacon said.

Chacon said that he is contemplating legal action against Sprague including a restraining order.

“I am weighing my legal options, and I am contemplating going to Superior Court to file a Temporary Restraining Order against Sprague,” Chacon said.

“I understand the Freedom of the Press, but this is becoming criminal stalking in my opinion. My family is scared,” Chacon told HMG-CN.



  • Smitty says:

    Like Batman

  • gilman says:

    Seems like a typical stunt by Chacon – just another attempt to silence his critics.

  • Phil Glenn says:

    I watched the video. I didn’t see any “sprinting”, nor did I see any law enforcement in pursuit. Sounds to me like a reporter doing his job.
    The tone of your article smacks of journalistic envy or jealousy.

    • Editor says:

      Witnesses told us he ran away when the Chacon family told him they called 911. Reporters do not harass 80 year old women just to get a story. We are envious of no one here at HMG-CN, our work speaks for itself. In fact Sprague has outright stole many of our stories…

      • Phil Glenn says:

        In your reporting you make a couple of statements that I would like clarification on what exactly you are reporting as fact.

        My understanding of the meaning of the word “evade” is: to escape or avoid, especially by cleverness or trickery. (Google)

        You state in your headline that Mr. Sprague evaded law enforcement. I believe that statement is misleading and designed to besmirch Mr. Spragues’ integrity.

        Also, your statement that Mr. Sprague harassed an 80 year old woman to get a story is an equally disingenuous assumption.

        Before you make a similar incorrect assumption, I am NOT related to Mr. Sprague, nor am I an associate. However, I have followed his reporting for more years than I have been aware of your existence, I do NOT believe your characterization of him to be accurate.

        I understand Mr. Chacon alleged these things, but, your headline states it as fact.

        You further allege in your response to my statement that Mr. Sprague has “outright stole many of our stories”.

        That seems like a sour grapes reaction.

        Obviously, I subscribe to your blog. I do find it of interest. I just would like to see a bit less sensationalism in your reporting.

        • Editor says:

          Yes we always get people who do not care about the person we wrote about telling us in 500 word essay why we were wrong and how the writer does not know them. Right.

          Same thing happened when we busted John Noguez in the biggest financial scandal in LA history, when we caught Wendy Gruel and knocked her out of the Mayor’s race, and when we caught Rick Caruso and knocked him out of the race.

        • Phil Glenn says:

          Kudos to you for your achievements. I applaud your persistence in exposing fraud and corruption.
          I suppose one might consider the attack on a fellow journalist collateral damage in exposing the malfeasance of the real alleged ‘bad guy’, Mr. Chacon.
          Is yellow journalism the best method to attract attention? I wonder what Warren Buffett would say?
          Can you report truthfully, without exaggeration or sensationalism? Accurate reporting of real incidents and situations would be welcome in our community.

        • Editor says:

          Foe someone “who does not know Sprague” you sure are getting emotional/personal and sticking up for Sprague.

          Our 30 articles on Central Basin was not enough for you? We busted the Calderons, not the LA Times.We also were first to report that Roybal was in teacher jail. The very fact we wrote all those articles made everyone look bad at CB.

        • Scott Collins says:

          Mr. Glenn obviously has an agenda and is looking past the essence of what this newspaper is tying to convey. Director Chacon’s license, or lack thereof, hardly rises to the occassion of a reporter harassing an entire family. Mr. Glenn, are you overlooking the fact that Sprague is somehow evading people’s personal information and emailing and texting people with absolutely no knowledge of the politics of Central Basin? Are you overlooking the fact that Chacon has a wheelchair-bound mother who didn’t sign up for these kind of political stunts and personal beefs? The press is free to hound elected officials at political stops and most certainly at public meetings (yes, Chacon missed this last one but overall has an excellent attendance record). I agree with the person who posted that Chacon should let Sprague in and then “shoot the dumb bastard”…that’ll teach obnoxious reporters to respect boundries!

          It’s funny how I don’t see anyone responding here saying Brian and Randy have stooped to Sprague’s “stalker” practices? That’s because they don’t harass people!

  • R. LaCour says:

    Here’s an novel idea Mr Chacon;
    Grant the interview and eliminate his request!

    • Luis Alvarado says:

      Why should Director Chacon grant this joker an interview? This is America and we are free to talk to whomever we chose, or whomever we chose not to. And I also agree that a reporter has a right to pursue a story, but that doesn’t mean banging down a persons door and stalking family members. What’s next, sitting behind someone at church and sticking a microphone over someones shoulder?

      I personaly suggest the Chacon’s leave their door unlocked so Sprague could just let himself in and then they could just shoot the dumb bastard!

  • Zippy Harper says:

    I think this type of story is a little difficult to clarify given that it’s based on Art Chacon and his family’s personal experiences, but nevertheless I believe the “journalistic” attack Sprague and Whittier Daily News has launched on Chacon is excessive and abusive. Does anyone not believe that Leticia Vasquez and James Roybal are playing Sprague like a fiddle in hopes of regaining a majority at Central Basin??

    I think we have all seem how the press loves to lead campaigns to remove people from office based on “their” golden opinions and evaluation. Just look at all Sheriff Baca went through and the attacks waged lately on Chief Beck and LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy. Losers like Sprague must take great pleasure in know they can attack accomplished individuals who are risk takers and leaders.

    In my opinion, I typically support those the press attack because I have often found that those attacked are not shy about telling the press to go kiss their ass. Far too many politicians who play it safe and kiss ass do so simply to stay in office. Many are worthless officials who will chose the safe route to avoid attracting attention while trailblazers get things done, and often draw scrutiny in return.

    Art Chacon has my vote because he represents everyday people like us. Sprague is a washed up reporter and parasite.

  • Alejandro Ramirez says:

    This reporter is unreal. I have read most of Whittier Daily News’ stories featuring Arturo Chacon and this attack is unprecedented in my opinion. It is sad when the press thinks it’s somehow their responsibility to influence the outcome of elections. With that said, doesn’t WDN’s area of coverage include Central Basin Director Bob Apodaca’s portion of the District, not Director Chacon? Given that Apodaca recently cost the District $670,000 for yet another sexual harassment lawsuit, I find it curious they are focusing on Chacon rather than Blow Me Bob? Let’s see, $670,000 vs. a car allowance of $597.00 a month and an insurance claim of a whopping $16,000. I’m sorry Mike Sprague, I don’t get it?

    What is unfortunately obvious here is that Mr. Sprague’s agenda is determined by which Director’s at Central Basin show him respect by providing him access. What I have discovered consistently in Sprague’s stories is that given Chacon doesn’t play up to Sprague’s inflated ego (he’s just a middle aged reporter working for a bottom feeder rag), he faces the wrath of the Sprague’s arrogant pen.

    Fortunately, Sprague’s overkill is all too obvious and he has lost all credibility. I’m voting for Chacon now just to teach Sprague and the WDN to keep their slanted opinions to themselves.

  • jim flournoy says:

    Does Chacone lie?
    every time he moves his lips
    Uses brothers car and license info
    lies about having a licence
    (we mean a VALID license Chacone)
    I don’t believe anything he or his family (including his brother) say.
    Do they have an agenda?
    are they conflicted?
    Is the press getting too close for comfort?
    I can’t see any Central Basin board member worth a bucket of warm spit.
    some of the candidates look pretty spotty also
    keep up the good work

  • The Reall Scott Collins says:

    I was reading the comments in this article and noticed that I made a comment. This is the real Scott Collins and I did not write the comment above and I do not appreciate anyone using my name. I do not have time for this petty BS.