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Cerritos City Council Nixes Reappointment of Planning Commissioner Frank Yokoyama

By Brian Hews

In a stunning move, Cerritos Mayor Bruce Barrows and Council-persons Carol Chen and new-comer George Ray voted not to reappoint Planning Commissioner Frank Yokoyama during Thursday night’s meeting causing Mayor Pro-Tem Mark Pulido to leave the meeting in protest.

Council-member Cho argued in favor of Yokoyama, but to no avail.

Yokoyama, who was heavily backed by Pulido in the recent March city council election, was expected to be reconfirmed by the entire city council, but the matter was met with stern opposition.

Barrows and company, in an ironic twist, cited the story published by LCCN of Yokoyama’s failure to report to the State Bar. Yokoyama could not be reached for comment.

Pulido left the meeting in protest. “I did not want to legitimize this action by the city council,” Pulido told Los Cerritos Community Newspaper.
When asked if he felt this action against Yokoyama was political retaliation, Pulido said he didn’t want to “speculate what was going through the minds” of Barrows, Chen and Ray.

“The Cerritos City Council voted not to reappoint Frank Aurelio Yokoyama to the Planning Commission, and I left the meeting in protest,” Pulido told Los Cerritos Community Newspaper just minutes after the decision was made.

“I don’t want to legitimize their action,” Pulido said.

“This sets a dangerous precedent of silencing challengers or dissenting opinions,” Pulido continued.

Pulido said he believed that Yokoyama is the first commissioner in the 55 year history of Cerritos that a seated Planning Commissioner has not been reconfirmed for an appointment.

“The community needs to respond to this action,” Pulido said.

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  • Maria T. says:

    Now see…that never happened when Ann Joynt was on the Cerritos City Council….

    • McMahon, J. says:

      Friday, April 12, 2013.


      Cerritos has the ugliest residential homes, remodels are ugly Mansions, yet we have been serviced by many Cerritos realtors. Cerritos worries more about: |off street parking | trash cans | and RV’s | then the neighborhood structures. Cerritos have failed to positively uplift properties ( Lo lo Cost per Sq Ft resale) and values compared to:

      • Rossmoor
      • North Downey
      • Seal Beach Hill
      • Lakewood County Club and Village
      • Bellflower Chicago Heights
      • Long Beach Park Estates
      • Long Beach El Dorado Park Estates
      • Long Beach Virginia Country Club
      • Long Beach- Los Alamitos College Park
      • Fullerton Coyotes Hills
      • Villa Park
      • Yorba Linda

      List of Cerritos Council and Commissioners who have realtor blood, but have done almost zero to really improve our residential aesthetics, except moan and groan over RV and cars & take trips on the tax payers dime!! Our incomplete Mansions are non conforming and landscape with only pots pots and trees removed. Home is not complete, until it is professionally landscaped and maintained.

      1. Cho
      2. Needham
      3. Carol Chen
      4. Grace Hu & family appointees.
      5. Granny Norma
      6. Frank
      7. Wong
      8. Preacher Bauwin (Sp?)
      9. Kappes
      10. Carols Rayborn Son in Law
      11. Allen Wood.

      Reply Randy:
      Censor Frank, only after agendize the allegation in public. Don’t trust Battery Barrows legal opines with the judges in private!!!. Cindy Yen should be censored along w/ Buell’s death on the property……let the public decide and not play politics. Term limits must apply to appointees has well. The ((BAR)) opines does not always hold up in court, as they could be in error. Their citizenship, legal status should be disclosed, prior to their swearing in as appointees.


  • Outraged says:

    Mayor Barrows and Council Persons Chen and Ray – SHAME ON YOU!

    • OMG says:

      This newspaper warned all of you myopic Cerritos about Barrows and Chen, the first act is to fire Frank. What a hypocrite Barrows! You assaulted a resident why can’t we fire you. And Carol,your $200 meals those are ok too? Maybe you will listen to this newspaper from now on.

  • Carmelita says:

    An abuse of power shown by 3 Council members! Unbelievable! Keep your head up, Frank! We, who believe in you Frank and Mark, were stabbed by this Council action!

    • OMG says:

      Abuse of power and Bruce Barrows go hand in hand,rumor is he is trying to change term limits so he can run again. CORRUPTION!

  • Bill Raabe says:

    Prior to the election, I was criticized by someone writing here because I didn’t know who Mr. Ray was. I’m sorry to say I now know who he is—a man as lacking in integrity as Barrows and Chen.

    • OMG says:

      Alas another Cerritos resident comes to the light.. a light that has been shining BY ITSELF for months and taking abuse for people who had blinders on. Hopefully those blinders are off now and you can see the real crooks here.

  • William says:

    Pulido has elevated with the help of LCCN the Cerritos City Council from non-partisan to hyper-partisan. When those who preferred to keep the position non-partisan are faced individuals (Pulido, Cho, Lowenthal, Sanchez) who will try any tactic to gain power, the days of the sit down and shut up Republican Party are over. Hopefully, the new council uses their majority to minimize the temper tantrum throwing Pulido.

    • OMG says:

      Help of LCCN. What the F%^^&! LCCN exposed Frank you idiot, and Mark Pulido voted to cut funding to one of the best newspapers in LA, you think he is a friend of the paper? Grow a brain.

    • Outraged says:

      “any tactic to gain power” such as overthrowing 55 years of tradition by taking advantage of the technicality of the formality of voting to reappoint an experienced commissioner to stay in power — I REMIND YOU, THIS WAS CHEN, BARROWS, AND RAY. PULIDO silently left the meeting in protest NOT a “temper tantrum throwing.”

    • William says:

      I sense outrage, yet where was the outrage when the unions purchased advertising equating Chen with Com/China. What I see is your boy getting a dose of the partisan politics. LCCN might have exposed him but in the end you endorsed him, claiming he was the best of the evils, while writing this glowing article about Valencia. Why did LCCN not endorse Valencia? My guess is his political positions were not in line with those of the ownership and staff of LCCN, and those political views are more in line with Lowenthal, Pulido, Sanchez and Chu. So Valencia recieved lip service but LCCN went back to the default Democrat candidate.

    • Justice Fighter says:

      William: You obviously WERE NOT THERE on April 11 and/or DID NOT WATCH the video of Mayor Pro Tem Mark Pulido walking out of the Council meeting. Because if so, and even if you only had half a brain, you would not describe Pulido as “temper tantrum throwing”. In fact, in all his years of public service, there has been no out of control behavior, no name-calling, no shred of violence from Pulido. Watch the video: HE STOOD UP AND WALKED OUT PEACEFULLY WITHOUT SAYING A SINGLE WORD! Pay attention, William, and you might learn a lot from Pulido, a principled man with the courage to do the right thing.

    • Justice Fighter says:

      William: What exactly are you insinuating about Mayor Pro Tem Mark Pulido trying “any tactic to gain power”? Pulido runs nothing but clean, transparent campaigns. It is through his own formal education, employment experience, and work ethic combined with the sheer hard work of his broad-based, diverse supporters, that he wins elections. Wow, who would’ve thought?

      You see, William, great things CAN be accomplished under the right leadership with good people working together: In the 2011 Cerritos City Council, Pulido garnered the MOST VOTES (5,198) IN CERRITOS HISTORY. With that large of a constituent base, you cannot logically attribute it to being “hyper-partisan”. Au contraire! Wrong again, William.

      • McMahon, J. says:

        Saturday, April 13, 2013.

        Reply: Justice Fighter

        Hmmmmm, we are reading different: Pulido –Vs- Frank Y……………..

        Pulido was endorsed by Cecy Groom and then turned against here, when she was trying to only get the truth about the JV Proposal and bad mouthed Ms Groom. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Puildo did some under handed schanigans with Lowenthol and plea bargained to be free of prison time. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Pulido and Frank circulated an email, prior to 2013 election, stating Art G was terminated after the 2013 election, and already had interviewed a Long Beach Employee, to take the helm as new Cerritos CM. Back door dealings. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Frank mentioned his attachment to Cerritos, why did he choose to not support the JV Proposals or aid his parents who lived in the effected community adj. to JV. He did not aid United HOA or the GRANADA PARK HOA Hood is was raised in. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Examine Pulido cabinet, not open binder, mostly Pilipino and not cross sections of Cerritos Residents, either by : age | race | or genders. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Pulido is state employee, employed under Lowenthol. Council person is to govern and vote on all issues and not have conflict of interest. Pulido has to abstain from voting on many issues. Not fair to residents nor the democratic parties who elected him. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Pulido is one of the first to walk off the CCC dais, as is using a Sacramento trick. A 5 yrs project (Protocol Manual ) has been in the works & was being debated that nite, not fair to put this lifelong manual in the hands of the other 4 councilpersons. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Pulido always tips Whitney HS, never Tracey HS, as Tracey is part of the ABCUSD he was trustee for. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Frank knew his BAR license was not active, for not fulfilling the obligation terms of the BAR agreement. Why has he waited 4 yrs not to make whole with the BAR? Should have disclosed this issue. If there was an ethnic violation, this too should have been disclosed. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Maybe wrong, as city clerk states many prior council persons have had more casted votes compared to Pulido. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Many of Pulido votes, may have been casted from residents outside the city limits, according to a DA Office. Registered voters can parachute in/ out of a city, just for voting purposes for an election. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Frank lied about the water rates in Cerritos. Not all Cerritos water rates are derived from Cerritos Water. Some residents are not serviced by Cerritos Water. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Frank stretched the Sheriff Reports TO SCARE VOTERS; during the candidates forum. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Frank pleaded during the candidates forum to shop and dine Cerritos. Cerritos does not have diversified shopping and dining, as business have left 90703 for Long Beach Town Center, Orange County or Rossmoor, where sale taxes are cheaper. Cerritos Chamber of Commerce has done nothing to keep Cerritos Bus. friendly. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Upon election of Pulido, he walked my hood, to promise to repair streets, sidewalks, wall and tree. Nothing happened. Don’t see clean politics here.

        Frank never campaigned nor sent election mailers to my Island hood. Don’t see clean politics here.

        • Justice Fighter says:

          To: McMAHON
          This letter was editied due to personal attacks by the writer.

          Get your facts straight

          No, there is no “Pulido vs Frank”.

          Pulido’s support of Groom started in the late 1980s when he was still in college and she was elected to ABCUSD. Groom reciprocated by endorsing Pulido over the years. Groom’s children are long-time friends with the Pulido family. \

          What email? Back door dealings? Sacramento tricks? Dissing Tracy HS? Parachute in/out? DA Office? Water rates?

          FACT: Pulido’s appointed commissioners are a diverse group. Out of nine total, 3.5 are Asian, 3.5 are Filipino, 1 is Caucasian, and 1 is African American. Four of them are women.

          Pulido’s knowledge of public policy and his work experience in the government sector were praised as an asset to City Council. In fact, this was stated by his colleagues at the Mayoral Transition meeting when he became Mayor Pro Tem.

          Sheriff reports do not need to be stretched to scare anyone. The statistics speak for themselves. Neighbors I know are straight-up scared due to the FACT that residential burglaries have increased. What public safety reports are YOU reading???

          Yes, Frank encouraged us to shop and dine in Cerritos.

          You’re blaming Pulido (who was elected 2 yrs ago) for the condition of your streets, sidewalks, wall, and tree?

          Frank didn’t campaign in your “Island hood” (wherever the heck that is)? I was one of his many volunteers. So I know for a fact that we covered every single precinct in the city.

          Last of all, how dare you accuse Frank of an ethics violation with the California State Bar. GET THE FACTS! There was an issue that involved continuing education. Frank addressed and corrected it.

          FRANK DID NOT COMMIT AN ETHICS VIOLATION. Sure, there are plenty of crooked, unethical lawyers out there. But Frank Yokoyama is not one of them!

          Please do yourself a favor: Go to the official website of the State Bar of California. Look up Frank Yokoyama. See for yourself that his status is “ACTIVE”.

        • McMahon, J. says:

          Sunday, April 14, 2013

          TO: Justice Fighter | Reply

          1. Mark & Frank ran on a pseudo slate. Always happens when a commissioner runs under its appointee. Lowenthol camp states same about both and furthermore, Lowenthol staffers state both Frank and Mark continually counsel Lowenthol. So Lowenthol has become part of their slate. My opine, we are indirectly being run by Lowenthol. Not saying this is good nor bad.

          2. ABCUSD on the last session of Cecy holding trustee; Mark blasted Cecy and voted to remove Cecy. During Marks campaign, Cecy was asked by Mark to forgive him, but Cecy will not, along with many other present and past trustees. Who cares about Cecy’s family, as Cecy was the elected and Cecy donated millions of hrs to benefit the school district. His relationship was forevermore breached between Cecy and Mark. Mark betrayed Cecy!!!!

          3. Mark’s Closed Binder. Read the 2010 Census Data, of the racial, age and gender demographics of 90703. Sad day, when Cerritos populace has more females then men and only 4 appointed females and no young adults, nor openly GL , nor handicap appointees. Some of staffers have mentioned that Mark’s appointees know nothing about said appointment ship and are not in accordance with said passed Protocol Manual. Staffers say it takes valuable time from staff, to educate Mark’s miss appointments. Are budget is breached by recession and further drained by staffers having to educate appointees who do not know their subject & or the history of the process and so forth. Mark has 7 grps to make appointments and has failed to create an OPEN BINDER!!

          One more step, why dosn’t Mark ever visit or openly talk about Tracey HS, as he has only an open binder towards Whitney and not Artesia HS nor Tracey HS.

          Email went viral and was discussed in detail with CM over his resignation over appointing new CM from Long Beach, one of Marks friends and colleagues.

          4. Pulido was charged by the DA Office, more then decade for political campaign crimes and flea bargained to escape prison. Go on line and read about it, as many past 90703 Councilpersons forwarded the info to me, including the Shadow Park Grp and both the Democratic and Republican Grps in city. Went viral. Pulido should of disclosed during his campaign era, that since he is a public staffer, he will not be able to vote on all city issues. Many residents feel Pulido has committed fraud and deception, as we voted for an entire Councilperson, yet we are only getting part of a councilperson, with full 100% employee benefits and insurance to grave for : Mark, Mark Wife and all of Marks future wives. HMMM, odd, Mark wants to meet 90703 residents in public arena, but chooses to meet w/ Frank in rear sections of bar room dining. Why the privacy issues?

          5. Sheriff’s crime reports were not correctly stated by Frank : hence Carol tried to amend. Captain Swensson and Director Berg, PHD; were both annoyed how Frank blurred the crime reports to scare voters. Yes crime has increased. Don’t blame SD, but blame administration, as during the build out of the SD, city promised Central Alarm Monitoring in SD under Councilperson Hu, and has never materialized. Read the minutes from this resolution for sub station approval.

          6. Mth after Pulido was voted in, he walked our hood. He promised the residents, that within 1 Yr., all PW would be corrected and returned to Professional Standards for the PW Industry. Few trees were trimmed, but the rest is mess. Non working lites, non flowing curbs and sidewalks which have become ladders to sky to walk on. My island hood still in shambles and not to Industry Codes!

          7. There are many Islands in the city, which I live in one island. Islands have been discussed many times on CCC for past 4 decades. Where have you been, not new!! Not all island are serviced by CW; nor same voting privileges.

          8. Franks ethic allegations are more deep then you state. Frank had an ethic code violation and hearing w/ Bar. No biggy. He was to rectify with educational class. For more then 4 yrs, Frank failed to take the class; his BAR Lic was suspended, until requirements had been met. Yet, during the candidate’s forum Frank called himself an attorney at law, which is not correct. During the Forum, Frank was only an attorney and not Licensed to Practice Law. Huge difference between Attorney-at-law —Vs— attorney.

          9. BAR can be challenged, but the reports which were attached to his name, was over BAR Ethics Violations. Frank should work with the BAR to make the charges read correctly. Went to BAR, he was not active during the release by LCCN docs during Franks campaigning. May be active today, not active during his campaign era. 90703 is upset over Frank not disclosing this during his campaign for elected office.

          10. Strongly feel, non of the following should run for local elected office, as creates conflict of interest in the outcome of votes, as there are too many hidden influences or agendas!! Carol and Joe are both realtors and have too many ghost relationships. Battery Barrows is married to educational professional, so has ghost halo over his head too. Mark is former educational trustee and state staffer, so too has ghosts over his decisions. Ray has too many appointed city and county positions, to freely vote with no former influence or political snorting highs.

          • No Realtors.
          • No Business owners in city.
          • No Civil Servants-staffers.
          • No School Board trustees and staffers.

  • George Medina says:

    I agree with Norman Carpio about stupidity and warn the Citizens of Cerritos, that, what comes after stupidity is CORRUPTION.
    Just look at the City of Bell. It started with stupidity and ended up with corruption.

    • OMG says:

      This great little newspaper told all of you about these crooks with some hard-hitting reporting that most of you, believing Battery Bruce and Beijing Chen, thought was a lie. Now you have to live with them for years. HAHA Cerritos!

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Friday, April 12, 2013.

    Republicans poured freshly brewed Manure Tea over (D) Frank, to kill his chance of running to replace termed out Battery Barrows seat in next election and also to shoot another arrow in to (D) Mark’s campaign future in politics. Remember Mark Pulido has already run in with the political law and flea bargained to escape prison time.

    Poor lame duck excuses by the Republicans to pour Manure Tea on the Democrats over Franks BAR charades, when Republicans have poisoned cabinet too:

    1. (R)Cindy Yen Chen, PR Comm was hit with federal Trade Fines.
    2. (R) Horseman Buells, is appointed to (2) cabinets, which is a conflict of interest, plus has death blood at his stables.
    3. (R) Edwards was termed out, and should extend to terming out his cabinets, so hello, (R) George Ray, has reappointed termed out prior cabinet, to your cabinet house. We need fresh blood and ideas.
    4. (D) Needham was Sacramento censored and afterwards, was appointed to many commissioners and never attacked compared to Frank
    5. Former councilperson Benhuam and Rabbit were both impaired and had a huge auto accident, which the citizens of Cerritos are still paying on. Rabbit since has sat on many commission and no booing by the council compared to Frank.
    6. (R) Hu was convicted for fraud and never censored for her appointed economic commission. Same time (R) Crawley was censored for and Edwards email blast, but walked away latter with a Golden Handshake.
    7. (D) Fuentes was removed as commissioner by Cho, as Cho stated Fuentes was less then man.
    8. City boowed and hissed on former councilperson Wong for not attending many CCC Meetings. Today, Mark Pulido attends CCC meeting, but can not vote on many resolutions, as he holds a state job and would create conflict of interest. Time for Mark to decide between is political elected position of his daily job to (D) Lowenthol.
    9. Five (5) Yrs in the making, thank god the PROTOCOL MANUAL was passed. Read the contents, many sections could be applied to the above stated issues. Hope the city Charter is updated, lot of old language, which is meaningless.

    ►►►SIDEBAR: Please, please please, no electronic art signs placement on the 605 Freeway for the Cerritos Auto Mall, the electronic art in public places, will only visually pollute the freeway corridor, cause additional accidents in that congested traffic zone and Caltrans frowns on creating obstacles to motorists. Today’s sale signs posted on the rear of buildings, up against the freeway, look tacky and are a distraction to the hi speed traffic and create more rubber necking. ◄◄◄◄



    Cho and Pulido have been thick as thieves voting with Barrows, Chen and now Ray so GOOD! This is a graphic example of their spineless machinations backfiring on them! Maybe Cho and Pulido will now vote to censure Barrows for his assault on Jay Gray?

  • The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost! says:

    “This is a dangerous president of silencing challengers or dissenting opinions” -Pulido.
    This is standard operating procedure! Wasn’t it Cho and Mark Pulido that sat silent as Jay Gray’s assault went uncommented on?
    Wasn’t it Cho that removed Fine Arts Commissioner Chris Fuentes from the commission for challenging staff on spending?
    As I recall it was George Ray that appeared at the city council meeting to support the decision to silence Fuentes – so what did you expect?
    The story here in not the gang of three; Barrows, Chen, Ray, its the failure of Cho and Pulido to stand up for diverse opinions to begin with.

  • Smitty says:

    Has the planning of Los Cerritos gone well or is the city a gridlocked mass with no parking like LA?

  • Chit Yokoyama, mother of Frank says:

    I am very sad & cannot believe that Carol cannot even remember that when she was first running for City Council me & my husband supported her by letting her come to our office. We introduced her to our agents and got their votes. Now that she is on top of the world she cannot even think back how she got where she is now.

    • Carmelita says:

      well said, chit! Carol seem to have forgotten that had it not been for about 900+ Filipino votes she got she would had not been where she is sitting now. this action by the 3 councilmembers had created chaos, turmoil and division in the community. It is mind boggling why they didn’t think that if we disect each of the unknown reasons they have for doing what they did it will just backfire on them! Down with hypocrisy, injustice and abuse of power!

    • Carol Chen doesn't give a Chit! says:

      I guess when Frank decided to run as a Democrat that upset the Republican Dynasty of Carol Chen, Bruce Barrows and George Ray. Remember Chit, when you support Republicans the elephant has a long memory!

      • Tatiana Yokoyama says:

        This is an unfortunate attempt at a pun considering Chit is pronounced like “CHIP” not “SHIP”.

  • Disgusted in Cerritos says:

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on Mayor Bruce Borrows, council members Carol Chen and George Ray, They need to put a stop their mean/spiteful election campaign paybacks. Enough already!
    Memo of Warning: Attn. all Cerritos City Council appointees, DO NOT ever run against one of these three seated council members and lose. They are out for blood and will make your life a living hell!

    Cerritos is now going to be the biggest joke of all the cities in South East L.A. County.

  • RLinda90703 says:

    I personally know that Councilwoman Carol Chen Barrows is a very vindictive person, and everyone knows that she doesn’t do ANYTHING without MAYOR BRUCE BARROWS telling her EXACTLY what to do literally 24 hours.

    Why didn’t we just REWRITE IN former Councilman Jim Edwards instead of voting to elect George Ray during this past campaign?

    Why did this George Ray reappoint all of Jim Edwards former Commissioners BACK INTO POWER…including that Hughlett woman, and that guy who runs that infested horse stable.


  • Rosemary Economy says:

    I am a former Cerritos Planning Commissioner (9yrs.) and I do watch the Commission meetings when I can. Frank is one of the best Commissioners I have ever seen, always prepared, asking the right questions and making wise decisions.
    This really is a sad time in the history of the Cerritos Planning Commission. I am so very proud of Commissioner Frank Yokoyama, what a terrible injustice by the Cerritos City Council and truly a loss for our city.
    Sorry Council, “BAD DECISION”

    • McMahon, J. says:

      Saturday, April 13, 2013..


      Look back at yesteryears Planning Commissions ( PC)

      Era when you served on the PC, the demographics of staff and appointees were much different then today. Back then, appointees were native born of USA and knew beforehand of construction terminology, all performed due diligence and could foresee the outcome of urban planning. Today’s appointees barely know how to speak broken English, and at best, been in USA for aprox 2 decades. Also, the entire staff was seasoned, today, more newbie PT or intern staffers, who are not seasoned in the fields.

      If I was to bet, many staffers and appointees have not traveled the USA to make comparison for good PC end results. Also decades ago, PC held more study sessions and had a large attending audience, as the residents were more concerned about the asthetic of the city. Mega Mansions and tear downs were still an enigma ghost at best.

      Staffers of your era, many flew out of 90703, in order to land jobs in Central OC, Inland Empire and Long Beach. My daily travels, still run in to many former 90703 staffers, who stop and say hi, as former staffers left 90703 because of the politics and low pay standards in Cerritos Job Markets. Cerritos Brand on a personal resume, is not what is was when you successfully held PC appointment. Don’t you remember, when former councilperson Ann Joynt complained about the low pay standards in 90703, and tried to create a new level of salaries, to play with the surrounding cities? Gaylord Knapp
      knew planning and went on to build successful Lake Forest.

      Would pray that all appointees be selected from Resume application in the near future, as allot of great talent is being over looked in the city, in order to appoint race and payback to special friends.

  • casey says:

    Seems like this paper has almost all the discontented residences in one place. Unfortunately this “news” paper has elected to get wildly partisan and use the forum to basically not report news but rather to advance a political agenda. At least you have given Mcmahon something to do..now if he could just string words together that make a point…..

    • OMG says:

      Casey don’t see your point. The paper has reported what happened at the meeting, nothing else. It has allowed residents to promote comments PRO and CON.
      Yet you choose to blame the paper for what was a blatant political move to take someone out who ran against the OLD CERRITOS REPUBLICAN GUARD. I applaud the paper for its guts and pointing out that BAROWS CHEN AND RAY are same old same old. Commissioners will never run for Council after this stunt, is that good for the city? You are myopic.

  • Chen, Barrows, Ray Don't Know Chit ! says:

    The mother of Yokoyama cries that she worked so hard to elect Carol Chen? Now the 3 little pigs don’t know her? Get a clue Chit these ungrateful bastards don’t know you from Chinola! They use people, clubs and institutions to further their own agenda, sort of like your son did with the Hubert Humphery club and the Democratic Party? What did you teach Frank? Apparently he is not a real Democrat so why be surprised that his rabid republican pack turned on him and you?

  • Mr Outraged says:

    Did Ray,Chen and Barrows meet in closed session to discuss their action prior to their vote to ax Yokoyama? If so,does the Ca Brown Act apply?

    • Randy R. Economy says:

      I cannot answer that question, because we cannot determine if Mayor Barrows, and Councilmembers Ray and Chen had any prior discussion with one and other about the vote against Commissioner Yokoyama. Perhaps, you should ask them directly…..

    • McMahon, J. says:

      Saturday, April 13, 2013

      Mr. Outraged:

      BROWN ACT.

      During the recession, the Brown Act has Sunset, so no longer enforceable. DA Office will not investigate alleged violations. Both the Cer City Clerk and the City Attorney addressed this in the Council Chambers, during public comments, for the Special Hearing for the Protocol Manual. I addressed the CCC on said subject and was answered by the attorney and clerk.

      Brown Act Violation, constitutes a meeting of (3) elected members, with agenda and public hearing. Two (2) elected official can have private meetings at any time, as the red flag only emerges when body of (3) elected officials have a closed door meeting.

      FYI: City is not following Roberts Rules of Orders, which Battery Barrows referenced during the Frank Issues, as the protocol manual adopted Rosenberg Rules during the resolution for Protocol Manual. Roberts Rules expired only hrs before the Rosenberg Time clock started!!!! Frank was terminated by 3-2 vote under the umbrella of Roberts Rules of Order. Had Frank been terminated few hrs latter, Rosenberg Rules of order would of applied, as said was voted in as a resolution for the virgin Protocol Manual.

  • Viktoriya says:

    Our forefathers came to build this beautiful country with the dream that we all could pursue whatever dreams we wanted to with no oppression from the government. The city of Cerritos is blatantly spitting on everything that our country stands for by their treatment of Frank Yokoyama. Frank is hard working, brilliant, Harvard educated man. He followed his dream and ran for city council and was regretfully not elected. It is evident that Frank was viable enough of a candidate that he scared the two newly elected members into kicking him out of City of Cerritos politics. They think that by removing him from this position, it will ruin any chances he has to ever run for city council again. But is this the country we want to live in, where good candidates scare incumbents so much that they play dirty politics to secure their seats. If Barrows, Chen and Ray stooped to this low to get rid of Yokoyama, then I am truly scared for the people of Cerritos. They obviously have no moral compass. A lack of morals leads to corruption, and it is sad to see that city of Cerritos is in the hands of such horrible human beings.

    • Justice Fighter says:

      Amen, Viktoriya! I fully agree with every word you wrote. Barrows, Chen, and Ray have absolutely no conscience. They are evil. I pray that they wise-up for their own sake and for the City of Cerritos!

  • Lydia K. Cerritos says:

    to: Rlinda90703

    I too find it amazing that new Cerritos Counciman George Ray reappointed most of former Council Jim Edwards’ commissioner retreads. He did add two new ones, a former city employee Becky Lingad,(manager of finance) to the Planning Comm.and Dan Padelford, Artesia resident, to the Economic Development Comm. ARTESIA, HUH!! What the??
    Come on George,surely there is one resident in our city of 45,000 plus who would qualify for this commission position.
    Have you ever heard of any other city around here appointing a Cerritos resident any of their Commissions? I haven’t.
    Retreaders and out-of-towners,
    How exciting!!

  • Carmelita says:

    This is for J Mcmahon: You seem to be the Mr Know It All! If you are so knowledgeable of everyone’s life and so critical of everyone especially the best of the best individuals, like Mark and Frank, what does that say about you? You must be a very unhappy person to get so negative about life and everyone! I feel so sorry for you! I always believe in truth and justice! Those two virtues will triumph at the end! The issue at hand here is the action by Chen, Ray and Barrows on the appointment of Frank at the last Council Meeting. Is it hypocrisy, injustice, and abuse of power in action? I absolutely say YES!!!
    And for Justice Fighter: Keep on fighting! I support your arguments all the way and will continue to do so. I always believe in the power of the mind, hard work, and prayer! In unity, there is strength!

    • McMahon, J. says:

      Monday, April 15, 2013

      Hate to brag, I attended the following, where were} Mark | Frank | and the Filipino Community SLATE, when city held public meetings for the following, as none of you attended? I attended all of the following, where were you?? Seems like the Filipino Slate has limitations to support certain agendas only.

      Know for one thing, Carol and Joe were for the most part, not even in the USA for the following and do remember Bruce at some of the following. This is why I support resume applications for appointees, as many of the original residents remember the following, compared to the parachute residents who landed in to 90703 within last few years.

      1. Hearings for birth of CCPA.
      2. Primary debate over construction of Cerritos Junior College.
      3. Birth of Shadow Park HOA.
      4. Downtown Los Angeles hearings for Cerritos Regional Park.
      5. Hearings for Sheriff Sub Station.
      6. Hearings for the sale of Whitney Parcel to Swim Center and Encore HOA Development.
      7. Hearings for Sculpture Garden.
      8. Hearings for Overlay Proposal.
      9. Hearings for the Joint Venture.
      10. Hearings for the Rose Parade.
      11. Hearings for the United HOA.
      12. Hearings for the Senior Center.
      13. Hearings for the Library.
      14. Hearings for the construction of Towne Center
      15. Hearings for the construction of Cerritos City Hall
      16. Hearings for the development of the Los Cerritos Mall.
      17. Hearings for the construction of Freeway sound proofing walls.
      18. Grand Opening Ribbon cutting ceremonies for 605 and 91 Freeways.
      19. Debates and fights over the Auto Mall.
      20. RV Debates
      21. All of the Overnight Parking Hearings.
      22. Exterior House Paint Color approvals.
      23. Proposed Museum Data Collections.
      24. Hearings for the Fire Station.
      25. Regional Hearings for the proposed hi speed trains.
      26. City Hall meetings at the Mobile Home Offices.
      27. Hearing for Home Depot –vs- Price Club Mall.
      28. Fast food drive thru debates.
      29. Gas station convenience store debates.
      30. Conception of Cerritos Park East and Liberty Parks.

  • Ding Dong says:

    Attributing Mr. Yokoyama’s removal from the Planning Commission to racism is intellectually shallow. The outcry over the Council’s decision is a complete overreaction. It is not unwarranted to feel or express disapproval, however, it is both immature and baseless to accuse the Council members of being racist. Not everything has to do with race. Viewing life through a racial lense is debilitating. Let’s rise above this decision, dust ourselves off and move on. I’m sure this is what Mr. Yokoyama himself is doing.

  • Concerned resident says:

    Bunch of clowns running this city and wasting tax payers money… That’s an insult to clown professionals, I should say bunch of morons