Petition to Remove Whittier Councilwoman Jessica Martinez Gaining Steam

Petition to Remove Whittier Councilwoman Jessica Martinez Gaining Steam

Jessica Martinez Martinez’ former actions do not square with her denial that she was at the rally.


BY BRIAN HEWS • January 12, 2021

A resident in the Whittier area has started an online petition to remove Councilwoman Jessica Martinez from the Whittier City Council for her participation in the Trump rally in D.C.

Zenaida Huerta has started a petition online at the sponsored by Democrats for Justice.

The petition states, “On December 29th, Whittier Councilmember Jessica Martinez (District 1) tweeted that she was willing to “give up [her] life” to “take back” her country. Just seven days later, she was part of the violent, armed coup attempt on Capitol Hill. This was an act of domestic terrorism.”

Martinez announced her intent to participate in the rally on Twitter alongside multiple tweets questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election and branding Republicans who accepted the result as “traitors.” On Wednesday morning, she also uploaded a clip of video footage from the rally.

There is calls to censure Martinez, County Supervisor Janice Hahn also added her voice to those calling for Martinez’s censure.

“Any attempt to delay or prevent the peaceful transfer of power is a threat to our democracy and there must be consequences,” Hahn said Friday in a statement.

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (D-Norwalk) slammed Martinez in a tweet.


Martinez has responded to racist tweets with equally racist tweets. AFter on tweet about Somalia-born Rep, Ilhan Omar, D-Minneapolis, Martinez tweeted “she can go back wherever she came from and REALLY be a victim” or saying about U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, “President Pocahontas? She needs a Wigwam not the white house.”

The petition finishes, “If you believe that domestic terrorists have no place in our city council, sign this petition to urge Mayor Joe Vinatieri to censure Councilmember Jessica Martinez from the January 12th city council meeting. Make sure you also email [email protected] before January 12th with public comment demanding Martinez be prevented or “censured” from participating on the city council.”

As of 9 am this morning the petition had 6,190 signatures.







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