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Chief Spokesperson for Recall Newsom Campaign Has Felony Drug Convictions

Randy Economy (l) with his mom Rosemary.


Staff Report • January 27, 2021

Randy Economy, spokesperson for Recall Newsom 2020, who was recently quoted defending recall proponents who sacked the capitol Jan. 6 saying, “it’s hard to cut ties with them,” has an extremely questionable past involving felony drug convictions and colluding with corrupt politicians.

A few years ago, Economy was arrested and charged with three major drug violations: possession of  methamphetamine, under the influence of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), and possessing a device used for unlawfully injecting or smoking a controlled substance (methamphetamine pipe).

Methamphetamine is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Also known as blue, ice and crystal, it takes the form of a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder.

Economy pleaded guilty to felony methamphetamine possession at the time.

Economy worked with HMG-CN until 2014  when HMG-CN obtained a background check on Economy done by former L.A. Mayoral candidate Wendy Gruel showing the felony drug offenses.

Economy was released after the revelation and went on a rampage to discredit HMG-CN including attempts to shut down all HMG-CN social media pages and hacking the website before passwords were changed.

Years Later Another Attempt

Before his departure HMG-CN and Economy published several investigative articles about Central Basin Water Director Leticia Vasquez, at one point Vasquez was so frazzled she told Economy to “fuck off”  in a crowded elevator.

After he was released, HMG-CN published several more investigative articles on  Vasquez ranging from investigations by the Fair Political Practices Commission to residency issues.


Prosecutors Reviewing Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez’ Residency Claims




Despite the revelations contained in the articles, and the expletive thrown at him in 2014, Economy colluded with Vasquez and handed over cell phone texts between him and HMG-CN employees pertaining to Vasquez who was suing HMG-CN for defamation.

Economy also signed a rambling 21-page sworn affidavit laden with false and defamatory statements about HMG-CN and several other people that was submitted under oath to the court.


Economy’s signed sworn affidavit dictated under penalty of perjury. The 21-page document contained numerous false and defamatory statements against HMG-CN, Central Basin Directors Art Chacon and Phil Hawkins, and Ron Bielke.



Vasquez used the texts and the affidavit during the trial but to no avail, she and her attorney-husband Ron Wilson lost the case to Hews and his attorney Scott Talkov.



Court Clears Hews Media Group of Central Basin Leticia Vasquez’ Phony Defamation Allegations


Wilson and Vasquez were strongly admonished by the judge, and HMG-CN won an “anti SLAPP” motion with the judge ruling that Wilson and Vasquez had to pay HMG-CN’s legal fees amounting to over $70,000.

Another Attempt

Economy also colluded with former La Mirada City Councilman Andrew Sarega and Vasquez in a similar frivolous defamation case that Sarega lost.


La Mirada Councilman Andrew Sarega Colluded With Vasquez In Frivolous Defamation Lawsuit Against Hews Media Group



HMG-CN Publisher Brian Hews said at the time, “The lawsuits were the culmination of many disreputable people banding together, people who disliked me for my investigative reporting, who wanted to financially harm my organization, it was an attack on free press by elected officials sworn to defend the Constitution.”

Defends Domestic Terrorists

During a recent interview, Economy was quoted in a newspaper, after which HMG-CN informed the reporter of his felony drug conviction. The reporter admitted she knew about the conviction but in essence said it was not relevant.

That revelation was followed by an L.A. Times article this past Sunday about domestic terrorist organizations Q-ANON and the Proud Boys backing the Newsom recall.

Economy was quoted last week after being told a domestic terrorist who sacked the capitol worked for the recall campaign saying, “it’s hard to cut ties with them.”

When he was told about Q-ANON and the Proud Boys backing the recall campaign, Economy said, “it’s not our job to manage them.”

“That’s Randy,” said former Pico Rivera Mayor Ron Bielke, who was subjected to Economy’s defamation and libel in his sworn affidavit, “he craves publicity and will attach himself to any cause, even causes he does not align with, to make money. He’s a mercenary who will go anywhere to make a buck and get on TV. According to the LA Times article, Q-ANON and the Proud Boys are behind the recall, typical of Randy.”




  • Scott C. says:

    The one eyed butt-pirate just won’t die. He’s like a cockroach. Probably the most unethical individual whoever walked this earth. Randy’s idiotic rhetoric makes Trump sound reasonable and normal. I though he supported Newsom when he first ran? Oh yeah, that’s what Randy does.

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