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Prosecutors Reviewing Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez’ Residency Claims

Letica Vasquez.

By Brian Hews

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is looking into Central Basin Leticia Vasquez’ residency claim, reviewing Vasquez’ assertion that she lives in her district in Lynwood and not with her husband, attorney Ron Wilson, who lives outside of the district in Los Angeles, a spokesman confirmed.

Hews Media Group-Community News confirmed the review through District Attorney spokesman Greg Risling.

The District Attorney’s review is examining an Aug. 2017 published report by HMG-CN that provided strong video evidence that Vasquez does not live in her Lynwood home near the noisy 105 freeway on Walnut Ave. instead residing at the home of her husband Wilson on Northland Drive in an upscale part of Baldwin Hills.


The Lynwood home Vasquez claims as her residence. 



Ron Wilson’s home in the upscale part of Baldwin Hills.


The comprehensive surveillance video was exclusively obtained by HMG-CN.

California law requires that candidates live in the districts they represent any violation is punishable by jail time, financial penalty, or both. The election code defines a residence as a ‘domicile,’ a home where one intends to remain.

There were prior residency complaints about Vasquez sent into HMG-CN a full one year earlier than the 2017 report.

ln 2016,  HMG-CN reported that Vasquez, who had recently married Wilson, applied for medical benefits through Central Basin Water (CB) for Wilson.


Does Central Basin Water Director Leticia Vasquez Live in Her District?


Following procedure, CB mailed paperwork to Vasquez’ reported home address in Lynwood, a few days later the mail was returned to the District marked “No such person at this address.”

CB General Manager Kevin Hunt informed CB Directors Arturo “Art” Chacon, Phil Hawkins, and one other Director, of the returned mail, Chacon and Hawkins subsequently told HMG-CN.

At the time Hawkins told HMG-CN, “ Director Chacon and I were at Central Basin sitting at the conference table when  Hunt told us that Central Basin sent medical forms to the house and it came back ‘this person does not live here.’ He [Hunt] was dead serious.”

Chacon at the time told HMG-CN, “I have asked the General Manager to file a complaint with the Ethics Committee and to conduct an investigation. If Central Basin fails to aggressively investigate this charge, given that we now have evidence of Vasquez not living in the district, I will personally be contacting the District Attorney and FPPC. We cannot look the other way and continue this legacy of corruption at Central Basin.”

Editors note: HMG-CN obtained Vasquez’ husband’s home address in Baldwin Hills, entered the address in Google, clicked on Google Street View, and found Director Vasquez’ black Mercedes and Toyota 4-Runner in front of Wilson’s house in the Google Street View picture.

Despite the evidence and statement from Kevin Hunt, no action was taken, until the video surfaced.

The video surveillance and subsequent narrative was completed by Maverick Investigation Agency based out of Fullerton, Ca., and took place over three weeks from February 27 to March 16, 2017. See narrative click here.

The narrative indicated that Maverick methodically observed Vasquez over the three-week period making certain that the surveillance covered every day of the week.

In a phone interview, Maverick Investigator Vai told HMG-CN, “yeah that was a good one,” referring to the investigation, “she lives there, she was there all the time.”

The video triggered the review of Vasquez’ residency claim by the District Attorney.

HMG-CN requested comment from Vasquez and her husband Ron Wilson, Wilson did not respond or go on the record to confirm or deny Vasquez lives at his house.

In an angry and vitriolic response, Vasquez avoided HMG-CN’s question and did not comment on the district attorney’s review, choosing to write about the bogus defamation case she recently lost filed against HMG-CN.


Court Clears Hews Media Group of Central Basin Leticia Vasquez’ Phony Defamation Allegations


Former Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley, who  oversaw the rise of residency prosecutions,  said residency cases should always be pursued if there’s a violation.

Cooley told the L.A. Times, “voters assume that candidates live in the districts they run to represent — and it’s important to reveal if they actually don’t.”

“Elected officials should play by the rules,” Cooley said.





See video below, turn on subtitles by clicking on the “CC” box on bottom right.




  • Jungle Boogie says:

    The accusations that this woman has not lived in Lynwood have been around since before she was recalled from the Lynwood City Council. There’s such a double standard for woman in politics versus males in that males are expected to maintain a household while woman in polictics can lay on their backs in a different bed every night while claiming to receive their mail at a home with sheets they never soil. That’s exactly been the case with Leticia Vasquez. She’s bounced from one brother to another as often as she’s changed the beads in her cornrows! It’s called jungle fever and that’s contagious where she resides with Wilson in Baldwin Hills. The video provides the proof. Not once do we see Vasquez doing the walk of shame back to her hood in Lynwood, but then again, this woman obviously has NO SHAME!