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Editor’s Note: Full video is at end of story. 


Sixty second snippet  from video obtained by HMG-CN showing Ron Wilson and Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez at Wilson’s house in Los Angeles. Vasquez is seen leaving the patio brushing her teeth. The  surveillance was conducted over a three week period by Maverick Investigative agency, the entire video is at the end of this story.


By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has received a surveillance video providing strong evidence that Central Basin Municipal Water Director Leticia Vasquez has not been residing in the house she claims to live at within her district, instead residing at the home of her husband, attorney Ron Wilson, on Northland Drive in Los Angeles.

And HMG-CN has confirmed with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office of Integrity spokeperson Greg Risling that investigators have been “reviewing” the video evidence since May 2017.


Thirty second snippet from Maverick investigation video showing Vasquez leaving husband Ron Wilson’s house house after Wilson is shown backing out of the house driveway in his Mercedes.


As the Los Angeles Times reported in an article during the prosecution of Richard Alarcon, “California law requires that candidates live in the districts they seek to represent. The election code defines residence for voting purposes as a ‘domicile,’ a home where one intends to remain.”

One year prior to this latest revelation and surveillance video, while researching a similar Vasquez residency question, HMG-CN used Google Maps to obtain a picture of Wilson’s home on Northland Drive.

The Google map showed a picture of Vasquez’ black Mercedes and the current car she drives, a Toyota 4-Runner, in front of Wilson’s house.


A 2016 Google maps picture of Vasquez’ black Mercedes and the white/gray trim Toyota 4-Runner (left) that Vasquez is driving now in front of Ron Wilson’s house on Northland Drive.



Another sixty second snippet of Vasquez leaving her husband Ron Wilson’s home in Los Angeles at 7:00 a.m., click on video below.



According to the narrative submitted by Investigator Vai (“Vai”) and obtained by HMG-CN, the video surveillance and subsequent narrative was completed by Maverick Investigation Agency based out of Fullerton, Ca., and took place over three weeks from February 27 to March 16, 2017. See narrative click here.

The narrative sets forth that the agency methodically observed Vasquez over the three-week period making certain that every day of the week was covered.


Central Basin Directors Leticia Vasquez and Bob Apodaca.



Vai began the surveillance on Feb. 27, observing the Toyota 4-Runner that Vasquez drives parked in the Central Basin Water District parking lot.




White/gray trim Toyota 4-Runner in Central Basin Water District parking lot, the car is registered to Ron Wilson.



On Tuesday Feb. 28, Vai drove to the house that Vasquez claims to live at, located at 3817 Walnut in Lynwood, and observed a white BMW, license plate ending in 719, in the driveway; the BMW would be seen in every instance Vai observed the house.

Vai wrote, “a plate check revealed the BMW was not registered to Vasquez but to a Karina G. Lara.”

Vai did not observe Vasquez’ car, subsequently driving drove to Ron Wilson’s house, located at 3622 Northland Dr., arriving at 4:54 a.m. and found the same Toyota 4-Runner he observed in the Central Basin parking lot.

Vai also observed Ron Wilson’s coming out of the house throwing away trash bags.


The Toyota 4-Runner Vasquez drives in front of Wilson’s house.





Attorney Ron Wilson in front of his house on 3622 Northland Drive.



Ninety second snippet showing Ron Wilson owns the house where Vasquez was seen leaving.



According to the report, as documented in the video, it was the first in a number of days over the 21-day period that Vai would find the Vasquez 4-Runner parked in front of Wilson’s house.

Three days later on Friday March 3, Vai once again drove to the Lynwood house that Vasquez claims to live at and observed the same white BMW, license plate ending in 719, in the driveway.

Vai proceeded to Wilson’s house where he once again found Vasquez’ 4-Runner early in the morning.



At 8:59 a.m., Vai filmed a Mercedes leaving the house, license ending in 557, later confirming the car was registered to Ronald Nolan Wilson.

Ten minutes later, at 9:08 a.m., Vai observed Vasquez leaving Wilson’s house and climbing into the 4-Runner.


Vasquez entering Toyota 4-Runner, license 4AMZ935 after leaving Wilson’s Northland Drive home.





Three days later, on Monday March 6, Vai arrived at Wilson’s house at 4:02 a.m. and once again found Vasquez’ 4-Runner.

Three hours later, at 7:03 a.m., Vai filmed Vasquez leaving Wilson’s house and driving away.








On Wednesday March 8 and Thursday March 9, Vai arrived at Wilson’s house in the early morning hours and once again found Vasquez’ 4-Runner parked in front of the house.

Wilson leaving at 7:17 a.m on Mar. 8.



Vasquez’ truck on Mar. 8



Wilson seen in front of his home Mar. 9.




Then, one week later on Thursday March 16, Vai arrived in the early morning hours and observed Wilson reading a newspaper.

Later in the morning Wilson spotted investigator Vai observing him and called out to Vasquez, who was in the house.

Vasquez is clearly seen coming out of the house to look at what Wilson was pointing out, after about 20 seconds Vasquez walked back into the house.


Screen capture of video obtained by HMG-CN showing Ron Wilson and Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez at Wilson’s house in Los Angeles.



Emails asking for comment, with a link to the video, were sent to Central Basin’s Joseph Legaspi and to Vasquez’ attorney, Nana Gyamfi.

As of the time of publication, HMG-CN received an e-mail titled “cease and desist” from Vazquez setting forth that: “This article is in retaliation for the recent interview I agreed to with the LA weekly [sic] Newspaper which was published online today.”

Vasquez also demanded that HMG-CN “respond to [her] numerous retraction letters,” claiming that HMG-CN’s coverage represents a “pattern of harassment and intimidation by intentionally printing false and defamatory articles.”

Vasquez reminded HMG-CN that she is “currently in litigation with [HMC-CN] over your pattern and practice of printing false stories. You are only interested in printing false stories intended to malign and damage my standing in the community. You and your newspaper will be held accountable for the numerous malicious and defaming news articles you have and continue to print.”

Vasquez’s did not set forth any specific information denying the contents of the video.

Vazquez has a pending lawsuit against HMG-CN alleging defamation as the result of a prior article reporting on a tip from two members of the Central Basin Municipal Water District Board of Directors in which the content of the tip was not denied in a call by HMG-CN to Central Basin Municipal Water District General Manager Kevin Hunt


See video below, turn on subtitles by clicking on the “CC” box on bottom right.




  • Baboon Alert says:

    I’m confused. The story says Ron Wilson lives on Northland Dr. but I thought his address was 5333 Zoo Dr. That’s a nice 133 acre spread by Dodgers Stadium where all the baboons in LA resides?

  • CB Rebels says:

    I work at Central Basin and am NOT using my work computer because this vengeful bitch will turn this place apart to find me (good luck because there’s many more than me that hate her wannabe black ass).

    Many of us are aware that she does not live in the district and we can verify this as a result of returned registered mail sent to 3817 Walnut Ave. in Lynwood. She has since ordered staffed to never mail anything to her (anywhere) again. She thinks she’s slick?

    We all know that Kevin has the proof that I speak of but is using it as leverage to prevent her from voting to fire her. I’m surrounded by scum. Kevin tries to kiss our butts by giving us awards and peanut-bonuses but we all know he’s just covering his lazy ass.

    Leticia is a lying, scheming sack of shit. She is without a doubt the most corrupt politician elected in the Southeast in the last 20 years, yes, even surpassing her good friend, the infamous Big Al Robles. The only difference is that she hasn’t been caught yet. That’s because her pathetically old black lawyer husband Ron Wilson keeps her ahead of prosecutors.

    It’s unfortunate Wilson’s black ally District Attorney Jackie Lacey won’t go after Vasquez given Wilson and Lacey were “linked” at one time. That’s black politics for you! Let’s hear it for Black Hook-up’s Matter! Too bad LCCN doesn’t have a copy of the recent picture of Vasquez in full-cornrows trying to turn black.

    Keep up the good work Brian. You’ll nail this filthy scumbag. Pressure continues to mount. She can run but she cannot hide. Don’t be surprised if more “proof” makes it’s way to your office.

  • CB Rebels says:

    Look at this blowhard evading questions about her steering contracts to her friends. We put up with her pushing contracts for her friends over and over again. Mr. Bielke and Director Chacon are the only ones that could hold her accountable.


  • Fact Checker says:


    Gee…I wonder where Leticia Vasquez lives?? Why is the District Attorney’s office only “reviewing” this open & shut case???

  • Jeannie B. says:

    What a disgusting human being. What’s a young Latina doing with an old fat black man. That’s just sick and says a lot about how screwed up she is. Her parents must be so disappointed.

  • Karma Hunter says:

    This is what the voters of Vasquez’ District voted for. This is the person the so-called new and improved Cristina Garcia created Central Basin Board voted to elect to represent the District at Metropolitian Water. What an embarrassment!!

    Leticia Vasquez has always been a bottom feeder. She was busted as a minor for smuggling drugs across the border from Mexico as a result her record is sealed. She was recalled from the Lynwood City Council after providing testimony in the federal corruption case against two of her council colleagues. Then she marries a low-life ambulance chasing attorney probably because he’s black and has ties to our worthless black District Attorney Jackie Lacey. Anybody notice that Lacey prosecutes mexican and white politicians but somehow overlooks all the black thugs like Ron Wilson out there??

    I think this paper has hit gold with this story. How is she going to explain how she lives in two places at once? I think the Feds or Attorney General needs to come in to interview all of Vasquez’ make believe neighbors on Walnut Ave. in Lynwood to see what they have to say about their favorite nonexistent neighbor.

    Then I think they need to walk around Wilson’s Northland Dr. neighborhood to see what all of Wilson’s black neighbors think about this disgusting Latin-whore stealing their worthless brother?? I know Wilson’s grown children all think she’s a mexican peice of garbage. Of course, Vasquez is the same age as them so who would be surprised??

    All I have to say is this couldn’t be happening to a more deserving person:)