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32nd Senate District Results: Topalian and Archuleta Will Face Off in November


In a surprise, Rita Topalian and Bob Archuleta will face off in November. Vanessa Delgado, after receiving support of  over $1 million, will now face a recall from her seat in Montebello.

Rita Topalian (R) 18,562         25%

Bob Archuleta (D) 14,280      18%

Vanessa Delgado (D) 12,086 15%


In the August 7, 2018 Special Election, Topalian will face off with Delgado to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Tony Mendoza until Dec. 3 when the winner of Topalian/Archuleta is decided.

Rita Topalian (R) 20,244 25%


Vanessa Delgado (D) 13,050 16
  • Tony the Tiger says:

    Vanessa obviously didn’t polish all the knobs necessary to win the full-term seat but odds are she’ll satisfy a few male colleagues in the two-months she’ll be our State Senator. Cristina Garcia is probably the most disappointed in Vanessa’s win given Vanessa will undoubtedly block some of Garcia office action!

    • Ralph says:

      Really? Sounds like someone is watching too much porn. I’m not a Vanessa supporter, per say, but you can a make a point with out all the innuendos and double-entendres.

    • Paul Martin says:

      Cristina Garcia is not just an easy lay. That bitch is just one bad day away from being assigned an inmate number and/or court case number.

  • Paul Martin says:

    As the better-informed have known for decades, there is always drama playing out somewhere in the Gateway Cities. But you have to know where to look because L.A. news media doesn’t like to venture east of L.A. City Hall unless it comes from a stringer with video of the latest overnight blood and gore report.

    But we locals know that southeast county has some of the bloodiest political fighting this side of Chicago.

    The contest to replace Tony the Tiger played out as expected, with one surprise.

    I never thought possible a convicted felon, and political unknown Ion Sarega (R) would receive close to ten percent of the votes cast. Sarega did not have a website, a campaign office, a campaign, or a single public campaign appearance. I can only speculate that these were votes from uninformed Republicans that mistook his surname as Hispanic (It’s Romanian), or the ballot stating that he is a Pastor.

    I have more than just doubts, that Sarega is untruthful about this, and an extensive search on Google turns up not one result of him having any connection to any church in a pastoral manner. A check with aka John receives the same result.

    The run-off in December between Tapolian and Montebello Mayor Vanessa the Terrible has the potential to be a memorable one.

    I don’t know what is that about Delgado that is so toxic, but she seems to pick up a new enemy every time I read something about Montebello City Hall.

    She is so polarizing, I can see her foes exposing every skeleton Vanessa Delgado has acquired to spite her.

    I love a good show.

  • Eddy Jones says:

    Wow! What a great victory for local politics. A seasoned public servant and veteran, Bob Archuleta, beats the self absorbed, over-indulgent, and abusive politicians in the scathing political environment of the Southeast Los Angeles area. This is a real honor for a very humble and kind man. Go Bob Go.

  • Anne says:

    Rita T. will be an amazing Senator. Lower taxes, protecting Prop 13, improving parent control over local schools, reversing the negative effects of Prop 47 – she’ll get the job done. We have enough liberal democrats destroying California, it’s time to reclaim our state and save it from ruin.