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Cerritos Council Candidate Sophia Tse Using Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe’s Endorsement Without Permission

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Cerritos City Council candidate Sophia Tse is also a current ABCUSD Board Member.



By Brian Hews

Sophia Tse, candidate for Cerritos City Council and current ABCUSD Board Member, has apparently been using Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe’s endorsement on some of her campaign materials without the Supervisor’s permission.

Supervisor Knabe had asked Tse “several times” to stop using his endorsement on her campaign material but finally, after Tse mailed out another campaign piece to Cerritos residents this week, Knabe went public about the false endorsement.


Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe



Knabe, a resident of Cerritos, said in a statement, “despite my repeated pleas to stop misusing my name, Sophia Tse continues to send a campaign mailer which implies my endorsement, which I have never given. Further, Ms. Tse did not seek permission to use a letter which I had written to her in a very different context. I have tried to contact Ms. Tse several times, asking that the flier stop being used and I have been ignored. In fact, just yesterday, more of these mailers were delivered throughout Cerritos. I am now forced to ask publicly for Ms. Tse to cease using this mailer and to remove my name from any and all of her campaign materials.”

Calls and emails into Tse went unreturned.

  • arthur says:

    I got the same mailer too, it looked much like the same kind of informational materials Sup. Knabe sent me when he ran for re-election last time.

    Sophia Tse’s mailer sure doesn’t say Sup. Knabe endorses her.

    Did Sup. Knabe write these nice things about Sophia Tse a few months ago or not?

    If so, what’s the big deal?

    Sup. Knabe is a political veteran, who is deservedly revered in Southeast Los Angeles County.

    Voters will focus on the issues, inside baseball players will focus on minute.

  • Leal Daddy says:

    Don’t see Knabe name on her website. This same crap came up, when Knabe would not endorse his neighbor, Anna Titus, as Anna told us Mr/Mrs would not endorse black person for CCC.

    Why is Mrs. Knabe photo, hugging all of the campaign men in so many photos. Mrs Knabe is shareholder in Knabes Cerritos Automall / Cal Met Refuse, plus holds her name on title for many of the apartments owned in Long Beach and Ha.

    Tse photos is all about Asians.

    Tse states she was teacher at CSULB, but the personnel department has no record.

    When Tse was running for school board, many of the voting polls in South district, had her campaign signs within 500 feet of the polls, the days of the election. Tse said it was no big deal, as HG has no regulations on campaign signs.


    • Anna Titus says:

      I am not accustomed to responding to anonymous messages but let me set the record straight. If you want to use my name at least be accurate. Supervisor Knabe supported me because he has known me for over 40 years as a concerned, qualified person.

      What intelligent person would play the race card when the population in the city is about 7 percent. You need to get the facts right before you put anything in print. Better yet, get a hobby. You seem to have too much time on your hands.

      Also, if you are going to quote me, please be sure that what you are spreading is fact. My husband or myself never said anything about who Mr. Knabe would supports, and if you know him you would know the issue of race is not in his vocabulary. He is color blind.

      Finally, please contact me listing your name and I would be happy to talk to you. I think I know who you are because the same statement was made by someone when I ran for council.

      • Roberta, Su Casa says:

        During your campaign forum, do remember questions during that time, as the Villa La Cuesta was news worthy, plus Cecy Groom was disposed of.

        You were ill, barley able to speak and wore some wild thing on your head, instead of norm wig salon. No one recognized you on forum, from your days working to aid ABC & Holy Bible marathons.

        Don Knabe endorsements were creating wild card for in depth discussion. There were many organic stories floating over his endorsements, since he did not want La Cuesta Villa.

        Think he would learn, to keep his name out of the endorsement hoops. His name is public brand, owned by all in the city and county, not just Knabes. Repulsed how the NOW candidates, are using his name, more then trying to reach out to city voters on real concerns by the citizens.

      • Doug Van Buren says:

        Dearest Ann Titus:

        Presidents Day Celebration 2015.

        Cerritos Government has morphed into a social political group for Republican cronyism, losing focus on its main purpose for Cerritos Charter & role model. MLK celebration has been a political bridge to get the word out for: Vo, Barrows, Chen, Hughlett, Knabe, Hu, Edwards, Ray, Solanki .

        These pirates have lost focus on what they are supposed to do. SERVANT to residents and the voters and not FOR POLITICAL PARTY GAIN or exclus. endorsements and private photo sessions. Instead all have been secretly involved in ghostly KKK movement for African American employment & advancement!

        Knabe has added less than 1% employment to African Americans during his term for Supervisor. Dr. Hughlett has added zero job growth to the college campus for Black Bros.. Barrrows 4 terms in office, has added maybe .01% employment to African Americans. Your friends in Housekeeping for the district, not seen advancement nor thrust in African American Employment.

        MLK fought for justice/rights for all. Cerritos orthodox (R) have misused and continuously misuse MLK for their own personal political advertising. Unheard of, city is supporting its Own republican news rag, just another tool for mob lynching of the other parties.

        Mrs. Titus, think first, before you support your next door white neighbor, Mr, Knabe, Briarwood St, Cerritos, Ca. 90703, he is against everything MLK is trying to accomplish. This Placement towards Tse, by Knabe’s ad in Long beach Press Telegram, just another aim towards the democrats he serves in the Greater Long Beach area and (AX) towards the Gay Mayor of Long Beach and to the L. political family.

        Forever Yours,
        Doug Van Buren | 3rd Generation Family

      • Willis Mitchell says:

        Anna are you on board?

        Cerritos History is almost 60 YO.
        1 – Black Councilperson,
        1 -current black FAC commissioner,
        1 -former Black Planning commissioner.

        Negroes have been erased from Cerritos-Diary Valley Bible, but we live here and create 7% housing. Tired of the white, lily white republicans chickens, who have ignored us for 6 decades.

        Anna, Im black, do you know your R o o t s? I drink milk from Black/white cow, do you?

  • Anna Titus says:

    I have known Supervisor Knabe fo over 40 years and stand behind him and his integrity. Candidate Tse seems to be just the opposite. Her integrity is questionable at best. Shame on you Ms. Tse. This is not the first story I have heard regarding your questionable campaign tactics. I would find it hard to believe anything you say or do should you, God forbid, become a council person. You are not made out of the right cloth to lead. I know how you became a member of the school board and you know I know.

  • Mr. J.J. Armando says:

    Almost all elections, Supervisor/ former Councilperson de Cerritos , Mr. Don Knabe creates warfare in his home city over endorsements to select candidates for his Republican party.

    Why does he shame his home town over such ridiculous endorsements and photo sessions?

    He represents all community at large, serving public servant to all parties.

  • ABC Staffer says:

    OMG I was there, I heard Sophia, she had written documentation of all her endorsements to the forum. OMG, did she lie to Buddha?

    Subject Don Knabe:
    Poss. another white lie. Don owns CalMet trash; trash contractor for Cerritos. CalMet entered in to an Evergreen contract for trash pickup. Said resolution was passed by the Council, in order to do business with CalMet. Part of the contract, our trash cans would be washed out, whenever residents call CalMet. Found out after the contract was signed, that the resolution was altered, behind closed doors; by the Council and by Don Knabe, to void out the word wash and clean. OMG more little white lies in our trash!!!

    Councilman Jim Edwards, never told us during this contract negotiations, Don Knabe owns CalMet, former city councilperson and County Board of Supervisors. Jim Edwards also fed us more Monkey Business, he said he would personally take out the trash cans to the home owners who were struggling. Many of us have called city staff, staff saying Jim Edward, union member, lied to get the contract signed and sealed.

    Cypress residents have considerably cheaper trash pick up compared to our council person, Don Knabe CalMet.

    WTF: Sophia and Don both reside in Cerritos. Hmmmmm, what is good for the goose, will be great for gander. Or is Knabe trying to keep woman off council. Maybe Tse plus Hu, equal 2 females on council dais.(LOL)

  • Kyle Mosier says:

    Moving the pieces around the Cerritos Chessboard has changed.

  • Mark Tanaka says:

    Sophia Tse saved Cerritos taxpayers $695 million dollars in debt by saying no to a bad plan with no accountability.

    I can’t actually find the old Measure AA Yes or NO websites to see who supported or opposed the ABCUSD tax increase, but if someone can find out if Sup. Knabe opposed or supported the tax increase, that would be helpful.

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    WOW!! I was at Sophia Tse’s fundraiser party. She had showed us signatures of those elected officials who supported and endorsed her organized by each city. Talk about an organized woman. That woman is brilliant, thinks one step ahead of the game and got her bases covered. I just checked Sophia Tse’s website too. I don’t see Don Knabe’s name as an endorsement anywhere. I was really impressed with her speech when she said that she did not want the endorsements of the Cerritos elected officials thus because of the political baggage that comes with these endorsements. That woman sure has guts. Aren’t we fed up with these secret political unions that are driving the Cerritos into debt. We need more brave and honest people like Sophia. All the best Sophia Tse! I’ll be voting for you.

  • Ms. Z Cunningham, PhD. says:

    Now more than decade has passed, time has not healed the ill feelings between Republican Knabe and his sentiment towards his democratic African American neighbor Anna Titus- failed La Cuesta Villa proposal; along with Sophia Tse collapsed AA Bond Measure. When will Knabe stab Sheree Titus, Anna’s Dtr, and director of the recreational services for the city? Politics are so criminal and deeply seeded.

    Wasn’t Bloodshed decades ago on your turf, during the Baptismal confrontation with freedom for religious celebration and Knabe’s corrupt Sheriffs.

    Feminist Mrs. Julie G. Knabe, stay home and out of the political photo portraits, or are you trying to replace your 71 Year Old Husband former mayor, with new Viagra stallions?

    Anna and Sophia, do what women have to do in this town.

  • Steven Steinman says:

    Aim at Donald Knabe

    Hay sir, show us list of Democratic Photo shoots?

    Appears Cerritos Mayor Sir Donald K. hates dogs at Cerritos Regional Park, homophobic towards his own family, no on affordable housing and now racist and only photo shoots with his REPUBLICAN party.

  • Pham says:

    Smells like political funk. Reads like Cerritos Republicans Kauble, Knabe, Barrows, Chen, Edwards, Solanki attempting to take heat off of their man Vo. The tea leaves in the political play books suggest Grace Hu may be next?

  • Carlos Raul Blanca says:

    If elected, predict Jim Edwards will have stroke from heart attack and die. Already has broken down in skin hives. No one on council has been that over weight.

    Grace Hu is starting to look old and fragile; some of her answers were senior wrapped with lisped of dementia. Her teeth were falling apart, her facelifts are not holding up. She is dying of senior decay.

    Neighbor’s state Don Knabe or his son Matt Knabe will rerun or run for council, when the above 2 pass. Knabe’s want Tse out of there, premeditated game of political chess. Knabe’s Sheriff pals state, Regional Park will be renamed Knabe’s Regional Park, Cerritos.

    Knabe is part of the issues with the overgrown trees and failing Performing Arts complex. He was nothing councilman.

    Candidates dont have control over all mailers, some mailers are sent by outside third parties and can state anything.

  • Ironwood says:

    From back hole in one, City Manager( Art G) is retiring and Barrows wants new position as Cerritos City Manager. He wants all his friends voted in to office, so he can control city as new manager. Afraid Tse will turn on his nomination to manager, since connected to ABC. Knabe, Hughlett, Rabbit, Edwards, are all supporting this move.

  • Alexander Bosch says:

    Councilman Jim Edwards lied over the trash contract:

    1. Evergreen Contract with a adjustable COL Index escape clause.
    2. Contract had free unlimited, mobile trash can cleaning.
    3. Mr. Edwards would personally work with property owners to insure the receptacles are transported from homes to curbs.
    4. Edwards and Crawley both were at each others throat over Crawley’s censorship and resignation.
    5. Trash haulers under contract have long history of cash supporting campaign funding. Contractors should not subsidize campaigns.
    6. Well, well well, defeated Measure AA was supported by Edwards, another city of Bell, backdoor dealing to win votes by select groups…..

    • arthur says:

      AB, well said.

      And now JE supports the TOT? So all those Republicans supporting doubling TOT have put their heads together, in collaboration with DaMayor, to tax the City of Cerritos to prosperity?

      So what happens now when all those hotel rooms go vacant, just like the seats at CCPA? Dooh! Another boondoggle brought to the taxpayers of Cerritos by JE.


        The March 3, 2015 Cerritos Municipal Election will include a vote on imposing a Transient/Occupy (Hotel Bed) tax.

        Why did the city council just impose a water/sewer rate increase on the citizens without a public vote less than six months ago? They could have put it on the same ballot at no extra cost. Isn’t that the way a democracy is supposed to work?

        Our citizens get to vote on whether to tax others. Why didn’t we get the opportunity to vote on a tax we pay ourselves?

        Here’s a suggestion for any candidate who wants to get elected to the council: Promise to put a measure on the ballot in the next election to replace the 10% per year water/sewer rate increase by cutting losses at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. The CCPA loses four times as much as La Mirada’s Theatre for the Performing Arts. Cut our losses to the same level and then there’s no need for a water/sewer increase.

        • Shoemaker says:

          Mayor Gloria Kappe Liar:

          Prop 218.

          She mentioned publically and told staff, next election, besides voting for council, to put the 1960’s Overnight Parking Permit, to public vote. Next election would be this Mar 3, 2015 election, as this is the first citywide election since she has been in office, where there is a special election for Hotel bed Tax.

          Jewish councilpersons, Gloria and Sherman Kappe, were one of the most prolific liars the city has voted in and been disgrace to the Shadow Park Homeowners Association. All Gloria worried about was her dam false fingernails and landing another place card notch on Sherman’s list of wives, and her Mexican Sister City. Gloria almost BK Shadow Park and helped create more ghettos slums in their Las Vegas Properties.

          Glad Kappes, Hughlett, Knabe, Barrows, Hu, Edwards never got elected to Sacramento, all trash.

          Mr. Westfall, they will always support the CCPA, as they are the select groups, which get free and discounted tickets to the CCPA, plus accepted free gift cards to many of the Towne Center eateries/ stores, plus the all get free lifetime PPO Ins to grave. Hughlett has cashed in his Ins Perks, as the college supplied Hughlett’s with retirement package.

        • AndyAmerican says:

          I called it!!! My words exactly were:
          “you’ll be glad Measure AA didnt pass once your water bill looks like a car payment!”

  • Girls says:

    Edwards-Barrows-Chen Hotel Bed tax is just to fully blast away the Working Women, who work hard for the money at the Sheraton. Private dancing will occur in private homes……Jim & bottle blond wife, need income in order for Cerritos to reimburse for their rental cloths……

    Sheraton is not smokin hot, wait till Artesia steals clients away with LaGrand opening of Ritz Carleton Hotel…..Council get e-hip, bed tax will be added to many e-Hotel rating programs…………ooops, Jimmy will start taxing Print Ads, hence making THE BED TAX applicable outside the Sheraton to include.:
    1. Room Renters.
    2. Group Housing.
    3. Senior Day Care Homes.
    4. Half way Homes.
    5. Multi-generation Housing,
    6. Room n Board Housing.
    7. Foreign exchange housing.
    8. Alternative relationships.
    9. Midnight lanterns.

  • AndyAmerican says:

    Don Knabe is a great guy! Knabe is one of the few politians who I have no harsh words for, and Im always glad to see him at public events. I am glad he made his fraustration public bout Sophia Tse! Now, maybe this is my OCD working its magic here… but Ive been noticing a trend. MOST of the councilmembers (present and former) are real estate agents / brokers. Many canidates who run (past and present)are also real estate agents and brokers. Cerritos is one of the few cities that has not been hit hard by the foreclosure wave. So I asked myself: “why?”
    Cerritos residents are not immune to hard economic times. Not EVERY resident is of retirement age and living off a hefty pension. So how are people able to afford a home in a city with the average selling price of $618k, (www.trulia.com)? Thats an average 5k-6k a monthly payment! So I did some digging. Now, my research is not fully complete at this point.. but I did find something interesting. Public records show that many homes in Cerritos were CASH purchases! Cash.. you may be wondering how? Well, many (not all) of the homes being bought and sold are Chinese nationals.
    Now, the US goveronmnt has incentives for foreigners ready to spend some serious C-A-S-H. It becomes MUCH easier to get a visa and bring the entire family along too. Here are some articles and websites to view this info:



    I once remember reading a story about the Cerritos City council taking a trip to China on taxpayers dollars- great article by the way!;)
    Now, I do not have all my puzzle pieces just yet, but so far… it looks as though Cerritos real estate agents are “Redlining”! Asian RE agents have been succesful with cornering the housing market. The reason why is because Asians like to do business with Asians. Or, Asians trust Asians. Do NOT think I am a racisit for my remarks either! I have gone to school with many Asians, I am close friends with Asians and my spouse is Asian- so that ought to shut up any narrow-minded remarks!
    Back to the housing market…So, the Cerritos markert has managed to stay strong due to the influence and connections many of our Chinese RE agents / councilmembers have in foreign countries. In case you’ve missed my point… Higher values means higher commissions. Having power in city hall means you can have your hands in the BIGGEST cookie jar; buying and selling undeveloped or developed city land, or simply just vote / push for “eminent domain.” Also, you get first dibs on being the property agent. Plus, being a public servant somehow makes it a bit easier to hide money from good ol’ uncle Sam. However, the plot does not start and stop with Real Estate… there’s so much more to this spider web and so many people involved!
    Until I have completed my research.. I will say Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

    • Fishy Deals says:

      A very good observation. One that is so obvious that everyone seems to ignore. The roots are much deeper than most want to admit. It is a trend that goes back four decades. It’s a HUGE reason the Performing Arts Center is protected. It’s also a major reason the city of this size had not one but two mega redevelopment areas. The RDAs life blood is the increase in property values, which drive incremental tax revenues, but more importantly as you pointed out higher RE commissions. It’s a viscous circle for U.S. born retirees to maintain their family home in such a hostile environment. The city’s nanny ordinances have helped make it unbearable for fixed income seniors. Without the required senior/affordable housing (per RDA) the city’s age demographics would be totally different. RE can’t drive up real estate values/commissions with fixed income seniors.

      In your research look into owner occupied housing in Cerritos. You’ll be surprised. Also, look next door at Buena Park and the Korean backed development going. The difference between the two cities is the Communist Chinese ideology pushed in Cerritos and the more democratic Korean approach in Buena Park. As you mention it’s not about race. It is, however, about ideology and the Red Menace has settled in Cerritos.

    • Jerry La Monte & Family | Westside says:

      Councilpersons who are realtors, have huge advantage in marketing/advertising their brand. When you have Chinese councilpersons, diversity begins to crack and break down. Cerritos is not an equally diverse community and the ABCUSD is even more non diverse.

      Almost 33% of the single family homes in Cerritos, are rentals. Rental Market is never good for community, as lack of Home Ownership and pride is forevermore lost.

      Real estate values have not stayed strong in this community. Compare sold cost per Sq ft in the following areas, as many cities, cost Per sq Ft is 25%-75% higher compared to Cerritos:
      Sections of Long Beach.
      North Downey.
      Lakewood County Club.
      Los Alamitos.

      Cerritos Economic Commission, over & over again, has illustrated the unemployment has been above norms for Cerritos, compared to almost lows of 3% in following communities: Manhattan Beach-Rossmore-Brea.

      Councilperson/ Supervisor Don Knabe (R) has bypassed:
      1. Public Transportation.
      2. Homeless.
      3. New Jobs: Like Boeing, Rockwell, Car Manufacturing.
      4. No Retro for Del Amo Bridge & other old bridges.
      5. Rich city of Long Beach has become ghost town for employment.
      6. Area is still homesick for medical facilities and regional hospitals.

    • BN says:

      You brought up some good points. You’ve convinced me and I agree, Cerritos has way too many real estate agents and businessmen and women serving as City Council members.

      Candidate Sophia Tse is one of the very few candidates that is not a Real Estate agent and business owner. Glad to see that an educated professional is running for city council- she is a nurse practitioner. Looks like while the business people were doing shady businesses and making money, Sophia was in school getting her 2 master degrees. Looking at the mailers and support, it looks like Sophia Tse is the only candidate who is not in the same circle of real estate agents, business owner and former city council members with shady dealings running, nor is she endorsed by them. She is a working professional like the rest of us. Doesn’t seem like she runs in the same circle and seems like she will make fair decisions for the average working citizen.

      I’m voting for her and I’m glad to see such an educated and compassionate person run. We need more people in the health care to run in city elections. As Cerritos’ residents age, it is comforting to know that a council member will not only think of the business, but will also remember the quality of life of the residents and consider the environmental health and make Cerritos a more livable and enjoy about place to live.

  • North Downey Immigrant says:

    State Sen. Tony Mendoza Considering To Run For The 4th Supervisorial District

    State Sen. Tony Mendoza, voted into office last November, said this week he is “seriously considering” running for L.A. County Supervisor to replace Don Knabe when he is termed out in 2016.

    Mendoza made the announcement in an email to supporters Sunday.

    “Many friends and supporters are urging me to run for the 4th Supervisorial District,” Mendoza wrote. “I am seriously considering it.”

    Mendoza also forwarded an op-ed that recently appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune arguing that Knabe’s successor “should be Latino.”

    Well wonder if deacon from Downey will say good bye, to Supervisor dreams.

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