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Councilman Mendoza Has Ten Voters Registered at His 500 S.F. House in Commerce


By Brian Hews

June 7, 2022~Hews Media Group-Community News has obtained a document from a well-known political data source that shows Commerce Councilman Leonard Mendoza could be committing voter fraud and voter rigging.

The revelation comes on top of several other stories HMG-CN has exclusively reported: Mendoza was fired from his job at the city of Commerce after an investigation found “systematic” harassment and intimidation by Mendoza on his employees; using his truck to harass and intimidate a competitor running against him for council while his family was with him on the night of the Uvalde hearing, and violating the Commerce Municipal Code regarding the publishing of the City Seal on his campaign materials while calling himself mayor-when he was removed in April.

The Commerce City Clerk has fired off two letters warning him of his violations and he has still not stopped.

Mendoza lives on the 2300 block of Hepworth, a 500 s.f., one bedroom, one bath house in Commerce; he lives with his wife and two children.

Yet according to the data, nine other people are registered, and live, at the house, all with the last name Madrigal, who, according to sources, is Mendoza’s wife’s family.

The penalties for conspiracy to commit voter fraud can be quite heavy, Compton’s Isaac Galvan and his four friends were charged by the Los Angles County District Attorney and face heavy penalties and possible jail time.

Emails to Mendoza were responded with. “I am going to sue you, filing a class-action lawsuit.”