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Commerce Councilman Leonard Mendoza Dangerously Harassed Family on Day of Uvalde Shooting

He drove his truck very close to the Garate family, whose dad is running against him; also broke the law posting a picture of the dad. A police complaint has been filed.


Mendoza waiting in his truck for the Garate family.


HMG-CN Staff Report

June 3, 2022~It’s getting close to election time where many officials up for reelection start doing irrational things, but Commerce Councilman Leonard Mendoza has taken it to another level.

Two weeks ago HMG-CN reported how Mendoza harassed and intimidated publisher Brian Hews.

The next week, HMG-CN obtained documents showing Mendoza systematically harassed and intimidated his employees while working at his job for the city of Commerce.

His actions became so bad – some of his employees were injured on the job due to his negligence- that he was fired from his job.


Commerce Councilman Mendoza Was Fired From His Job With Commerce for Dishonesty, Intimidation



And everybody knows the famous picture that HMG-CN first posted showing a bloody Mendoza at the Contract Cities convention a few years ago, punched out during a fight that sources are now saying Mendoza started.

Now HMG-CN has obtained a video and first-hand account from Commerce Council candidate Alfonso Garate and his wife Rachel, showing Mendoza harassing and intimidating the entire Garate family while they were canvassing a neighborhood in Commerce.

Mendoza’s actions became so dangerous that he scared the Garate’s 12-year-old son who was on a scooter, coming close to the child with his truck.

And Mendoza’s actions occurred hours just after the horrible and tragic shooting of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.

Rachel Garate’s email to HMG-CN was horrifying,  “My name is Rachel Garate and I wanted to reach out regarding our contact with Commerce Councilman Mendoza. I would like to write that our nightmare began this past Wednesday 5/25/22. However, It would be a half truth. He has waged a campaign to intimidate, harass, tyrannize and instill fear in my family for weeks.

“This began with his Facebook post on April 28th regarding my husband Alfonso who is also on the ballot for City Council. He has taken a private family photo and utilized these on social media to sully our family name.”

That private family photo Ms. Garate was talking about was, by California law, not allowed to be used in public; by his actions, Mendoza violated several state laws.

Ms. Garate continued, “The stress of Councilman Mendoza’s posts made my mother-in-law so ill she suffered a massive heart attack and ultimately died on Mother’s Day.

“We were so upset we left town leaving the kids behind to handle her arrangements. Two of our kids went to the local store to buy some snacks and were followed halfway home [by Mendoza].’

Then, just hours after the Uvalde shooting Ms. Garate wrote, “while out canvassing with others we were followed by Leonard Mendoza who made it very clear, he was doing just that.

“Driving within feet of us in his black truck and staring at us while throwing up gang signs and then speeding up. Over the next couple hours, he would randomly just be parked or driving where he knew we would be walking. He did this four times in total.”

The Garate’s continued to canvass, hanging banners around the neighborhood. When suddenly they heard an engine rev up near her son’s house.

“We turned to look as our youngest son was riding around on his scooter. I looked up, and there Mendoza was again, glaring at us. He passed us and whipped around making a fast u-turn. My son (12) was riding his scooter near the curb and Mendoza’s maneuver scared him.”

He described what he saw as “just this dude staring at him and laughing,” and it scared him.

According to Ms. Garate, Mendoza parked across the street. Garate’s eldest son walked over to the truck and Mendoza said, “what’s up, homie?”

That was the last straw, Ms. Garate called the police.

“I walked home, as soon as I felt safe to do so to wait for police to arrive. He drove past me again speeding. I whipped out my phone to take a picture of his plates and got a picture of his truck. This man’s display of boldness and history of prior attacks, some physical, make him dangerous and unpredictable. He displays no fear of police, repercussions or any blow back and that makes him a very scary individual.”

Mendoza did not answer emails asking for his comment.

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    I’d call him scum but that would be insulting scum