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Hawaiian Gardens Raises Trash Rates


The move was anticipated; the former trash contractor won the contract with rates too low to make a profit.


September 18, 2021


On Tuesday, September 14, the City of Hawaiian Gardens held a Public Hearing to consider adopting the proposed rate increase for Solid Waste Service Fees with the City’s waste hauler, Waste Resources, Inc (WRI).

In accordance with Proposition 218, the Public Hearing served as an opportunity for property owners and ratepayers in the City of Hawaiian Gardens to express their opinions regarding the proposed rate increase. Property owners and ratepayers were given the opportunity to submit formal written protests before and during the Public Hearing.

Hawaiian Gardens City Council gathered all written protests and considered oral comments before making the decision to approve the new rates.

The City Council then voted unanimously to approve the new rates for all residential, commercial and industrial properties.

“Waste Resources, Inc. has demonstrated their dedication to serving the City of Hawaiian Gardens,” said Mayor Luis Roa Mayor of Hawaiian Gardens. “Since they took over service in the City, we have seen a significant drop in the number of concerns brought to us by residents.

The new rates will not only allow WRI to continue effectively serving our city, but it will allow for the waste hauler to abide by new regulations resulting from new State organics recycling requirements (SB 1383) and provide our property owners and ratepayers new trash, recyclables, and organic collection carts and bins.”

The City of Hawaiian Gardens made it a priority to educate residents on the issue through informational posts on the city’s social media sites, mailing printed materials to property owners and ratepayers, and setting up a dedicated informational website on the topic. In addition, on September 9, 2021, the city held a virtual Community Meeting to provide information about the proposed rate increase and answer questions from the public. Community members were encouraged to ask questions to understand the full context of the potential rate increase. Allpublic comments were submitted to the City Council for review.

The new residential rate of $20.95 for standard single-family service reflects typical rates for the area. Seniors living in mobile homes and low-income seniors will not experience a rate increase until July 2023, and will then continue receiving a discounted rate. A full chart of the new rates through 2025 is available at HGTrashRates.org.

For more information about the trash rate changes, visit HGTrashRates.org or contact the City at  [email protected].