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EXCLUSIVE: Former Baldwin Park Mayor Pacheco and Compton Councilman Galvan Arrested by F.B.I



Ricardo Pacheco (left) and Isaac Galvan

BY BRIAN HEWS • November 2, 2020 • 7:10 p.m.

Hews Media Group has exclusively learned that former Baldwin Park Mayor Ricardo Pacheco and current Compton Councilman Isaac Galvan’s homes were raided by the F.B.I and both were subsequently arrested.

Pacheco’s career has been marred by legal battles involving both the City Council and the Rialto-based West Valley Water District, where he was fired in November 2019, Pacheco “retired” in June of this year.

Galvan has been involved in district attorney investigations and fighting at a Contract Cities convention.

Sources are telling HMG-CN that Pacheco was involved in hiring a new police chief, Steven McClean for the city, with Pacheco secretly demanding money from McClean to ensure his hiring.

The chief went to the F.B.I, obtained money for a sting, and gave it to Pacheco; based on that, the F.B.I. obtained an arrest warrant and recently arrested Pacheco.

The F.B.I subsequently questioned Pacheco which triggered the arrest of Galvan, with sources telling HMG-CN that the arrest occurred last Friday and was related to cannabis in Baldwin Park and Maywood.

The F.B.I. confiscated the cell phones of Pacheco and Galvan.

An FBI spokesperson would not confirm or deny an investigation.

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  • Salvador says:

    We need. A new regulation or update to control all this corrupcion all this representative they work for money or salary after that they want to do .

  • Mira says:

    Pacheco never was a mayor and for the information written in here it sounds very inaccurate and confusing versus the reality of how and who really runs the city, also it’s been many years since Baldwin park and Compton have a strange “business” relationship