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‘Green’ Fire Erupts in Near Chino Hills




Residents north of the 91 Freeway and east of Gypsum Canyon are being asked to leave their homes, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

The area includes Bryant Ranch Elementary. Students, who had returned for in-person instruction, are being bused to nearby Esperanza High School, officials said.

The blaze was burning in rugged terrain and threatening power lines in the area homes near Big Horn Mountain and Blue Ridge.


A fast moving fire has erupted near Chino north of the 91 freeway started 30-45 minutes ago near Green River golf course east of Gypsum Canyon.

Smoke and ash have been reported in Yorba Linda.

Engine crews from the city and Riverside County Fire Department were sent to the location and encountered flames moving rapidly west up a hillside, pushed by Santa Ana winds.

The Orange County Fire Authority summoned water-dropping helicopters. It was doubtful air tankers would be deployed because of the intense winds, officials said.

The nearby Silverado Fire continues to burn. Check here for updates on that blaze that has burned more than 4,000 acres.

  • Firestorms says:

    Arms way of the Former Freeway Fire which hit the surrounding area around Yorba Linda decade ago. See the ashes floating in the air in Cerritos. This is Toll Bros exclusive area of estate homes.

  • Bryant Ranch says:

    Some of the homes destroyed, are the Toll Bros. Homes, off of Bryant Rancho Rd, YL. Think this is the 4th wild fire to hit this eastern location of YL, which straddles multi counties.

    2008-2009 wildfire, still today, some of the lots in this areas are vacant, never rebuilt after they lost their homes.

    Hidden Hill is above YL Home Depot Superstore, which many cerritos shoppers frequent, more inventory and cheaper sales tax.