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Mystery Surrounds Death of 34 Year-Old Central Basin Municipal Water Employee

By Brian Hews •  July 3, 2020

Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News has learned that Central Basin Municipal Water employee Chris Alvarez was found dead in his home yesterday.

Alvarez was 34 years old.

Alvarez was found on his kitchen floor by his father dead from an apparent head wound.

The father told a friend there was no liquids or anything else that would cause a slip and fall around the body and that the refrigerator door was open.

Alvarez was living with his parents, helping to take care of his mom.

“He said goodnight and went back to his room,” said the father, “I woke up and found him on the floor in the kitchen, we are so devastated, my wife doesn’t know what she is going to do.”

The death is concerning given the fact that, according to sources, Alvarez was “one of the good employees who would let certain people know about the corruption that was going on inside the offices [of Central Basin].”

“He let us know about the misconduct of certain employees, like when they illegally paid Kevin Hunt, the former Central Basin General Manager.”

For months, a number of rogue employees have locked Central Basin’s building, located in Commerce, not allowing any directors or the GM to enter the building.

Leading the group is Andrew Hamilton, who was fired weeks ago, but is allowed in the building by other employees.

Hamilton has a checkered past; he  was recalled from the Lake Forest City Council for allegedly helping developers and creating false Facebook pages to make his fellow council members look bad; in addition he was hired by Kevin Hunt.

The lockout has also caused alarm among several directors; Hamilton has up to $10,000 signing authority to write Central Basin checks and he is not allowing anybody to look at financial statements or bank statements.

HMG has called Whittier detectives several times for more information, as of publication time, they have not returned calls.


  • virginia Johnson says:

    Why doesn’t this surprise me. Kevin Hunt, Letitia Vasquez, 20 years of Money Mismanagement and corruption by Central Water Basin. They need to be put into Receivership YESTERDAY.

  • Errol Crones says:

    I think you are on to something big here!
    Reminds me of the corruption in Chicago.
    Please be cautious, and careful.
    These wise guys are dangerous.

  • Water Hay Racks, says:

    Nothing would surprise me from this big boyz group….biblical times, water rights have always spear headed rivalry and national wars, and so forth.

    Average day, nation experiences between 7,000-8,000 deaths daily……………this is just part of life and we should not go in to statewide debt with all of the police to investigate murders……money well spent would be towards epic services for senior chapters and increasing homeless on the streets.

    Look how the Cerritos residents who live in the La Palma Island, have to pay double the water rates, compared to mainland Cerritos and the CCC have looked the other way for 64 yrs now and none squat. City needs need new Mgmt. and stop electing criminals for Cerritos Council and this dam water board, eating money from hay racks of water bureaucracy.

    RIP…..cremation or direct burial???