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June 28, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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  • Dr. Weir...,M.D. says:

    Fireworks: 4th July Extravaganza at Sunset.
    View from all sections of greater Cerritos Dairy Valley & Moratorium on Parking.

    Cerritos Greater Dairy Valley/ Dairyland, will experience some of the best free seating for the regional fireworks. Shortly after sunset, fireworks will worship the skys over the Cerritos City Hall area. Some of the best seating in town: Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts parking Hi-rise structure, 183rdStreet Mall- parking structure and the Del Amo Bridge at Flood Control.

    Many homes will be decorated with red-white-blue decorations, lawn chairs, etc. This is a long 4 day weekend for some, so 4th will extend to daybreak.

    Not only can local residences take in the fireworks in Cerritos, they can also see fireworks from nearby : Artesia, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Los Alamitos Race Track, and a distant if the fog has not come in, from the Queen Mary in Long Beach Shoreline. If it’s a very very clear night and we’ve got a slight Santa Ana condition, sometimes we can see as far out as Anaheim Stadium, and Pasadena Rose Bowl, but that is very seldom.

    Wish the city’s budget would allow: Areal light show at Sunset, and also some music orchestrated to the fireworks.

    Many 4th of July nights, the fireworks go tell Daybreak on July 5th, and it’s not uncommon to hear the illegal fireworks in the background along with multiple m-80s being shot illegally.

    If anybody is eager to get in their car, it is great to drive up to Coyote Hills, Signal Hill, Orange Hills, Peralta Hills, Turtle Rock and Palos Verdes, and see the Queens Anne’s Lace of fireworks along our Shoreline beaches and Santa Monica Bay + Southcoast.

    If any of the local residents venture out down to the Shoreline beaches, be sure you look at Catalina Island, (Daytime) with some of the longest days of the year’ we’re experiencing right now, and with the Midnight Sun setting over Alaska, the greater Catalina Island is illuminated during the daytime by this unique Sun feature, and you can see the golden Brown Hills and Valleys throughout the Catalina Island. Sometimes you can even see Avalon, if it’s a clear evening or night.

    A few of the homes in the greater Cypress, La Palma, and Cerritos area are fortunate to have 2nd story balconies, on either their front yard / backyard, which is like an elevated ladder to the sky, for viewing these spectacular Fourth of July Events to : North-South-East and West.

    Few cities will shoot fireworks on evening of July 3rd and daybreak at July 4th. Please respond with locations?

    LASD Says to recycle: cell phones, laptops, cameras. Place an old broken electronic gadgets on: Living room coffee tables, dining room/kitchen tables/ counter-tops and family room tables . . Sheriff’s state ” Most Cerritos robberies are smash-and-grab”. These electronic items are what burglars are seeking and will take these non-working items and run away fast. It may save further rummaging of your house during a smash-and-grab robbery.

    If you are using your backyard patio/ swimming pool this summer, be sure to lock up the front of your house , many houses are broken in to during a smash-and-grab, while the family is entertaining in the backyard. Cerritos had a huge huge robbery during a past Large citywide 4th July event, so burglaries/robberies do occur during this holiday, while residents are enjoying fireworks. LASD employee, home was ransacked in Bellflower, while the family was eating and swimming in the backyard swimming pool on a Sunday PM.

    Best rooms for hiding belongings: Laundry Rm, Garage Attics and Home Attics.

    4th July Parking Moratorium, mornings of Thursday July 4th and Friday July 5th, no parking permits needed for overnight parking from 3am-5am, plus Handicap Placards/ License Plates are 100% exempt from any over night parking permits need.

  • Ret. Chuck says:


    California and Cerritos.

    Not everybody is happy with the property TAXES . Many seniors are upset that the California does not offer a reduction in property taxes, compared to many other states in the Union, for low income seniors.

    Also, many voters turned out in Mass numbers to vote in 2018, to be able to exchange their property taxes throughout all counties and cities in the state of California and it failed, mainly because a lot of counties are prejudiced against seniors. Said counties did not want seniors moving into their county, bottom line, many empty nesters can not afford to leave homes in key cities and downsize to other counties and cites, as can not afford the jump up in taxes. Now many seniors and families who inherit parents properties, will be force to stay in their homes and not move, so homes will not change owners and will be zero growth, pertaining to families.

    Many home/properties sell, but never record the sale, so the new sales price will never see a step up in property taxes. Many immigrants are using this tool, in order to save escrow, title insurance, commissions and long term step up in state property taxes, local taxes and mello roos bonds.

    California has never been any help for disabled/ nor impaired property owners. State of California has not been a golden state for many seniors , it has been a state for extremely wealthy property owners whom have huge retirement fundings.

    Many senior over the ages of 62YO will be using the Reverse Mortgage Tool. But by not selling and moving on, seniors will not be using the $500K Income Tax exemption, so there will be less money for seniors to spend.

    Cerritos is a NoLO Property Tax states. Equates, city only get aprox $3M in Property Taxes, rest reverts to the state. If our sales process of homes were greater, city could see significant increase in NoLo rebates from state. City does not have equal diversity and is reflected in lower sales prices, compared to many cities in OC/LA.