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CIF-SS DIVISION 7 SOFTBALL QUARTERFINALS : Westridge Coach Intentionally Walks Whitney’s Top Hitter Genera Three Times, Edges Lady Wildcats for Win

Westridge Coach Karen Hanselman denies star player an at bat in her last high school game.


By Loren Kopff
@LorenKopff on Twitter

PASADENA-When you have only one player that has batted over .300 all season, an opposing pitcher will do whatever it takes to slow that player down. Whitney High pitcher Taylor Genera found out the hard way in what would be her final high school game.

The senior, who will be attending Chaminade University in a few months, was intentionally walked all three times she came up to the plate.

Whitney High senior pitcher Taylor Genera is all smiles as she approached home plate in the top of the sixth inning against Westridge High in last Thursday’s CIF-Southern Section Division 7 quarterfinal game. Genera scored from second play following a throwing error. However, the Lady Wildcats fell to the Tigers 2-1. Genera led Whitney with a .481 batting average and 38 hits. She also got the decision in all 24 games, striking out 250 batters. PHOTO BY ARMANDO VARGAS, Contributing photographer.


Without her hitting, the Lady Wildcats were handcuffed by the pitching of Westridge High’s Hailey Yoshida as the Tigers rallied for a 2-1 win in last Thursday’s CIF-Southern Section Division 7 quarterfinals.

Whitney, the third place team out of the 605 League and ranked second in the division, ends its season at 15-9.

“I don’t like it,” said Whitney head coach Luis Lavayen. “I don’t think it’s fair. We’re here to play ball, so let them play. But you have to do whatever you can to win a game. As you can see, we didn’t [intentionally] walk anybody; we let them hit. Even though you lose, you have to let them hit.”

“Obviously I was mad that they were taking away that opportunity for me to help my team out,” Genera said. “But from the beginning of the game when [Westridge head coach Karen Hanselman] said she had already looked through my stats and she knew who I was, I knew they weren’t going to be very fair with me. After the first and second times they put me on base, I was already [thinking] this was going to be the rest of the game if I ever do come back up.”

Hanselman, who admitted she had never seen Genera play before, said that their catcher, Deijah Bradley, has played with Genera and knows her strengths as a pitcher. Hanselman also said that “initially we were going to let her hit once and we just decided we didn’t even want to toy with that because, again that’s a player that deserves a lot of respect. And, if that’s part of the game, strategy, we’ll use it.”

Both pitchers were completely stellar through the first five innings with no balls leaving the infield. Yoshida would intentionally walk Genera to lead off the top of the sixth inning and after a strikeout, a sacrifice from senior catcher Hailey Acosta advanced Genera. However, when she rounded second, she noticed no one was covering third and headed towards third where an errant throw allowed Genera to break the scoreless tie. Genera would be one of four players for Whitney to reach base. However, the other three never got past second base.

“I was already thinking I had third base if I didn’t stop,” Genera said. “When they made the throw, I just took that as the opportunity to get that run.”

“Her baserunning IQ is phenomenal and again, we just have nothing but respect for her” Hanselman said. “At that point, I did second guess myself for a minute thinking we should test her. But I stand by the decision and again, she’s a smart baserunner and she did test us. Obviously, she came around with the first run, so we had to regroup and dig in.”

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Genera hit Julia Valenzuela on the third pitch, then served up a triple to Yoshida down the third base line on a full count. Olivia Bulow then reached on an error with Yoshida coming home.

“All it takes is one mistake,” Lavayen said. “That was a clean hit, so you have to give it to them.”

Whereas Whitney has been led all season by pretty much one hitting threat, the Tigers had three in Bradley, Valenzuela and Yoshida, all of whom had combined for 51 hits, 54 runs and 42 runs batted in. As a team, Westridge had 92 hits, scored 110 runs and drove in 74 runs while batting .219. So, both pitchers were locked in throughout the early part of the game. Yoshida walked Genera and freshmen Keilani Alejandro before striking out Acosta. In the top of the third, Yoshida walked sophomore left fielder Lois Kim to lead off the inning and Genera after a pair of strikeouts. Two innings later, junior second baseman Susana Toscano reached on an error with two outs.

“I didn’t think we were going to last that long because I know our team has a hard time hitting off faster pitchers,” Genera said. “So, holding them for that long, I was really confident after we had scored that one run.”

Meanwhile, Genera had walked three batters through the first five innings and allowed an infield single to Mina Alvarado-Goldberg to begin the bottom of the third inning and another infield knock to Sonaya Vasquez-Wright the next inning in which the ball tipped off Genera’s glove.

“Holy mackerel,” Hanselman said. “We cranked up our pitching machine yesterday just to try to get a piece of it because that’s the kind of pitching we’re used to. We have one pitcher, so we’re not able to have live pitching in practice most of the time. Taylor is an amazing pitcher and we went in with respect, but most of our players are so new to this sport they didn’t know to be afraid. So, they stood up there with poise and maturity that is unheard of for that young a team. I congratulate Whitney.”

“Our girls feel intimidated half the time when they see somebody good,” Lavayen said. “I told them to just be loose; just play ball and have fun with it.”

The game marked just the third one in 28 Division 7 playoff games in which it was decided by a run. The first round saw 11 games decided by 10 or more runs and three more in the second round. The Lady Wildcats, who won four games last season, have not been to the quarterfinals since 2000 and since 1998, have had only nine seasons of at least 10 victories. The 15 games won in 2019 were the most since 2012 and tied for third most since 1998.

“I had a good time with them,” Lavayen said. “I didn’t expect to get this far, but we did. I don’t know what it’s going to look like next year.”

“Even starting from the beginning of the season, I could see that the girls were just different from the last two seasons we had because in my freshman year, we did really good but lost in the first round,” Genera said. “The next two years I knew we lost people and it wasn’t looking too good. This year, some girls came [to the team] and they weren’t afraid to swing.”








  • Michelle Gastelum says:

    Wow. It’s one thing for the losing tram to make negative comments about intentionally walking a batter but for the sports writer that’s SUPPOSED TO BE objective is wrong. Stop crying! Whitney lost. No one denied their pitcher her last at bat in high school but their own team. Had they won the game, it wouldn’t have been her last at bat. AND her comment about “they didn’t let me help my team win”…sorry but she’s the pitcher and therefore had TOTAL control to help her team win. Why did she walk batters? Why did she allow hits? SOURGRAPES! And for Whitney’s coach to say it’s “unfair”??? Pull up your big boy pants. This is CIF Softball. Even MLB teams intentionally walk batters. Whitney is a good team and their pitcher was great. But they lost and Westridge is playing in the FINAL game. Their players and coaches must be doing something right.

    • Jeanine says:

      So I’m guessing your kid plays for westridge? Your knew exactly who Taylor was and that’s why he called the walks. Hope that win taste good in your mouth… kinda like SOUR GRAPES HUH??? Or maybe not since your justifying your coaches shady moves. Hope you guys choke in your FINAL GAME!

      • Juj says:

        HA it tastes real good

      • They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us says:


        When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and GROW UP GIRL!!! Win or loose tomorrow, our WESTRIDGE GIRLS still made it to the BIG SHOW!!! #salty #hater #pathetic

        Granny Christine,

        Here are some facts for you! Westridge is #3 of 37 Best All-Girl High Schools in California, it’s a Private School, tuition is $37,000 per year and it’s 106 years old!!! ALL OF OUR GIRLS go to College and some of them are ALREADY on PRE-MED tracks!

        • John says:

          Wow $37K? San Marino? Whitney is the #1 school in Cali three years running and 14th in the country, a public school….

      • Tony Stark says:

        You might want to shut up now because clearly you know nothing about sports or softball. I’m sorry that your team and parents are so goofy and know nothing about sports. It must be tough losing to a team who’s never been to the playoffs in all of their 116 years as a school. Sucks to suck.

    • sour grapes says:

      tough titty said the kitty

    • John says:

      Hey MG, do you think you are teaching the girls on WR good sports when you walk the best player three times in a D-7 High School game? How were the girls reacting to the walks? Embarrassed. They want to beat the team at its best! And this is not the pros this is D-7 CIF, so what is the goal of the coach, to win at any cost AND THEN LEAVE FOR A BETTER TEAM. Yeah if the girls raise the trophy they can be assured they did not beat the best b/c of your coach’s ludicrous actions of walking a player in a softball game three times. I heard the dad went apeshit, good for him, you coach is a POS…

      • Juj says:

        WOW buddy watch your mouth. Like you said, let’s not teach the kiddos bad things. IDK about you but that game was the most important game Westridge Softball has every played. We wanted to win and used fair strategy to do so. I’ve been playing consistently for years (like so many its getting old). I take it as a compliment to be intentionally walked. free base god bless. Yeah, it’s annoying. Just like when a player steals or gets a free base on 3rd strike drop. But hey, it’s the game at any level.

      • Juj says:

        come on john not in front of the kids
        and bro really this is softball everywhere in BIG games and this was our biggest game of the year
        stopping crying

      • Don't Hate says:

        Obviously the Whitney parents were never athletes, and have nothing better going on. Intentional walks are a part of the game-they’re not illegal, they’re not against the rules, they’re what we athletes call STRATEGY. Whether you agree with the strategy or not really doesn’t matter, you’re sitting at home while we’re preparing for the Championship game tomorrow. Let’s not forget that if Whitney had more players that could hit the ball, then intentionally walking Taylor probably wouldn’t have worked. So…who’s fault is that?

        By the way, you also have to test into Westridge, and Whitney is the #1 PUBLIC school, which is in a different category than Westridge. Know your facts before you post…and please check your grammar….obviously you didn’t go to Whitney…or Westridge!

        • Daisy says:

          Ok; “Don’t hate”… I wasn’t going to engage in some of this nonsense… However, let me “school you”. It seems you need to know “your” facts. Whitney is an “Academics” school, not an “Athletics” school and yes it is the #1 school in California and 10th in the Nation. You have to test into Whitney and, guess what? Yes, it is a public school & it’s FREE! Education is the priority here. So for these girls it has been an accomplishment to have made it to the CIF playoffs, & get as far as they did. They can be proud of their success in playing the game to the best of their ability and showing good “sportsmanship” just as they have been taought. Not just to rely on their coach’s “STRATEGY” in winning or losing a game. FYI…you can also walk a batter by pitching to them. By the way, are you in a comfy seat watching the championship game? Oh… that’s right…you got eliminated.

      • They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us says:

        Dear John,

        It looks like you have a lot of time on your hands worrying about a D7 softball game when OMG your daughter played D1 softball how long ago?!?! I bought you a ticket to tomorrow’s championship game join us!!! #WESTRIDGE

      • They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us says:

        NUFF SAID…

        Surprising Westridge reaches Division 7 softball final with win over Mayfield


        Hailey Yoshida Leads Westridge to First CIF Title Game Appearance in School History; Tigers Earn 6-4 Victory Over Mayfield


        The final out as Westridge defeats Mayfield 6-4


        Westridge coach Karen Hanselman after watching her softball team make the Division 7 final…


      • Michelle Gastelum says:

        Hey John, it’s MG and yes I listed my name from the very beginning. This is my last comment as people are being rude and I refuse to lower myself to their level but I didn’t want to duck the fact that you called me out. For the record, my 1st comment was directed at the reporter who wasn’t doing their job by being OBJECTIVE. The article title alone made it seem like Westridge did something shady and/or against the rules. AND THEY DIDN’T!
        My comment was also directed at Whitney’s coach for actually saying the intentional walks were “unfair.” If intentional walks were “unfair” then the rules of the game wouldn’t allow them. End of story.
        I also stated the fact that Whitney’s pitcher is a great pitcher. I didn’t even know her name until these shameful comments listed it.
        I’m not a parent but an aunt of a player and former player myself so I know a bit about the game. Don’t hate the player/coach, hate the game. If anyone feels that intentional walks should be banned, take it up with the officials who make the rules. Petition to change the rules but don’t talk trash about a team that beat you by playing by the rules.
        You don’t have to agree with our play calling but let’s be clear, intentional walks are fair according to the rules of the game. PERIOD. And what did we teach our girls you ask? The fundamentals of softball and the rules of the game as many of our girls never stepped foot on a field before. They were also taught teamwork, perseverance, dedication, hard work, commitment, time management juggling sports and school and how to win and lose gracefully with and without tears as both are perfectly acceptable. Those coaches are miracle workers! They took a team with some players who didn’t know how to hold a bat at the beginning of the season, all the way to the CIF FINALS! AND, they had a good chance of winning that game if it weren’t for errors caused by jitters and inexperience of a game of that magnitude. Yet, not once did we say Western Christian only won due to our errors. They won because they were the better team that day and largely because they didn’t commit errors and we did, they had more mental toughness and focus than we did. Their pitcher was incredible as well. Yet, they only beat us by 3 runs even though we had more hits than them. They usually beat opponents by more than 10 runs so it wasn’t all bad.
        But hats off to them and their classy coaching staff. And no, we didn’t intentional walk anyone in that game as they didn’t have any players that concerned our coaches. You see, walking Ms. Genera was a sign of respect of her hitting ability. Take it for the compliment that it was.
        And to your ignorant comment of us not being the best nor beating the best, I beg to differ. We beat Whitney, then we beat Mayfield who is a great team with incredible pitching as well to make it to the finals. So Westridge wasn’t a fluke team but a team made up of dedicated ladies; some very talented, some who learned a lot and some who grew a lot in one year all coached by amazing women.
        Those Westridge coaches gave those girls confidence and historic school memories they will never forget and a banner and Runner-up plaque as evidence that will remain at their school forever. And for that, I have the utmost admiration for and look forward to my miece’s last year; Class of 2020. Best to all school athletes out there, no matter where they are from. Sincerely, MG

        • I have enjoyed the comments, but MG if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, the headline told the story and elicited comments, that’s basic journalism. /S/ The Editor.

        • Michelle Gastelum says:

          Brian, I can take the heat. I, with my full name listed, started these comments remember? I have nothing but Westridge pride so bring it. And BASIC journalism is stating the facts objectively and allowing the reader to decipher and make their own opinion. But I get it, you’re a local paper that felt compelled to provide excuses as to why the local team lost. Let me break it down for ya….they lost because they were beaten fair and square. It’s that simple.
          Your headline told ONE SIDE of the story and that Mr. Editor violates Journalism 101; or maybe you skipped class that day and didn’t get the memo.

        • With your rant you proved my point… you can’t take the heat, and you also obviously don’t read other headlines..

        • Get over it says:

          MG, I thought you said you were done commenting!!! Go away!! No body cares what you say!! Blah blah blah blah, that is what you sound like!! You obviously have nothing better to do with your life but write a book in our local newspaper!! Just stop it’s over! Get over it!!

        • Michelle Gastelum says:

          Hello, too scared to list your name. I changed my mind.
          Who are you? An unknown who has nothing better to do than troll comments and hide behind your computer? If my comment was Blah, Blah then why did you read it and respond? Get over what? Witnessing an amazing softball season? Nah, I don’t want to get over it…it feels so good and has created wonderful moments seeing Westridge in the Champsionship game even though they lost. I’d like to savor the moment some more but thanks for your concern.

        • Get over it says:

          I’m not scared of anything, you need to get over it and I did not read it all, once I saw the book you wrote it was obvious your crazy!! Your the troll! I’m the parent of the pitcher!! not some silly aunt that has no life of her own! Get off our paper no body cares, blah blah blah blah! That’s all I saw don’t even know what you said!! And stop talking about my child!! MG 🤪 aunt

        • Michelle Gastelum says:

          Get over it is right. You need to get over it. I don’t even know your kid so no one is talking about a nobody they don’t even know. Do you have a name, crazy mother? Set an example as a parent and act like an adult. Your daughter seems more mature than you. And for the record, I have quite the life traveling all over the state following my niece’s games.
          Nice to have the means and time to do so.
          But you stay in your trolling place of the Cerritos Newspaper where it seems you get all of your knowledge/information. Don’t even bother responding. This is old.
          PEACE OUT!

        • Why you calling the newspaper out? All we did was write a controversial headline…. according to you…our paper brings attention to hard working young men and woman in local sports EVERY WEEK, there are very few FREE community newspapers doing what Loren and this paper does. You are just an angry spiteful person who has to have the last word… Brian Hews, Publisher

  • Your Worst Enemy says:


    First of all, the Westridge coach is a woman. Second, wishing a high school girls softball team chokes in a CIF championship game seems a lot more “shady” than any strategic plays the coaching staff made. Had you possessed any sort of class your team would have accepted the loss and wished the Westridge team the best in their future games. It looks like you are still stuck on the decision Coach Karen made to ultimately walk Whitman’s best hitter, Taylor. This strategy is practiced by many MLB teams as they understand the benefit of not allowing the best hitter a chance to make a big hit. That said, I am sure that any team that loses a game where an intentional walk has been used does not turn to wishing their opponent to “choke” in a future match. Clearly you are a sore loser and I wish you the best in all your future challenges as I am confident that this is not the only loss you will face.

  • Taylor Intentional Walk says:

    All of u Whitney parents need to relax. The game was played fair. Walking a player is part of the game. It’s called STRATEGY…..Something your Head Coach should look up. Grandma of Taylor stop acting like she is a dominant player. On a TRAVEL BALL TEAM is a #NOSHOW. And for u Jeanine if we CHOKE IN OUR FINAL GAME I’ll be sure to eat those SOUR GRAPES that we took from u guys last week!!!!

  • Taylor Intentional Walk says:


  • Juj says:

    Bruh. I’m laughing bc the fact that this is an argument is foolish. It’s part of the game. It’s called competition and we(westridge) played by the rules. I would understand your frustration if our pitcher hit her intentionally, but she didn’t. In fact, the catcher and pitcher decided practically on their own to walk her every at bat bc they respect her skill. Not to mention, they stopped the game to make the cautious decision. You think it feels good to give away a free base?
    Btw “sour grapes” is fair bc this article written by the city you represent had “sour grapes” vibe. Like really, you think it’s unfair we walk the only batter who’s BA proves she can hit?
    perfect example of that dumb saying “don’t hate the player, hate the game.”
    I hope you change your mind about wanting us to choke bc we’ve been working really hard to make it this far. We’ll be happy with any outcome bc WE MADE WESTRIDGE HISTORY. Leave us alone cuz we still have CIF Finals to think about.

  • John says:

    Interesting, you people are rude. My kid played in D-1 at Orange Lutheran, in the four years she played you maybe saw two intentional walks per game….win at all costs, forget sportsmanship….that’s the D-7 way!

  • Taylor Intentional Walk says:

    John u have to be the biggest DUMB A$$ around. I take it that u have never picked up a ball or played sports in your life. And yes she is the best hitter on a SH***Y Hitting team. Stop gloating on Taylor being a Phenom which she isn’t. U guys have all of these great comments but can’t teach a team how to hit a softball. SMH. When we raise the TROPHY please bring us some SOUR GRAPES because our GRAPES r pretty sweet when the SUN SHINES ON WINNERS!!!!

    • Taylor’s Dad says:

      You Westridge parents are having a conversion all by yourself . Whitney parents have not said 1 comment on this . I am Taylor’s father and if you want to continue talking shit about my daughter , we can do this at the game tomorrow face to face . Because I can’t wait to see your pitcher crying on the mound again . Boo hoo i struck out now I’m going to cry on the mound .

      • John says:

        YEEEHAA! A true Keyboard Cowboy threatening people. I bet you are fun to watch a game with huh? Yelling at everyone and embarassing your daughter, yeah I know the type….You are probably overweight non-athletic living vicariously through your daughter.

      • They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us says:

        Taylor’s Dad,

        First off all you’re NOT going to do a damn thing! No one is talking shit about your daughter she’s a kid we’re just stating facts! Yeah our pitcher was crying just like your daughter was when her position was taken by a sophomore in travel ball!!! #FACTS Atleast our pitcher didn’t quit the team!!!

        • Get over it says:

          Get your facts straight! Who even saw your daughter? Taylor played until the end of the season and then yes went to a different team! I see where your kid gets her tears from!! And the only reason she is their number 1 is because taylor
          Moved to another team! And if you read the comments your parents are talking crap about taylor!! So stop trying to spread fake news! Get over it!! You know nothing about Taylor so stop talking about her!!! CIF is over and Congrats to Western Christian for taking it all!! #onto college and away from crazy parents!!! 🌈🌺🏝🌞🥎

  • Taylor Intentional Walk says:

    U guy’s r so last week….GET OVER LOSERS!!!! I take it that u guys keep pacifiers in your kids mouth and don’t teach them how to win and lose. Even if u guys would had beat us WHICH U DIDN’T!!!! With that terrible lineup u and no movement pitching pitcher it was curtains for u!!!! ENOUGH SAID. This is my last comment to entertain u SORE LOSERS!!!! Next year step your game up and learn to win so John and GRANNY won’t leave negative comments anymore. #TIGERSBEATWHITNEY

    • John says:

      Guess I hit a nerve huh? I would like to ask the father of the pitcher if he enjoyed watching his daughter forced into walking a player three times? If she is at all competitive she should have been pissed off, you can’t be the best unless you play against the best right?….with all you obnoxious parents I am rooting for WESTERN CHRISTIAN!!! BTW… the under/over bet is 10 walks by Westridge coach Karen “Free Pass” Hanselman.

      • Uncle Mike says:

        It’s as if the Whitney people know absolutely nothing about competitive athletics. It’s a team game, not about one player. If the Westridge pitcher’s feeling are hurt form an intentional walk, then they too are in the wrong extracurricular activity…but they’re not. In fact, they are playing for a CIF Championship today. If Whitney had any class they would be rooting for the team that knocked them out as Whitney’s rankings will improve if Westridge wins today. That’s how sports works; you want the team that beat you to keep winning because that means you got beat by the best and you should be proud. Whitney got out-coached by Westridge, end of story. The only complaints should be toward the Whitney coach who had no answer to the Westridge coach’s strategy and was painfully unprepared for what they faced.

      • They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us says:

        Dear John,

        Get a life loser!!! You don’t even have a daughter on the team! Who cares what you have to say. Our girls are WINNERS period! #historyinthemaking

    • Kristina Bruget says:

      So. Just to be clear. Whitney parents dont trash your team….you guys trash us. Ummm way to keep it classy.

      • Don’t Hate says:

        Well, I would think making fun of a player crying is talking trash. Taylor’s dad-grow some balls! You wanna sit at the game mouth off like your opinion matters. Yelling, “we pitch to everybody!” Like a kid throwing a tantrum. And since you want to relive that game…what happened when that pitcher who was “crying like a baby” came back up to bat? Hmm…let me think…Oh yeah! She hit a freaken triple down the third base line to tie the game….but wait, that’s wasn’t the end…she came in and scored the winning run! 🤭 It’s one thing to banter back and forth as adults but don’t start talking crap about the girls. Thank you to the Whitney player for taking the high road, it’s too bad Taylor’s dad is still bitter and feels it’s ok to bash our girls.

        • Taylor says:

          It was a game, We lost, cool. That was last weeks news. Nobody had to start dragging our team down the way the Westridge parents did, ( who by the way started this whole “banter” session. My dad waited two whole days before he finally decided to defend his daughter from everyone trying to put me down, so I thought maybe it was time to defend me and my teammates. I wouldn’t call trashing how I pitch (and my skill set as a travel ball player) banter from your side, but I can let that go because I have been playing since I was 4 and have had to deal with things ( or people) like that. But then your parents go as far as to say how our batters (my teammates who have never played before and are trying to do their best) are ****** hitters. Sure I was mad at the moment when I didn’t get the chance to hit and see that it was out of respect, but losing and then having to deal with parents who are shaming a D7 team for not being good enough that day to win, hurts. Maybe some of these parents should consider how a girl at this age would feel after being continuously shamed for not being good enough after we already lost. Everyone has good and bad days, so it would be great if this whole situation could be left in the past. Good luck to Westridge in the future, I know my team did their best and that’s all I could ask for.

        • Taylor’s Catcher says:

          That’s my very very mature pitcher that i love!!! much more mature than a bunch of middle aged white people who have money 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

        • They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us says:

          Dear Taylor’s Catcher,

          You’re a kid too, not sure what grade you’re in but I’m going to tell you what I told Taylor, do your research kid, it’s good practice. Don’t get it twisted, yes we have “Millionaire Middle Aged White Parents” at Westridge. But you’re wrong about our softball parents. Our pitcher is Japanese, our catcher is Black & Mexican, 1st base is Mexican, short stop is Mexican, 3rd base is Mexican & Puerto Rican… should I go on??? Now please don’t bring race or money into this equation it doesn’t add up kid. A team of “average mixed girls” were just the better team that day! Good luck to you too!

        • Get over it says:

          Dear hate us because you ain’t us, I have already asked for you to stop talking to or about my daughter!! You obviously have something wrong with you!! You are an adult so try and act like one and just stop!! It’s over!!! This is our city newspaper and you need to stop commenting! Go start your own article in your own city!! No body wants to hear from you!! No body want to do research on you or your school!! JUST Stop!! If the players want to say something let them it’s our city paper our players. Go away!! Get a life!! Stop NOW!!! Thank you and have a nice day.

        • They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us says:

          Dear Taylor,

          You’re a kid so all I’m going to say to you is please do your research first! It’s good practice for college! Yes, one of our parents commented 1st but the comments were directed towards the reporter. Now the person you need to be mad at is your granny for “trying” to and “being unsuccessful” in dragging Westridge!!! No worries tho, I gave her a history lesson! Good luck in college kid!

  • Uncle Mike says:

    It’s disgusting that the Whitney coach is sour because he got out-coached by Westridge and lost. The Whitney coach, players and families sound like whiny brats who have no business in competitive athletics. No good coach would pitch to the only decent player on a team. The Westridge coach did the correct thing 100% and should’ve been fired IF she DID pitch to her and lost in an elimination playoff game. Good coaches always neutralize the opponent’s best player; make their worst players beat you. Good coaches make decisions within the rules of the game to put their players in the best possible position to be successful and win games which is exactly what happened. Maybe if Whitney had self-scouted instead of living off the star player’s stats, it would have been obvious that this was coming. If Whitney had batted the star player lead-off with someone who could hit behind her, they could’ve beat the Westridge strategy. The Whitney coach lost the game for his team; he should own that loss and congratulate his players on a great season.

    The “not fair” and “let her hit” bullshit is for little league and recreational play not CIF Semi-Finals. Regardless of division, this is competitive athletics. Maybe we should ask why all the players on Whitney didn’t get equal playing time or equal number of at-bats? The answer is that Whitney was playing to win, just like Westridge.

    The Whitney coach and families reek of entitlement. Why does she have a right to get pitches to hit? Is it also unfair when an infield shifts defensively to the statistics on a player who has tendencies? Is it unfair when a football coach runs the ball away from the other team’s star defensive player? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. It’s also simple justice for the Whitney coach depending and eating all season off of one superstar player. The Whitney coach should have developed a team rather than putting full dependence on one player. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; that’s just life. Only a coach with no confidence in his own team and coaching ability would say anything other than “they were better today, congratulations” after losing a semi-final game.

    For the record, I spent the better part of the past 15 years coaching high school football/baseball and competitive youth soccer so I have some experience with competitive sports. I’ve won a lot and lost a lot and there is a lot to learn from both, but the coach always needs to own it. The author of the original article is an embarrassment to sports journalism. The player wasn’t “denied an at-bat”, she had 3 at-bats and walked each time and finished the game with an on-base percentage of 1.000.

    • Daisy says:

      What is disgusting is your ignorance… Specially as a “so called experienced high school coach.” You should know that you can practice every day and teach the skills of the game, and not every player is going to grasp it or become a “natural” softball player, and this applies to any sport for that matter. Come game time, you work and do the best, with what you have, you can’t “swing the bat” or “make the play” yourself…The coach is not to blame here and he gave credit where credit was due. Let me school you a bit too…do your research first next time, before embarrassing yourself…Whitney is an “Academics” school, not an “Athletics” school,education being the priority… Also, the coach did not “depend” or “eat” off of one superstar player all season. These girls played together as a “team” with an exceptional pitcher/player who broke records and accomplished playing in the CIF playoffs and got as far as they did & not by relying on the coach’s so called “Strategy” to win or lose. As we all know, it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. They played the game with their strengths & weaknesses, but are proud of their success and sportsmanship. There is no “entitlement” here as you called it…It’s very simple, Taylor, as the exceptional player that she is, and who will get far and will always shine, should have been pitched to…because FYI: you can also walk a batter by pitching to them.

  • Whitney player says:

    Ok so I’d like to reflect on this comment section. Most of everyone who’s arguing are adults, from both sides alright. This was a game, and Whitney lost. Do we accept this, yes, of course we do. West ridge won and they got all the way to CIF Finals. That’s amazing, it truly is. But you know what’s not amazing, the lack of good sportsmanship and encouragement coming from both sides. This article did sympathize with Taylor but I’d hope everyone could try to see it from her point of view. A captain playing possibly her last game not being allowed to hit. She was hurt, not only does she find that unfair but she also feels like she can’t help her team which is all she wants to do. Of course it’s strategy and if west ridge felt it best to walk her, so be it. But can she complain about the situation, yes that is also allowed. All in all this little “war” happening in the comment sections is unnecessary and frankly reflects negatively on both teams. As a player from Whitney I extend my friendship to WestRidge and I wish the best for your team in the future seasons. I hope we can all look back at the game with good hearts and I’m extremely proud of both teams to make it so far.

    • Westridge says:

      Much respect to you! As a player from Westridge I agree that Taylor has every right to express her emotions about our decision to walk her. But please know that we had no bad intentions in doing so and that we have a huge amount of respect for her skill! We also wish the best to you guys in your future, and the best to Taylor at Chaminade.

  • Taylor’s Dad, Andrew says:

    Let me start by saying , I never threatened anyone. The Westridge parent or fan started all of this by going on our community paper and leaving a comment . I ignored all your comments until you started talking about my daughter . If We were butt hurt about losing we would have went to your news paper site and complained, but we didn’t . You came to our paper and started talking , and you guys won . What do call that ? Sore winners? I’m glad my daughter goes to the # 1 high school in California for Academics . I wish the best for all Westridge players in the future. As for Taylor she finished her Senior high school season with 250 strikeouts and for her career Total 657 strikeouts . Ps. TAYLOR NEVER INTENTIONALLY WALKED A BATTER IN HER HIGH SCHOOL CAREER .
    Pss. Im glad all of you parents or fans hide behind your fake names with your comments . Man up and post your name.

    • Don’t Hate says:

      You think you’re brave because you have your name on here? Nobody cares about you or your name. And as far as Taylor finishing with 600+ strikeouts for her career-good for her. Our FRESHMAN pitcher finished just behind her this year, playing about 10 games less than Whitney, and if she continues on this path, will finish her career with over 800 strike outs. So, if you wanna compare stats let’s do it. Our freshman pitcher also led her team to the Division VII playoffs as a freshman. And nobody cares whether she intentionally walked girls in her career. As I said before-if the team was more balanced then walking Taylor would not have worked. Unfortunately, Taylor’s successful year is foreshadowed by your ranting and complaining.

      • Taylor’s Dad, Andrew says:

        Call me 562-416-5540 You shit talker. You cant balance a team with girls that have never played before . And you only won by 1 run.

        • Don’t Hate says:

          What are you getting all riled up about? Do you know how many girls on Westridge never stepped foot on a softball field before this season?! You wanna talk all your shit and act all brave through some comments on a local newspaper? Who cares if we won by 1 or by 20? What difference does it make? And by the way, talking shit is when you can’t back up FACTS. Tell me one thing I said in my above comment that can’t be backed up. Anyone can check MaxPreps and see what I said above is true. So don’t get all butt hurt.

        • Ayyyyyyyy says:

          Woah there Andrew, not very smart to put your phone number on the internet.

      • Get over it says:

        Like I Said before you need to stop and get over it!! Stop talking about my daughter!! Stop saying her name!! She will never be foreshadowed by any of your ranting and complaining!! Get off our community paper! Go to your own and talk all you want!! No body cares what you have to say! It means nothing!! Stop now!! Thank you and have a great life!!

    • Get over it says:

      You seriously need to stop all your ranting! Nobody cares about you or what you have to say!! Try playing D1 or D2 school and lets see how many strikeouts she gets, you need to play the best to be the best!! Like I said Get over yourself! Karma is a bitch. You think you would have learned after loosing in the Finals by a shut out that talking crap get you no where. No body on Whitney gives a crap about the game! It’s over! And our Whitney team did there best with what they had! Can’t say the same for you since you can’t pitch to everyone!! And I am asking you to stop saying my daughters name!! And stop trying to compare you daughter to mine! There will never be any comparison! All of this need to stop on here!! Go live your lives and leave this game in the past!! NO BODY CARES!!!

      • 88’s Dad says:

        This is Hailey Yoshida’s father… and, just to be clear, this is my first post here. To Taylor’s father: I never have nor would I ever say anything negative about your daughter. Sure there was a little back and forth between parents at the game, but our daughters share many of the same acquaintances through travel ball and even the same pitching coach. I made sure to congratulate Taylor after our game because she pitched like a champ.

        I’m not here to condone any comments about your daughter, but you made it a point to make fun of my daughter for getting emotional during a game? Come on, man! It was a great accomplishment for both Whitney and Westridge to advance as far as they did, so let’s just leave it at that.

        Good luck to Taylor and all the Whitney girls in the future. In the end, all of our kids are at their respective schools to get a great EDUCATION and softball is just gravy.

  • John says:

    Westridge LOST 3-0 to WC, so was the best team in the final game? NO. How do you get shut out? This is what I am talking about, you win by not playing your best you are going to lose when you play the best…good lesson for Karen “Free Pass” Hanse-lame.

    • They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us says:

      Dear John,

      We get it now you’re Westridge Softball’s #1 Fan!!! Thank you for your loyalty!!! #johniswestridgesoftball#1fan