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BREAKING: Stowers and Wittmann Elementary, Whitney High School on Lockdown

HMG-LCCN has received notification that Stowers and Wittmann Elementary schools, Whitney High School are on lockdown due to police activity.

UPDATE: Sheriff’s looking for burglary suspects in area, including helicopter.

12:15 pm UPDATE: Lockdown is over, three suspects entered a house on 17300 block on Jeanette encountered the owner and fled. The home alarm alerted Sheriffs who arrived as the suspects were fleeing.

The suspects were apprehended.

  • Jas says:

    Poss. if the property looked like some of the 150 properties in this video link, property would not have been targeted. Homeowner confronted four burglars, whom smashed the rear patio glass and entered into the home. Said 4 burglars fled, and they were caught minutes away by sheriffs car , and other 2 burglars ran away and hid in landscapes and we’re captured within a two-hour time by sheriffs canine unit. They were all from Los Angeles. Drove newer Kia car w/blacked out windows. They first went to the house, knocked at the front door, no one answered the door and the jumped the rear gates and entered in to the back yard. Security was poor at the property and made it easier for break in.

    Three men, plus the woman ( juvenile) are all in jail, possibly the men will be charged with rape or sex to a minor. Poss. the female is emancipated.

    Stowers, Whittman and Whitney were on lock down, until the 2 burglars at loose were taken in to custody.

    Cerritos newest appointed ACM, Torrey Contreras lives near this crime scene. https://www.loscerritosnews.net/2019/03/21/cerritos-appoints-torrey-contreras-to-senior-assistant-city-manager/

    Whitney HS has no security fencing facing Cerritos park east, so the school was greatly concerned when the 2 burglars were at large in the area. Pray with BB Bond, security fencing will be paramount with all abcusd campuses, as this type of incident will be repeated.