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Cerritos Appoints Torrey Contreras to Senior Assistant City Manager

Torrey Contreras


The City of Cerritos has promoted Torrey Contreras to the position of Senior Assistant City Manager. Contreras is responsible for supporting the management and oversight of all City operations, and serves as the primary backup to the City Manager. He will also continue to serve as the Director of Community Development.

Contreras first joined the City of Cerritos in June 1991 as a Current Planning Intern under the supervision of former Community Development Director Ali Soliman. He was hired full-time as the City’s Planning Assistant and Advance Planning/Redevelopment Manager before being named Director of Community Development in May 2005.

As Director of Community Development, Contreras manages the Current Planning, Advance Planning, Economic Development, Geographic Information Systems, Building and Safety and Public Transportation Divisions. He has been instrumental in the design, development and revitalization of numerous commercial retail projects in the city, including the Cerritos Auto Square, Los Cerritos Center, Plaza 183 and Lincoln Station shopping centers. He has been involved in the management and preparation of the Cerritos General Plan Update and Economic Development Strategic Plan.  Contreras represents the City of Cerritos on the Gateway Cities Council of Government’s (COG) Economic Development Committee, charged with providing economic development opportunities for the direct benefit of Southeast Los Angeles County communities.

Prior to his employment at the City of Cerritos in 1994, Contreras worked for former Cerritos City Manager Gaylord Knapp as an urban and regional planner at the City of Lake Forest shortly after its incorporation, a landscape designer for the Pomona-based landscape architectural firm Land Design and as an architectural draftsman and construction foreman for Ray Contreras & Sons Construction Company (RCS).

Contreras is local to Cerritos and is a graduate of Saint John Bosco High School.  Contreras possesses a Master of Public Administration degree from California State University, Fullerton, and a Bachelor of Science degree in landscape architecture from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

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  • Jas says:

    Cerritos Appoints Torrey Contreras to Senior Assistant City Manager……..

    Torrey congratulations again on your new job position.

    Part of what you said, how you got your job in the city of Cerritos, not in agreement with and I think there should be a study session by the city. Said study session should address pre qualifications for all interns contracts in the future with this city.

    Many unions and medical association’s, will not allow for interns, volunteers or residents. I know my brother wanted to be an intern, my dad said no that was corruption, it would parallel a lot of the same issues we’re seeing playing out today in the college entrance exams saga. Not saying that you did anything corrupt, but you’re lucky you had the financial means to support yourself during that internship, which could not always be welcomed by all people applying for a job.
    My cousin, had PHD and wanted to volunteer as Chaplin, most unions said no. Another cousin was grad in pre med and had to go out of state to practice as resident in hospital, because medical associations prohibit this. I had a neighbor who was killed as intern and the family had to litigate outside the corporation which employed them as intern.

    I hope you don’t take this negative, but I think we should have a study session and the council should look into interns, because there could be some an non-fair advantages to future labor pools.