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Thieves Stealing Car Batteries in La Palma



On Tuesday, January 8, the La Palma Police Department received several reports of car batteries stolen from vehicles. These thefts occurred from older model (1990’s and 2000’s) Toyota and Honda vehicles parked in parking lots throughout the community.

It appears that the suspect is forcing their way into the engine compartment and damaging the hood latching mechanism in the process. While there have been at least 10 victims, the La Palma Police Department is investigating these thefts as related. You are encouraged to report anything that you may have seen involving the thefts by calling the Police Department at (714) 690-3370.

As a reminder, if you see something suspicious please say something and call (714) 690-3370 or 911 as appropriate.

  • jas says:

    One of the major aftermarket retail stores, ( Artesia- Cerritos) says for the last six months , increase in battery sales, due to batteries being stolen from cars parked outside. Sheriffs state use a bicycle lock/chain and lock the front hood to the bumper or steel grill, to make it more difficult to pry open the hood. Use this lock/chain, in addition to the quick release hood locks. If you park the car in the street, be sure to pull wire from the distributor cam, to prevent theft. Also use the steering wheel club, this shouts out to burglars driving up/ down the street, to stay away from this car, will take toooooooooo long to steal.

    Harder to get in to car or house, only will encourage the burglars to leave, as name of the game, is to be fast, faster, so not to be seen or caught!

    Also my security cameras our reporting people walking in the streets before Daybreak , dark outside with a flashlight. LACSD captain mentioned that if we have to be outside in the evening and carry a flashlight be sure we use a 1000 lumens flashlight, this strong Flash light, hit in a face of an intruder/ or animal, it will temporary blind them. It’s a good security if you don’t want to use any kind of a spray repellent for humans or animal patrol. I have seen poss. burglars checking cars doors, before dawn, to see if it is easy access to get pair of sunglasses, jackets, cigarettes, etc.