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SEX, DRUGS, & ROCK N’ ROLL: Complaint Alleges Interference of a Contractual Relationship Against Pico Rivera City Councilman David Armenta


Fernando Lopez and La Noria Entertainment, who has an agreement with the city of Pico Rivera to operate the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, has filed a complaint against Pico Rivera Councilman David Armenta in Los Angeles Superior Court for defamation, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Lopez is the president and owner of La Noria with offices located in Whittier. The company books musicals, rodeos and other events at the popular Sports Arena.

The complaint alleges that former La Noria employee Julia Rodriguez had a torrid sexual relationship with Armenta, and used that relationship in an attempt to take La Noria’s agreement with the City from Lopez.


SEX AND LIES: Juila Rodriguez and Armenta


At one point, Lopez alleges that Rodriguez allowed Armenta into Lopez’ personal office, after which Armenta posted a video of the office on his Instagram account.

Rodriguez was fired from La Noria in 2017.

On her way out, Rodriguez reportedly taunted the operators saying that her and Armenta, whom she called The Mayor, “would be taking control of the Arena and leaving them out on the street.”

The allegations include Lopez learning that Armenta, whom Lopez trusted as a good friend, and Rodriguez were running around town defaming La Noria in an effort to financially injure the company and put Lopez out of business.

Lopez claimed that Armenta and Rodriguez told people that Lopez used cocaine, had a gambling problem,  would sell alcohol to minors at the Sports Arena, and did not pay fair wages to his employees.

La Noria does not have a license to sell alcohol at the Sport Arena.

Lopez also claimed that Armenta and Rodriguez told Lopez’s father the he used cocaine, and had a gambling problem.

Finally, Lopez claimed Armenta told officials at Pico Rivera about Lopez’ drug and alcohol problem all in an effort to wrest control of the lucrative agreement from La Noria.

Lopez indicated that Armenta, who had stolen La Noria’s contract from Lopez’ office,  had lined up Think X Enterprises operated by Xavier Ortiz and Eventos operated by Eduardo Leon to take over the contract.

In March of this year, HMG-LCCN exclusively reported that Pico Rivera City Manager Rene Bobadilla, who had his contract extended less than a year ago on a 3-2 vote, was being forced to resign  by three city councilmembers that included Arments and disgraced El Rancho Unified teacher Gregory Salcido.


Pico Rivera City Manager Bobadilla to be Terminated for Refusing to ‘Change’ City Vendor



The revelation came from high level sources inside City Hall as well as outside sources.

According to the sources, a lunch meeting was held just a week before at Pico Rivera’s Dal Rae restaurant attended by Bobadilla, Assistant City Manager Ben Cardenas, Mayor Gustavo Camacho, Armenta and two “potential city vendors.”

One week later, HMG-LCCN was first to confirm that the two vendors at the lunch were Think X and Eventos.


EXCLUSIVE: Scheme to Fire Pico Rivera City Manager Rene Bobadilla Driven by Lust and Greed



During the meeting, Armenta reportedly ordered Bobadilla to terminate the city’s contract with LEBA Inc., the long-time operators of the Pico Rivera Sports Arena.

Bobadilla evidently objected to the termination because LEBA was not in violation of their contract.

Armenta stood up from the meeting and reportedly said, “if that is the way you want it, then we will do something else.”

HMG-LCCN’s exposé stopped the attempts to take over La Noria from Lopez however Bobadilla was forced to resigned.


BREAKING: Rogue Pico Rivera Mayor pro tem and Councilmen Force Resignation of City Manager Bobadilla Under Questionable Circumstances


The Lopez allegations should catch the attention of Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey given the fact that Armenta allegedly used his position as a Pico Rivera City Councilman to “steal the contract away from Lopez, ” a clear abuse of power for personal gain.

The complaint is demanding a jury trial asking for “damages in excess of $25,000, punitive damages, an injunction to stop Armenta and Rodriguez from further defamation, and reasonable costs.

See complaint


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  • Tony the Tiger says:

    OMG! What a creepy picture. Talk about a psychopath! Everyone who knows this guy knows he’s sick in so many ways. David Armenta is the King of Pico Rivera corruption. It’s high time the voters of that city woke up and kicked his ass to the curb. It’s about time someone finally exposed him for what he is.