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Two Car Wreck Snarls Traffic in Serrano Heights at Parkhurst/San Lorenzo Court and Serrano Ave.

Staff Report

A horrific two car accident snarled traffic this morning in the north east area of Orange County known as Serrano Heights.

The accident occurred at approximately 6:45 AM and involved a later model Dodge SUV and a 1965 VW.

Two drivers were seen taken away in ambulances but thankfully no deaths were reported. The accident forced closure of Serrano at Parkhurst/San Lorenzo Court.  Drivers were redirected through the neighborhood on Magdalena.

“Accidents happen up here all the time,” said Hews Media Group Publisher and Cerritos Economic Development Commission Vice-Chair Brian Hews, who lives up in the area. “People drive with reckless abandon up here from Imperial/Cannon up to Anaheim Hills school and vice-versa.”


Serrano Ave. from Imperial/Cannon (bottom left) up to Nohl Ranch Road (top right). Drivers are routinely seen speeding especially in the red area. One motorcycle officer told Hews a few weeks ago he caught a driver traveling at 73 mph. He was clocking drivers at the same intersection the accident occurred.


“People drive over 70 miles an hour up and down the street. Orange police try and abate the problem with motorcycle radar units but is not working. I was chatting with one of the officers two weeks ago and he caught somebody going 73 miles per hour in the same area where the traffic accident was. The city of Orange has to do something about this area.”

Two deaths have occurred in the area since 2002.



The accident at Parkhurst/San Lorenzo Ct. and Serrano Ave. The VW was thrown 25 feet into the curb upon impact.

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  • Jas says:

    Santiago Canyon Road, top of Orange Hills/ OPA, lot of speedsters specially in the spring and summer time. Cars also kill cyclist on the bike lanes and Mt bike lanes. Times there are equestrian crossing too, in isolated areas!!!

    Weekends a lot of motorcycle choppers cruise and race, lot of high-end luxury cars driving excessive speeds up there such as: Maseratis, Aston Martin’s, Jag, Beemers, excetera.

    Its an open stretch of the highway, patrolled by: Orange Sheriffs, City of Orange PD and occasionally CHP en-route to 241.

    Seems like within past decade, over 4th July weekend, multiple MVA fatalities occurred in frt of the catholic cemetery from excessive speeds.