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Marcel Rodarte Suddenly Pulls Out of 58th Assembly Race

Marcel Rodarte

By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has been told that Marcel Rodarte has suddenly decided to withdraw his candidacy for the 58th Assembly seat,  just days after he emailed HMG-CN writing he was going to run for Cristina Garcia’s seat

In March of 2016 then-Norwalk councilman Rodarte resigned his City Council seat to accept a job as executive director of California Contract Cities Association he has been at that position ever since.

Many were asking why Rodarte was leaving the Contract Cities job when he revealed he was running for the 58th.

HMG-CN reached out to Rodarte for comment, he did not respond.


After the story broke Rodarte emailed HMG-CN saying, “I had to refocus on my priorities. Couldn’t put politics before my little girl.”



  • Norwalk Nutcase says:

    A knucklehead from Norwalk. Rodarte was a lousy city councilman and Norwalk was lucky to get rid of him. The last thing anyone needs is this guy back in elected office.