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BREAKING: Mike Egan Out as Norwalk City Manager



By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has exclusively learned that Norwalk City Manager Mike Egan has left his City Manager post, it is unknown whether he resigned or was fired.

When contacted by HMG-CN Norwalk Mayor Luigi Vernola said, “I can confirm that Egan has left his post in Norwalk, I like Mike a lot but it was just time to go in a different direction.”

Vernola said that the council will make it official Tuesday night.

Egan, who came from Bellflower in August 2011, took over for Ernie Garcia, who retired Dec. 31, 2010.

Egan, a La Habra resident and Fullerton native, was employed with Bellflower since 1989.

He started his career in Bellflower and worked his way up to deputy city administrator in 1992.

In 1997, he was promoted to city administrator. In 2005, that title was changed to city manager.

The decision to let Egan go comes on the heels of a contentious trash hauler bid process that ended in controversy.




After spending over $160,000 with HF&H, a consulting firm that assists cities with environmental bidding processes, the Norwalk council last week voted to throw all bids-and HF&F research- out and start over.

Sometime after the vote Egan left his position.

Some also blame the rise in crime in the city, including the many drive-by shooting that have occurred in the past year.







  • Brandi Herrera says:

    Wow! Talk about a no-brained! I thought the City Council was waiting for Norwalk’s crime rate to surpass Compton before they realized how Egan was.

  • Marcel says:

    Next question….who next to fire? The city of Norwalk has gone nowhere since Egan took over 7 years ago and Egan’s successfully constructed a worthless group of employees inside city hall. I urge Mayor Vernola to clean house and give us residents of Norwalk a chance at a better life! Let’s stop wasting time before Downey and Santa Fe Springs leaves nothing left for us.

  • Stacy says:

    Seriously, you people need to learn how local government works before you come and spread your opinions. The city has lost a great asset. The City council has been making stupid decisions kyerky, by this one has been the stupidest by far.

  • Concerned Constituent says:

    Stacy get a clue! Or should we say Adrianna? We need to clean house in Norwalk soon. Shootings are the norm instead of the exception. The City Clerk makes back room deals with another newspaper. The Public Safety department head is never there.

    Take the broom out!!!! Great assist? He was truly the ASSet of Norwalk City Hall.

  • Alexis Castro says:

    Vernola is nothing but a corrupt politician and that is why he wasn’t re-elected in the 80’s, gangs are everywhere and shootings happen all the time in different cities! It’s not that they’re a “norm” but with this social media generation, all the information is instant and no one waits for the Sunday newspaper. Mike Egan was making changes to this city and making it grow, but obviously this new council has something fishy up their sleeves. these new council members are getting brainwashed by a crooked business man who keeps dipping his hands in everyone’s pots. Wake up Norwalkians, don’t allow these power hungry council members get the best of OUR CITY! This is a terrible mistake; I hope the people of Norwalk wake up!! The grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

    • Wake Up Alexis says:

      Alexis sounds like she Cheri Kelly, Jennifer Givens, Vivian Hansen (all evil women and all gone from CIty) fan. If you remember Vernola ran unopposed. Egan was suspect from very beginning assisting another newspaper (Jennifer Givens) in opening a newspaper when we already had two. Then Egan and company allowed Givens to use the Chamber offices illegally as an address to get City advertising. Egan’s soon-to-be-gone ally Thresa DeVoy helped too. Crime has skyrockted under Egan. I guess you were happy under Kelly (corrupt) Mendez (trash consultant) and exit stage left Rodarte? When all three dealyed votes after Rodarte left? Wake up Alexis, seven years of Egan was enough, he was horrible in Bellflower as he was in Norwalk.

  • Concerned Constituent says:

    Terrible Mistake??? Bellflower was ready to bounce Egan out before he managed to get the Norwalk position. Look at Bellflower now with a progressive City Manager. Egan did not manage to do anything in Bellflower. During Egan’s tenure in Norwalk nothing has really changed. Where has Norwalk grown? Please, don’t try to create a conspiracy theory that the City Council is up to something fishy. Why just pick on Vernola? It takes more then one vote to get rid of dead weight.

  • Joe g says:

    Mike Egan was curupt to the fullest as my boss he didn’t help the city of Norwalk at all we had the worst ever with this guy. We are all happy he’s gone for good on to the next boss.