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Misogynistic Website Takes Central Basin Division 4 Campaign Between Maria Santillian-Beas and Leticia Vasquez to New Low

Screen capture of part of the anonymous website.

Screen capture of part of the anonymous website using Santillian-Beas face.

By Brian Hews

A website put up recently has taken the Central Basin Division 4 race between Maria Santillian-Beas and current Director Leticia Vasquez to a new low.

The website places Santillian-Beas in a very misogynistic, sexist and humiliating position with information about her campaign.

There is no contact information or other information on the site and a WHOIS search reveals the site was bought from Directnic with an anonymous owner.

Contained on the website is Santillian-Beas’ 460 campaign finance disclosures and other information.

HMG-CN called the first company listed on the site, Lakewood based Bulletin Displays, owned by Mark Kudler.

He immediately called everything on the site about him false and defamatory and the 460’s as fabricated.

The Santillian-Beas 460’s on the site lists Bulletin Display and also Creative Outdoor Advertising, another company of Kudler’s, as donating $23,000.

“I gave her a $5,000 donation and $10,000 in in-kind billboard advertising and nothing else,” said an angry Kudler.

Also the site mentions that Santillian-Beas gave Kudler a “99 year contract for billboards with the city of Lynnwood.” Kudler responded, “that’s against the law you cannot get a 99 year contract in the State of California. This site is defaming me and my company and I intend to sue everybody involved.”

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia and Senator Ricardo Lara condemned the sexist campaign tactics saying, “there is no place in our electoral system for the kind of disgusting campaign tactics currently being employed against Maria Santillian-Beas in mail pieces and online.”

“Senator Lara and I stand with Maria Santillian-Beas against these attacks. The Central Basin needs honest, transparent leadership, and we know that Santillian- Beas will do this and put the values and interests of our community ahead of special interests. ”

See site.

HMG-CN sent an email, a text, and requested a comment through Central Basin yesterday from Director Vasquez after finding the website, but the director has not commented at time of publication.

Vasquez has also not denounced the site at time of publication.

The embattled director is in a tight race in part because of the many exclusive articles published by HMG-CN on Vasquez:


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  • Elect Maria Santillan-Beas says:

    This is pathetic. It’s obvious that gutter whore Leticia Vasquez is behind this. What is truly sad is that Ms. Santillan-Beas’ campaign has taken the high road and not stooped to typical SouthEast political ploys and misdeeds. Her campaign is being run by professionals who have not gone negative even though Vasquez is an easy target.

    Like the First Lady said recently: When they go low we’ll go high!