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DIRTY WATER: Central Basin Municipal Water Board Director Campaigns Financed by Convicted Felon

By Brian Hews

An examination by Los Cerritos Community News of recently filed California 460 Campaign Financial Disclosure statements for new Central Basin Municipal Water District (CBMWD) Directors James Roybal and Leticia Vasquez, both of whom campaigned on ridding the troubled water district of corruption, show extremely heavy financial support from two individuals with substantial criminal backgrounds, one convicted on political corruption charges, and the other a convicted felon.
Vasquez, who defeated Rudy Montalvo in Division Four, declared paying political campaign manager Angel Gonzalez $4,000.00 before the actual June 5, 2012 election and owing him another $18,399.98.

V a R-1

[l] Leticia Vasquez and James Roybal both got a large amount of campaign funds from two individuals with substantial criminal backgrounds, one, Rick Mayer, is a convicted felon.

Gonzalez was prosecuted and convicted by the District Attorney for illegal campaign activities in the past.
Vasquez also owes money to R&M Associates, controlled by former CBMWD Director and convicted felon Rick Mayer. R&M is part of Mayer’s other company Golden State Consultants. A phone call into Golden State confirmed that R&M is operated out of that office and is owned by Mayer.

Mayer served prison time for his felony conviction for lying about his place of residency while running for city council in South Gate.
Furthermore, Rick Mayer’s campaign manager was “Big Al” Robles who was indicted on federal corruption charges in 2004. He was found guilty of 30 felony counts, sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, and ordered to pay the city of South Gate $639,000 in restitution.

Vasquez raised only $4,900.00 before the June 5th election, she raised $31,146 after. Vasquez still owes Gonzalez and Mayer $8,559.
Documents show that some of the $31,146 came from the same special interest groups that she vigorously campaigned to root out.
Tom and Ron Calderon gave $2,250, Vasqez’ own mailer criticized Tom Calderon for taking money from the CBMWD.

Douglas Wance, former CBMWD General Counsel, gave $2,500. Wance was fired in November when facts emerged regarding the expenditure of nearly three million dollars in an off-the-books “Trust Fund” purportedly used for district lawsuits.
James Roybal’s financial disclosure forms showed similar patterns and reliance on Gonzalez and Mayer.

Before the June 5th election, Roybal made payments to Angel Gonzalez and Mayer’s R&M Associates totaling $10,400.00 and still carries an IOU of $28,878.39 to Mayer.
Some say Mayer is going after “outreach contracts” similar to those he is getting from the Water Replenishment District of Southern California located in Lakewood.
Since taking office on January 7th, Roybal and Vasquez joined ranks with long-time Director Bob Apodaca and fired recently hired Chief Operating Officer Chuck Fuentes, along with Asst. to the General Manager Ron Beilke.

Upon his termination, Beilke raised the suspicion of a cover-up by the firings. According to Beilke, “little doubt exists about the direction of the new board majority given who financed their campaigns. A quick look at their 460 disclosure forms speaks volumes about the character of these two supposedly highly educated people.”

Other significant actions taken include the three meeting to amend the CBMWD Administrative Code to permit Roybal to take over the presidency. The meeting could constitute a possible Brown Act Violation.

Director Art Chacon was president barely a week before the three amended the code. Chacon was removed and replaced by Roybal.
The president is a powerful position, he/she forms committees where all agenda items and contracts are vetted and approved for board meetings.
The three also immediately removed CBMWD Director and Cerritos resident Phil Hawkins from his long held seat on the board of the Metropolitan Water District. Hawkins served as chair of the important Real Estate and Asset Management Special Committee.

“The new majority’s rush to deliver on apparent promises to their financial benefactors, they have disregarded rules and regulations, resulting in flagrant abuses of Brown Act requirements,” said Bielke. “This is also reflective in their rush to terminate all those, like myself, who were on to their plans and would not agree to bury questionable findings uncovered since the previous General Manager & Attorney left the agency.”
Supporting documents can be found under this story title at loscerritosnews.net.

  • Jay Gray says:

    If the City of Cerritos City council didn’t have their own ethical issues they’d be leading the charge to clean up the Water District!

    But, they are too busy globetrotting and getting fat off the residents to care.

    • McMahon, J. says:

      Subject | Water Corruption | Reply to Mr. J Gray.
      From| McMahon | 37 yr Cerritos Resident |

      Board corruption does not only stop at Headquarters, as trickles down to the city councils, mainly City of Cerritos. Both Council | Mayor Grace Hu and Councilperson | Mayor Laura Lee |, campaigned on plumbing all of 90703 with the Cerritos Water, to date, have not transpired for out 40+ yrs of complaining!!!!!

      When RDA Housing funded the (( Emerald Villas Senior Affordable Housing Project)):; Cerritos Island communities were promised by CCC to be hooked up to Cerritos water…….well the budget was blown on wasteful spending by CCC ( Grace Hu Gang) and the water proposal project never was plumbed to the island communities. Instead Grace Hu diverted Emerald Villa Funds; to off city escrow (ghost) accounts, in which Grace Hu lost her DRE License and vacated her seat as Crawley’s appointment to the 90703 ECONOMIC COMMISSION.

      Not all of Cerritos uses Cerritos water, as Cerritos Island Communities, on the east side of the Los Coyotes Flood Control are under La Palma Water Co and vote per OC water Election, usually via proxy. These island communities have to pay 2-3x more for OC water, then the cheap rates found in Cerritos. Bell Politics is bleeding in to the Cerritos Politics and Water Basin Boards………….

      Today’s CCC are busy around the world and can not communicate with their own Residents; who elected them. Shame on all (5) of the council members of Cerritos. Additionally, CCC does not permit ( AT) Artificial Turf, as would reduce water consumption…..bottom line, the CCC has their hands in the financial water safe too.

      //jm 2/10/13

  • Harold Beckon says:

    This describes everything that is wrong about politics. The fact that it surrounds water just makes it all that much worse. The question has to be asked, how can we eliminate all these corrupt water boards like Central Basin and Water Replenishment District? These agencies do not need elected boards! Creeps like James Roybal, Leticia Vasquez, Bob Apodaca and Albert Robles make that perfectly clear. These four are bottom feeders are all looking to make a quick buck off running for an obscure elected seat and using the dollars of crooked vendors to foot the bill of running. Dropping Tom Calderon’s slimy name in this story just takes the cake. Why wouldn’t a user like Calderon (you pick which one) try to make a buck off the idiots that get elected to water boards?? Thank you LCCN for another revealing story.

  • Jason says:

    Roybal isn’t the problem…in fact he’s the cure. The Real problem is the Calderons’ influence on elected officials like Chacon, who was behind giving Bielke the job from which he was fired.

    Here’s some facts on Bielke’s conviction:

    And on Art Chacon:


    This article, which has journalistic elements, misses the mark by completely leaving out the information available via the links above through a simple web search. The information fed to this writer, is clearly political payback for the firing of Bielke and others, as well as the review of numerous questionable contracts at Central Basin. If Central Basin is going to get cleaned up, Jim is going to be the guy to get it done. I know LCCN is a local paper but a better job needs to be done in researching and writing articles before going to print or people will begin to consider it a political rag. I encourage voters to spend less time commenting from their arm chairs and more time attending their local City Council and Water Board meetings.

    • Jason Herrera says:

      No problem, so let’s keep this simple and please explain why a man convicted of SEVEN felonies like Rick Mayer would front Roybal’s campaign on an IOU? Is Mayer just a Saint with a heart of gold, perhaps he just loves clean water?? Roybal a cure?? Just what does what appears on these 460’s have to do with Bielke or Art Chacon? Im sorry, I think the facts of where Roybal and Vasquez’ campaign financing came from is the ONLY ISSUE here and Bielke isn’t the boogeyman anymore. Roybal’s campaign was financed with $28,000 in Rick Mayer’s funds. Oh, by the way Jason Stinnett, the links you provided on Bielke never claims he was convicted of a felony, because me wasn’t. Check your facts Jack!

    • LCCN says:


      We knew all this, Bielke and Chacon…it is old news almost 1 year old.

      The article is about the two new people who were financed by a convicted felon. Are we suppose to include the entire history of the company? If we did that we would have investigated Auerbach when we were exposing Noguez. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

      I am curious why you do no comment on the actual story, call it “journalistic elements”, then move on to Bielke and Chacon.

      As usual when we expose something our credibility is called out and we are called shoddy journalists, just like when we exposed Noguez and recently the Gruel calendar expose. It all comes out in the end. We have more coming too Jason, so stay tuned.


  • Jason Herrera says:

    Why is little disclosure witnessed before these crooks get elected? It is a shame that the public never learns what political machines are behind these opportunists. I understand that Leticia Vasquez has a checked past having been successfully recalled in Lynwood and I understand that this James Roybal is not related to the Roybal dynasty like he purports yet rather is a raging alcoholic. Of course, we all know about Tom Calderon and what his character is like. He is the poster child for abusive and manipulative politicians. He’s a world class hack! How can we get these guys out of water before it gets worse?

  • Jason says:

    First, thank you for the response, as well as the coverage and breaking the story. Many of the points made in the story were relevant, however to print Bielke’s comments criticizing other elected officials leaves the public without a critical piece of information. The company’s history was not necessary, but failing to mention Bielke’s recent conviction on corruption charges leaves the story missing context, thus portraying Bielke on a white horse instead of the pot calling the kettle black he more closely resembles. I’m grateful for the report and sincerely believe local papers are one of the few resources available to provide voters with unbiased information so once again, thank you. That being said, I believe the point I’m making about the story providing and incomplete picture is valid. I look forward to the upcoming stories on this issue. In closing I will say this…the Calderon’s are and continue to be the problem and part of the reason their operatives are bringing this up now is that their contracts at Central Basin are no longer secure. And I stand corrected Mr. Herrera…Bielke was convicted on misdemeanor corruption charges.

  • Chris says:

    I cant believe Ron Beilke is trying to play Savior. This is the same Ron Beilke who was investigated and convicted by the FBI for illegally using city funds to Improve his own business in pico rivera while he was on the city council. So I find these allegations hard to believe. To me it seems like whoever wrote this story was either a reckless rookie journalist who didnt properly do his reserach or he was paid off by ron Beilke and chuck fuentes so that they could get revenge for being laid off from jobs that they were obviously not qualified to have in the first place. I mean the only degree that chuck fuentes has is a GED. How do you expect a guy with a GED to be the GM of a multi million dollar public service agency. To me this article and vindictive allegations seem politically motivated and the author of this story should be ashamed of himself for selling out morals for a couple of Ron Beilke’s Weinerschnitzel Hotdogs. Consider whos giving these allegations. Enough said

  • Jen says:

    Wow Interesting Article and comments. Isn’t Ron Beilke a convicted felon??? I live in Pico Rivera and remember seeing him every week in the news paper when he was running for re election. He even made the cover of the whittier daily news in handcuffs when the cops raided his house. LOL! WOW isnt this the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Rocio says:

    Ron Beilke is a pervert. I had a summer job working at his weinerschnitzel and he would constantly make inappropriate sexual comments towards me. It got so bad that my husband went to the weinerschnitzel to confront him about it and Ron ran away and hid like the womanizing coward that he is. I dont believe any story that Ron says. The guy is a coward and a womanizer and the author of this article should really be ashamed of himself for giving a guy like Ron Beilke this kind of credability

  • Chris says:

    Proof that this article is politically motivated is the fact that i commented with actual facts about the sources in this article and they were deleted by the coward who is managing this website. Grow a backbone you coward and speak the truth

    • Brian Hews says:

      May we ask what you are talking about? We delete nothing. Again the story was about Vasquez and Roybal not Bielke. He gave us a quote and we ran it. We knew about his past transgressions. Do you see the LA Times not quoting President Clinton when he bashed Romney?

      And again it is quite interesting-like Jason yesterday-that you are more concerned about Bielke and not that Roybal owes a convicted felon 18K and Vasquez received a large amount of money from him. We are not the bad guys just reporting the facts!

  • Jen says:

    Why did you delete my comment??? was it because it was completely factual???Is this a gossip blog or are you trying to actually deliver real news. Doesnt seem like you guys care at all about the residents and only type stories for political gain.

  • Rocio says:

    Ron is a total joke and whoever is dumb enough to believe him deserves to be wearing an eye patch

  • David says:

    My Cousin Tony used to date chuck. He told me that chuck gave him an STD so im glad he got fired from the central basin.

  • chris says:

    I think whoever wrote this story was wearing an eye patch and was only using one eye. Telling lies and misleading the very few readers that you have is only going to lessen your credibility. No wonder no one buys newspapers anymore with crap like this being published.

  • chris says:

    My cousin is friends with Ron Beilke and told me that his wife who used to work at his weinerschnitzel just recently cheated on Ron with a man her own age because Ron could no longer get an erection due to the stress of being fired twice in a span of 3 months. This must explain why Beilke is not thinking correctly.I guess neither one of his heads are working properly these days. Also Beilkes wife is only 25 years old and Ron is in his 50’s. the rumor is that He had a love affair with her when she was working as a cashier at his weinerschnitzel. I think he got what he deserved! What a hard year it must of been for Ron Beilke. He got fired from the WRD, He got Fired From the Central Basin, His wife left him and he Ran his weinerschnitzel into the ground and lost his franchise license. Classic example of Karma!

  • Nancy Estrella says:

    OMG…these attacks speak volumes about the character of Roybal and Vasquez. I know everything I need to know now. PLEASE, I pray the LCCN runs more stories about these two. There’s obvious behind these guys if they’re trying this hard to deflect their critics. I want more. Dare I say that John Noguez may just be a saint compared to Roybal and Vasquez?

  • Jason says:

    Brian Hews/LCCN: I’m concerned when any newspaper uses an ex elected official convicted on corruption charges as a “credible” source. Any journalism professor would have handed this story back to the author bleeding red ink. You printed valid information as to the sources of campaign debts and services yet you do not show a statement from Roybal or Vasquez or that they declined to comment, which prompts a question…Did you make any effort to contact them? If you did not, then this report is either biased or negligent.

    Other points:
    1. Chacon and Bielke are old news? If so then why do Albert Robles or Mayer warrant comment in the article. This is not a defense of either of them, however if you are going to speculate that I’m more concerned with Bielke then who the newly seated directors owe money to, at minimum you should ensure that your own reasoning is consistent. I am in fact very concerned, however this article tells only very specific parts of the story. If it wasn’t completed or fully researched, it should have held until it was ready. In addition, the Clinton/Romney example you provided is not parallel or even relevant to this story…it is an excuse.

    2. Roybal is not guilty of committing a crime, while Bielke has been convicted of two stemming from his time as a Councilmember serving the people of Pico Rivera. What Roybal is guilty of is accepting contributions from a convicted felon…I am interested in the rest of THAT story…was he aware of it? Did LCCN even bother to ask?

    3. Why use Bielke as a source? I can see no reason to do so. If you’re looking for a credible source to provide the public with perspective call a University with a school of public policy. USC has a good one that is responsive and knowledgeable about issues like public corruption.

    4. There was no analysis provided on the alleged Brown Act violations. Again only part of the story. Call a credible source to give (and this is key) an INFORMED and CREDIBLE opinion. Having been at the meeting I seen Chacon’s wild accusations of a violation as a pitiful attempt to throw stones while he is living in a glass house that many not stand given his profligate spending and accusations of money laundering.

    Given what this story lacked the accusatory, emotional, and speculative response to my constructive comments, consistent with journalistic ethics are not at all warranted. Instead of making excuses, finish writing a full and balanced story that reports all of the relevant facts, not just a few that paint an incomplete and very likely inaccurate picture.

    • 49ers Fan says:

      Bravo Jason! You have said what a lot of people in Cerritos and probably Norwalk have been thinking for months! This paper is not a reliable source of accurate news. I made a comment on another story and got a response from the publisher who assumed I was a man. Was it because of my screen name? Only a man could be a 49ers fan? How presumptuous of you Mr. Hews.

      There is very little journalistic integrity in this paper’s reporting and now people are finally calling these guys on it. What kind of unbiased paper creates a PAC and runs ads for that PAC in its own paper anyways? That alone should prove that the Cerritos news is a political attack machine that does political favors for the friends of the staff.

      I also heard from a well connected friend that randy and the publisher always make comments using other names on this site to drum up controversy. Randy loves to use the name “OMG” just look at his Facebook and you will see that he also capitalizes WORDS unnecessarily to make irrelevant points. Brian just goes strait to name calling if you disagree with the articles. Misleading, innacurate, politically motivated, uniformed hacks are how I would describe these “JOURNALISTS”. Lol!!!

      • Nancy Estrella says:

        OMG, now I’m Randy Economy’s alter ego?? Wait, I think I have a pirate’s eye patch from a couple Halloween’s past somewhere in the garage:) I don’t understand what has happened with this story, there’s so much hatred here.

        I felt the story was interesting. It was another example of corrupt politicians who are puppets for people more corrupt than them. Ok, I judged the story on the evidence which in this case was the 460 reports. Isn’t that why they call it reporting? Why is everyone else being attacked because these fools Roybal & Vasquez got elected on IOU’s???

        My OPINION (opps, there I go again capitalizing) is that no one should be blaming the Los Cerritos News, Brian & Randy, Beilke & Fuentes, PAC’s, or anybody else just because Roybal and Vasquez have asked you to “spin” this story! Too late. Nice try Raider Fan!

    • Brian Hews says:

      I dont have time to keep arguing with you. One last time. I dont get your arguments
      1.Robles, Vasquez, Mayer and Roybal would not return our phone calls.I had to “fool” the secretary at Golden State to get her to tell me R & M was owned by Meyer, I call people not afraid to do that.
      2. So it is ok to take money from a felon? What is he going to give Mayer back for the money?
      3. I did not use Bielke as a source just for commenting…I found the 460’s myself (along with Randy)and exposed these people…. routine inspection we were looking for other 460’s and decided to pull theirs.Randy Economy my reporter knows who Mayer and Gonzales were so we exposed it. Bielke was the only one who would comment.For your information I wrote a story on Bielke when he was indicted.
      4. We have a source inside the office, I know Art Aguilar VERY WELL, the DA has been sent a letter about the Brown Act so stay tuned

      Obviously you are in favor of Roybal Vasquez and Apodaca as witnessed by the fact that you go to meetings, who goes to Water meetings no one except for activists or people looking for a job/contract.

      5. I do no know why you keep questioning that facts, the 460’s are there online.

  • Jason says:

    1. My understanding is you did not attempt to contact Roybal for comment. I don’t know about the other two directors.
    2. No it is not but you haven’t finished reporting the story.
    3. It’s indefensible to publish a comment from a source that lacks credibility. Own up to an error in judgment. I believe that’s all it is…I don’t think you’re being partisan (I base this assumption on the excellent reporting you did on Noguez’s criminal activities) but quoting him without disclosing important information is a mistake. The information on the 460’s is great but Bielke’s comments should have been qualified.
    4. Art Aguilar is considered by many to have been a political appointee in the first place…he was forced to retire by the board’s previous composition. Maybe Aguilar tipped you off on the 460’s? Maybe not but he did not retire willingly, he was forced out. The Central Basin Municipal Water District is rife with political appointments, which is one of many reasons it needs to be cleaned up. As for your comment attacking me, a reader, about why I attend meetings let me make it clear for you…I am an activist not a contractor nor am I looking for a job. Do you always insult your readers? My acitivism was significant in cleaning up the City of Commerce, which includes eliminating Chacon’s half brother Hugo Argumedo, another criminal, from the City Council. I attend meetings so I can find out how my representatives are serving their constituents. Unfortunately, my representative in Division III is Art Chacon. Having seen him at public meetings and Water Board Meetings has made it clear that he is unfit to be in office. The Brown Act violations aren’t even clear…you wrote that they could constitute a violation…how about explaining why? It’s not a complicated law to understand or explain, even briefly.
    5. I’ve not disputed or questioned the facts. What I have questioned is what was left out of the story and why a newspaper would quote a source that lacks credibility. The story was incomplete and it lacked judgment to use Bielke’s quote…you quoted him because he’s the only one who would comment? That’s a poor rationale for quoting someone with corruption convictions in reference to alleged or potential corruption. Let’s find out what a cat thinks about another cat who may or may not have eaten a canary. Bielke was a political appointee by the previous board with Ed Vasquez and Rudy Montalvo in conjunction with Art Chacon. These are the kind of things members of the public and journalists can pick up by attending public meetings. It would certainly have helped inform your story.

    My points are clear and straighforward. I believe in transparent and honest government. I also believe in responsible journalism based on fact, not speculation. You’ve done it before and done it well as evidenced by the Noguez articles, but in this instance you got some facts, speculated, then quoted a criminal convicted on multiple corruption charges. Is that really good journalism or judgment? Then you proceed to question my motives and attack me for providing constructive and valid criticism.

  • Mike Tyson says:

    BOOM! I’d say Jason Stinnett is officially down for the count now! But I do feel compelled to make one slight correction to Brian’s bitchslapping….Stinnett isn’t an activist or someone looking for job/contract. No, Stinnett is trying to kiss some major Roybal/Vasquez/Apodaca ass hoping to gain support to run for Art Chacon’s seat in 2014. Yep, earning his stripes I fear. Paying his dues. Carrying the water in hopes of being remembered come endorsement time. Wake up fool!

    Jason Stinnett was the character who landed about $10,000 in union support for Roybal and Vasquez portraying himself as a union-king maker. Funny thing is, Roybal and Vasquez just played him and have no intention of unionizing Central Basin because they don’t want anyone telling them what to do. After all, they earned their seats on their own, who needs to hear lip from anyone who didn’t work for it as hard as they did? (I’m joking of course). No seriously, Roybal used to make rude comments about how lame the City of Commerce was for hiring Stinnett to be their city photographer. In fact, he joked about how only a unionized city would keep a clown like Stinnett on the payroll when they could just send any “regular” employee around to city events to take pictures of fat council members.

    I’m afraid that’s going to leave a mark Jason boy…put ice on it pal:)

  • Victor says:

    good job

  • Victor says:

    When they walked in and caught Bob Apodaka finger f@(/<ing his step-daughter, who was working for for central basin, instead of questioning Bob Apodaka they forced his step-daughter to resign all the employees and board members sat back to see The victim get shafted one more time.
    Everybody knows Rudy Montalvo was the "Lap Dog" of the Don of Bell criminal Cartel , former mayor of city of Bell, former GM of Old Timers Foundation , former Central Basin board member , and now on trail for the biggest public corruption in history of LA county George Cole , of course we got to see John Noguez's case and then decide which is bigger .
    Yes George cole hand picked council members in The city of Bell and Maywood for years and he hand picked Rudy Montalvo to replace himself " Big George Cole" in Central basin.
    While at it one should ask" Big George" why was he arrested in TJ Mexico 15-20 years ago. I know the answer so do bunch of S.E LA politicians and former Bell chief of Police Mike Travis .

  • Jason says:

    Mike Tyson if you had anything resembling courage or credibility you would have used your real name. I had nothing to do with money going to Roybal or Vasquez. Read the 460’s it’s all there. If you don’t have the guts to state your name your words aren’t worth the web page they are printed on. No one including myself has suggested organizing CBMWD. I have lived in the district most of my life and dedicated much of the last 15 years of my life cleaning up corruption, which I will continue to do even when corrupt cowards like you make false statements. I am a candidate which is not a secret…its on the Secretary of State’s website. As for support I’ll have no problem running on merit, which includes my activism, education and career accomplishments that include winning multiple awards for the City of Commerce and 6 years serving on the League of California Cities Environmental Quality Policy Committee. I don’t need to resort to hyperbole, dishonesty or a fake name. The only thing ‘Mike Tyson’ has knocked out is his credibility.

    • Mike Tyson says:

      You are a serious piece of work Jason Stinnett (of course I’m assuming “Jason” is Jason Stinnett?). You’re so quick to hurl insults at “corrupt cowards” like me who won’t use our FULL names of course. But then again, “Jason” isn’t a FULL name either. I would like to compliment “Jason Herrera” who posted earlier for using his FUILL name unlike the coward who hides behind just “Jason”.

      Enough now of such foolish mudslinging over names….and that goes for Chris, Jen, David & Rocio who wrote such nonsense and disgusting things about Mr. Beilke and Mr. Fuentes. That was truly childish and lame “Jason”!

      Even though an idiot can probably figure why I’m using a fake name, let me help you climb out of this cardboard box “Jason” (you’ll just have to let someone else explain that one to you, I’m sorry). I have a bird’s eye view of the corruption at CBMWD! I SWIM in their sewer! I have a LOT to lose if I’m identified. Do any of these names ring a bell “Jason”? -Ana Aranda, Aileen Hermosa, June Lopez, Sally Flowers, Kara Medrano, Ron Beilke, CHUCK FUENTES, etc. etc. Of course not, you’re an idiot “Jason” and would make a perfect Director for Central Basin:)

      Your words of fighting corruption are so full of Bullshit! I hate people like you. Your other idiot friend James Roybal already gave some of us his stump speech where he explained how his good friend Jason Stinnett, a macho honcho at AFSCME 1902 will help us unionize and provide job security for us. Of course he also explained to us how Jason would be running against Art Chacon and how we need be good union lapdogs and line up squeezing Jason’s tushy. Lot’s of good that did all those other asshole!

      “Jason”, one question…can’t you already see what you’ve done for your “credibility” and “image” by defending moron’s like Roybal, Vasquez and lover boy Apodaca?? You got played Buddy and you’ve now assumed all their baggage by defending the indefensible. The smart move for you would have been to WAIT unit this all played out to see who was left standing and then jumped in to support the outcome. But NOOOOOO….knucklehead “Jason” stuck his neck out and will see it chopped off along with Roybal & Vasquez. What a tool!

      Please dazzle us with your wisdom now “Jason”…the holes not deep enough yet:)

      • Jason Stinnett says:

        I am Jason Stinnett and I haven’t hid from that in any of these posts…I was the first person to poston this story. After that your facts are wrong…I’m not a member of 1902, I’m a member of AFSCME District Council 36, which does not represent water district workers. As for the value of a strong Union, that’s a choice employees make, not elected officials. As a proud public employee I’d much rather have a contract that is enforceable by the word of law then have my job security threatened by a change in elected officials, who of course are not supposed to be involved in personnel actions outside of management. Most management employees in the public sector are at will like the recently dismissed Bielke who of course was appointed to a job that did not exist prior to the last act of two outgoing Directors and Director Chacon. But if you like benefitting or living at risk of suffering consequences because of politics that’s your choice.

        Roybal has done an excellent job of eliminating the influence of the Calderons on Central Basin and I applaud him for that. There are questions that need to be answered but there is no proof or wrongdoig or the law being violated.

        You do have one thing right though…this comment section should be moderated for profanity and inappropriate comments.

        As for mud, I’ve repeatedly reiterated the following fact: Ron Bielke was convicted of multiple corruption charges. I’ve also qualified my opinion stating that quoting him in this article is akin to asking an arsonist to investigate the scene of a fire.

        I’ve risked my career by posting public records relative to corrupt elected officials via a website for voters to see. It was part of what helped clean up Commerce. The bad guys are gone including Chacon’s brother Hugo Argumedo, who was convicted on obstruction of justice charges. The reason I bring this up again is to make the following point: If you have evidence of corruption take it to the District Attorney. There’s State and Federal law that protects whistle blowers.

        But I don’t think that will come from a person more interested in spreading falsehoods than doing the honorable thing and bringing forward the alleged corruption of which you say you are aware. I’m sure this paper would be more than happy to break the story.

  • Mike Tyson says:

    I believe that Central Basin has fallen to a new low with the hiring of a totally inappropriate ghetto woman this week who apparently represents the “new direction” of CBMWD? It won’t be long now, this is amateur hour on steroids. I’m certain that lawsuits will soon fly, employees with either resign, get fired or trip in the parking lot. We’re certain that indictments will be delivered any day and body after body will be flung under the oncoming Central Basin train wreck. It was always staff’s opinion that Apodaca was unhinged, but this Roybal guy is scary. We honestly fear for our safety when this man is around but we don’t know how to tell anyone. Dave circles somewhere up in the clouds and I think he’s just seen so much over the years that nothing affects him. is that strange or what? Why does this happen with each and every election?

  • 49ers Fan says:

    Mr. Publisher, what happened to my last post ?Isn’t it odd how some posts never see the light of day? I’m glad I took that screenshot. Lol!!! What happened to freedom of speech? I guess it doesn’t exist at the Cerritos newspaper.