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Cerritos Council Votes to Place Sales Tax Increase on Ballot


By Brian Hews

At last night’s regular meeting, the Cerritos City Council voted to place the controversial 1% sales tax increase on the ballot, however they subsequently voted to organize a standalone vote on the increase scheduled for April 11, 2017.

At the upcoming November 7 meeting, the Council will officially put the sales tax measure to a vote with the 4/5ths majority needed.





It is anticipated that the Council will approve the sales tax measure’s placement on the April 11 ballot.

The measure will only need a simple majority to pass.

But given the City survey that was conducted during the past few weeks, the prospects of the increase passing seem dim at the moment.






Council also directed City Staff to include a majority of the previously proposed budget cuts in the 2017-18 City budget.

An August HMG-CN article outlined the budget cuts that the City will now include in the 2017-18 budget.



Cerritos City Council Will Consider Major Cuts to Operating Budget, Including Sheriff’s Station



The Council also directed staff to look into the “unwinding” of the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station and SkyKnight helicopter program.

Given the large operation at City Hall, the Sheriff’s Station cannot be closed as if it were a business; operations must be slowly “unwound.”



  • Sales Tax says:

    Doubtful if the sales tax increase will pass the voters, because only one city in Orange County has passed it, and only five cities in Los Angeles has passed it.

    Furthermore, it is confusing, as CCC would like 1%, but will legally only get .5% or .75%, because of the other tax hikes set forth to go to voters in LA Co.

    Survey results show no on sale tax.

    If CCC wanted to save money, they would hold the election in June or Nov, to cut cost and overhead. Combo w/ state elections is considerably cheaper to hold.

    I say no to CERRITOS SALE TAX, money will be deposited in to the general funds, more trips to Wa DC , dinners, floats, real estate investing and will never go to substanable landscape & menopause PW

  • AndyAmerican says:

    I also oppose the Cerritos sales tax! Vote No!!
    I am Andy American and I approve this message.