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But over 98% of the residents indicated the Sheriff’s Station was important/very important.

By Brian Hews

Over 1,000 Cerritos residents and 53 business owners responded to the City’s recent Community Budget Priorities Survey with over 74% rejecting the 1% sales tax increase, while 88% wanted to retain the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station.

There have been indications that the Sheriff’s Station will be cut if the tax is not passed.

The sales tax increase has been a hot topic among Cerritos residents and the survey results bear that fact out.

Among the questions asked was “how would you rate your overall satisfaction with the current services provided by the city of Cerritos?”

63% said they were very satisfied and 30% said they were somewhat satisfied.

Another question touched on one of the hottest topics among Cerritos residents asking “how would you rate the importance of law-enforcement services in the City?”

Over 98% indicated the station’s importance, with 88% answering very important and 10% answering somewhat important.

The survey went on to ask about those services that were included  on the proposed budget cut list if the tax was not passed.

One question asked “how would you rate the importance of recreation and senior services in the City?”

Over 73% said very important and almost 21% said somewhat important.

Touching on another hot topic with residents the survey asked, “how would you rate the importance of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts?”

Over 53% indicated that it was unimportant, while 12% said it was very important, 20% said it was somewhat important and 13% said it was somewhat unimportant.

Asking about the importance of maintaining streets sidewalks and trees in the City, 89% said it’s very important and almost 9% said it’s somewhat important.

Showing the apparent disdain for the Astor Museum on Bloomfield, almost 62% of residents said it is unimportant that the City provide “educational enrichment at the museum,” with 14% saying it was somewhat unimportant, 14% saying it was somewhat important and 10% saying it was very important.

Residents panned two questions about “rapid transit services in the City” with an average of 79% saying there is no need for new rapid transit systems in the City.

At the end of the survey, respondents were allowed to comment. Over 355, or 30% of the respondents, let their feelings be heard.

Comments ranged from “balance your budget, do not go into reserves and do not tax the residents,” to one respondent saying “I would support a 2% sales tax in Cerritos to keep and improve services in the city including fixing streets, landscaping, tree maintenance, and community safety.”

Another person said, “I was shocked that the council even considered eliminating the Cerritos Sheriff’s..that is one of the main draw points of living here and we need the protection with the high amount of residential crimes and burglaries. I would eliminate or cost cut the CCPA. We’ve lived here since 2009 and have yet to attend a function there.

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