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OP/ED: ABCUSD Board Member Lynda Johnson Auditioning for Cerritos City Council at ABCUSD Children’s Expense


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You read it here first, Lynda Johnson’s reckless actions as an ABC Board Member is an audition to get endorsements for Cerritos City Council.


By HMG-CN Publisher Brian Hews

She sacrifices children’s education to further her political career.

ABC Board member Lynda Johnson has been putting on quite a show at Board meetings these past couple months, and there’s a good reason.

It’s all show for Carol Chen and Bruce Barrows and their allies. Johnson is showing that she can be “tough” against unions much like she has been in badgering the ABCFT, so she can be tough against the Cerritos Employee’s Union.

And that is exactly what Chen and Barrows want.

Right now for Johnson, it is all about getting their endorsement and money, and she is sadly sacrificing the ABC children’s education in doing so.

Johnson said at a recent Board meeting, “it was brought to my attention in May that they (the Board) were deviating from policy about appointees, so I felt the need to bring it up now.”

Then Johnson tried to get long-time ABC employee and retired teacher Gavin Riley kicked off the ABC Finance and Audit committee because “he was retired and we are deviating from Board policy.”

Johnson never questioned Riley’s appointment in past years.

The moved showed tremendous lack of research on Johnson’s part much like what former ABC Board member Cecy Groom was censured for in the early 90’s.

A simple phone call to ABC attorney Jim Baca would have confirmed that Board policy is “permissive under the Education Code” so the Board is allowed to deviate in this case, making appointments of retired teachers like Riley.

But Johnson, in a calculated move, did not call Baca and instead proceeded to slam Riley and attempt to remove him from the FA Committee.

The move caused a confrontation in the parking lot between her and VP Chris Apodaca as documented in this paper.  Johnson told her supporters that there was a “witness,” but no one has come forward in her defense.

The story is on this week’s front page of LCCN.

In typical fashion, Johnson is willing to lie to show Chen and Barrows that she’ll do anything to obtain a seat on the Cerritos City Council and be their minion.

And Johnson will stop at anything to quash anyone who gets in the way, including freedom of the press.



Just like Carol Chen uses her puppet, Melinda Kimsey, the Cerritos resident who falsely accused a teacher (YES A TEACHER) of pedophilia and sexual harassment only to recant the entire story in court and get fined $20,000, Linda is using Melinda telling the Board members that the paper is going to get “more edgy.”

Cerritos Resident Melinda Kimsey Fined $20,000 for Falsely Accusing Teacher of Pedophilia


That puts Cerritos Commissioner Janet Beach, who works for Kimsey, in an awkward conflict of interest situation.

And just like Carol Chen, Johnson is intimidating others to stop placing rightful business with this newspaper, as I received a phone call and two emails from one long-time advertiser asking for “information,” an advertiser Johnson is affiliated with.

I wonder what her boss Jackey Lacy would have to say about her behavior?

I know one thing; former ABC Board member Celia Spitzer abhors Johnson’s behavior. At the last meeting Spitzer slammed Johnson for attempting to remove Riley from the Finance and Audit Committee and for dragging the ABC into the mud.

Attorney Jim Baca, at that same meeting, basically admonished Johnson for not knowing the Education Code.

And it is becoming apparent that Lynda will do anything to obtain her goal, as there is an issue right now at ABCUSD that has Johnson’s fingerprints all over it.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Investigating ABCUSD Board

It is no coincidence that all this is happening, the March 2017 election is coming soon.

It’s all show to run for Cerritos City Council, a show that is hurting the kids of the ABCUSD, and that is a shame.




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