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Whitney High Ranked #1 in California by US News and World Report

Whitney High School in Cerritos is the best public high school in California, according to rankings released Tuesday by U.S. News & World Report.

USNWR said, “Gretchen Whitney High School offers a variety of honors and Advanced Placement courses, including computer science, physics and Model United Nations. Students can earn extra weight in the University of California admissions index via successful completion of certain honors and AP courses. Admission to Whitney High School is selective and is based on state and district assessments and class rank. Parent involvement at Whitney High includes conferences, field trip participation and fundraising opportunities.”

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  • Irvine Allumni says:

    How many Whitney attend college after graduating, then how many graduate from college?

    The other three high schools in the ABC district, what is the percentage of students attending a four-year University? How many graduate from the University?

    Whitney reads as educational candy, but how does this translate in to historical society, as have not read about any great lifelong professionals to brag about from this district.

    LCCN: Please tell us the placement of students from ABC who are admitted in to universities? Like to read data from all 5 High Schools in the district.

    Will proposed Mello Roos Bond Tax go to Whitney and the other 4 campuses in district?

  • VC Parent says:

    Why have so many white students, deserted ABC and espec Whitney and attending Valley Christian or Los Alamitos USD? ABC trustees need to research, why the revolving exit door from ABC.

  • Cortney says:

    Does ABC Schools have a transgendered bathroom and how many are on the campus of Whitney HS?