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ABC Candidate Silvestre Vasquez Violated Election Laws, Seen Handing Out ‘Vote for Vasquez’ Cards at Front Entrance of Polling Place


By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has learned that ABC Area 7 candidate Silvestre Vasquez violated electioneering laws during this past Tuesday’s election, asking for Hawaiian Gardens residents’ votes just outside the entrance to the polling place that was located at Fedde Middle School.

No electioneering is allowed within 100 feet of a polling place. Vasquez’ actions violate the State’s Elections Code 319.5 Section 3108 and is punishable as a misdemeanor.

Vasquez is only 8 votes behind the other Area 7 candidate Christopher Apodaca.

This is the second violation committed by Vasquez, with HMG-CN exclusively reporting in August that Vasquez listed his primary residence at 12134 114th St. in Hawaiian Gardens while an online title search showed Vasquez living in a 4 bedroom, 2 bath single-family dwelling on San Arturo Circle in Buena Park.

Sources told HMG-CN that Vasquez was handing out business cards to residents entering the polling place that had his picture and “Vote for Vasquez” printed on the card.

One resident, who did not want to be identified, told HMG-CN, “ he stood right in front of the door, stopped people, talked to them, then gave them a business card.”


The card Vasquez was handing out in front of Fedde Middle school polling place. Note is does not have a campaign ID, which is a violation of campaign laws.


The resident complained to the poll workers who said they told Vasquez to leave, “but the guy would not listen to us.”

The Poll Supervisor told the resident the same thing, “there is nothing we can do, he is not listening.”

So the resident called LA County to complain.

HMG-CN spoke to Hawaiian Council Rey Rodriguez who said, “I got a call Vasquez was passing out cards at the polling place within 100 feet, I went over there and (candidate) Myra (Maravilla) was handing out flyers beyond the 100 foot line. She said that Vasquez told her she had to be past the line.”

Rodriguez went on, “I walked over and confronted Vasquez asking him why did you tell Myra to go over there and pass out flyers and you are standing here?”

Rodriguez said at the time Vasquez was talking to HG Councilman Victor Farfan but Farfan left as soon as Rodriguez walked up.

Rodriguez asked Vasquez, “what are you doing passing out cards you know that is illegal?”

“Vasquez came up with some stupid answer saying ‘why are you interfering with my conversation with Myra,’ I thought that was weird,” he said.

Rodriguez once again told Vasquez it was illegal what he was doing and Vasquez snapped back, “who are you to tell me what I can do.”

Rodriguez went into the polling place and told them about Vasquez. The workers said to Rodriguez, “we told him to leave, but he ignored us.”

On his way out, Rodriguez once again told Vasquez it was illegal what he was doing and Vasquez replied, “you can’t come over here and tell me what to do.”

Rodriguez then talked to Myra and told her to call the police, Rodriguez then left.

The LA County elections supervisor showed up but, according to observers, the supervisor did nothing to stop Vasquez.

Finally Lakewood Sheriff’s arrived.

The resident told HMG-CN, “ they spoke to Vasquez, left him at the front door of the polling place so he could still hand out his cards, came over and questioned me, then left without moving Vasquez, can you believe that?”

Several poll workers, including the Supervisor, confirmed to HMG-CN that they asked Vasquez to leave several times, but he never did.

“He stayed in front of the door until the polls closed,” one of the poll workers said.

  • Floyd says:

    Once again Hawaiian Gardens politics amazes us all. The unlawful and lawless antics of Vasquez remind me of liberal democrats! Sure seems to fit! Rules of law do not phase them! They operate by their own rules!

    Hawaiian Gardens tries to change but the more it does the more it stays the same. I was DIRECTLY involved with the recall of four or five sitting city council persons back in late 1996. We circulated petitions and got a special election. It worked too! Back then we had the corruption of Kathy Nevajas,, we called her the “Dragon Lady”..and the money from the “yes” on a casino proposition group etc.

    It was interesting times here. Seems as if not much has changed! Vasquez should have been forcebly removed by sherifs and charged with election polling place violations! By his lawless actions looks like he is a perfectd ringer for the democrat party! But if he is a democrat as I suspect, nothing will happen!

    • Tom Chavez says:

      Dear Floyd, Your rant is interesting, but highly inaccurate. The fact is that Vasquez was backed by the Cerritos Republican Club. It seems that while you were trying to bash Democrats, you inadvertently bashed the Republicans. I believe that any candidate, regardless of party affiliation, that blatantly violates the election laws should be immediately disqualified, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    You should look at source of this “information.” Councilman Rodriguez is part of the corruption not the solution.

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    You should look at the source of your “information”. Councilman Rodriguez is part of the corruption, not the solution. In fact he is good friends with Navejas and tried to bring her back into the city politics a couple of years ago!

    • The story was confirmed by several other people.

    • Maria says:

      Get your facts straight before you comment “Concern Citizen!” If your so concerned about the city of HG you should run for council! Rodriguez has only made the city of HG a better place that’s why he got re-elected for a second term. Saying Rodriguez is part of the corruption is a coward statement. Especially, since you have not provided any information of facts to back up your statement! Thank you Mr. Rodriguez for all you have done for our City! I am happy that we have got the toxins out of the city council this year! Looking forward to a great year for the city of Hawaiian Gardens!

  • Antonio says:

    Why are you made Chris Apodaca ?? Didn’t you win already super man “? You guys want to talk about fraud ahhaha how about Chris Apodaca taking pictures with the fire department and they are NOT EVEN endorsed by them and on the same flyer using city logos !!!! So don’t even start !!! It just sad that THE CITY CAME DOWN TO ALL THIS IN THE UNITED STATES …. I thought this only happens in Mexico but guess not !!!!! And want to talk about 100 feet hahaha how about you talking to people inside HAWAIIAN GARDENS CITY HALL … So don’t act like ur perfect because your not !!!!!

  • Pete says:

    City of Hawaiian Gardens used to be a dump . the dump ground fumes are coming up and polluting the politicians. Wonder how many residents are dying from breathing the sub soil dump fumes, which were never mitigated properly during subdivisions for housing.

    It is very shameful, that the primary business of Hawaiian Gardens is gambling, when there is illegal homeless sleeping in the streets, plus hooking along the streets/alleys.. I can see why did El Dorado tract, closes off the streets at dusk to keep the Hawaiian garden trash inside the city limits of Hawaiian Gardens.

    Also look at the corrupt political practices of many businesses along Carson Street, as they are in violation of ordinances. The other day watching the Hawaiian Gardens City Council, the councilman really did not even know the duties of Realtors, when trying to pursue their obligations for redevelopment project.

    If the Hawaiian Garden City Council really wanted to improve the city, they would strictly enforce code enforcement laws, and clean up each Street especially the one way areas. There is just not enough legal voters in the city, to make a difference in either the school board election or the City Council elections. Sheriff have to look the other way, in order to enforce DMV Lic and insurance registration.

    Hawaiian Gardens should be annexed with either the city of Long Beach or East Lakewood, as they’re not a standalone City, today nor ever in the past.