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Oct. 30, 2015 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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  • Weston Jr. says:

    Letter to Editor | Oct 30, 2015.:

    Do not like how Gavin Riley has spilled (Ret.) Cecy Groom name all over the Los Cerritos community news on Friday. He’s trying to compare Cerritos to Irvine, we just don’t have the money, to universally support another School Mello Roos Tax burden, and Cerritos is one of the wealthiest cities in the district, and East Lakewood-Art-Hawaiian Gardens-Norwalk- Long Beach, still do not have that kind of money or construction to revamp the infrastructure for computers, and buildings etc.

    Still the majority of the sales in this general Cerritos area are foreclosures, people are still without jobs.

    This election (Nov 3) is going to be a farce, Cerritos will be having (3) separate elections for school board, one in 2015, one in 2017, and in the independent School Board race for Bellflower. There’s no way, the city of Cerritos are going to be unity with (3) school board elections, compared to the other cities in the district will only have one election.

    Gavin is complaining about the recession, the poor teachers —the poor babies; well the whole United States, every occupation had cut backs from the recession, it was not only exclusively for the teachers.

    Cerritos is still paying for (2) Mello Roos Bonds: Junior College district and the ABCUSD, no more Mello Roos Bonds, until both of these are paid in full and no debt!!!. AA Mello Roos was poorly investigated, due to lack of funding during the recession. Maybe in latter times, when the economy can support thorough investigation and data is filed on Common Core education, then we can intelligently vote. Not only registered voters, but 100% of the property owners in ABCUSD boundaries, as Mello Roos Tax debt affects all, not only registered voters in the district.