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Oct. 9, 2015 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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  • Victor at Sundance says:

    Too much of this new technology for construction bond, was introduced for the school district, during the economically challenged recession, we did not have enough money to create good data. Limited resources, the data never reached all of the public who will be voting on this.

    Let’s face it, recession was brutal, and research and discovery was done at the bare bones minimum. This includes the national Common Core education, may be good, but development was done during the economically challenged recession era.

    District still has medium number of residential foreclosures, vacant shopping malls, so the district serviced by ABC is still recovering from the great recession.Unemployment for the district is around 6%, higher then national at 5.1%.

  • Overnight Parking says:

    City of Cerritos wastes too much money on policing overnight parking, street sweeping ordinance and tree hugging. Vacate these and spend money on repairing curb-gutters and public works. Tired of hearing broken campaign promises for tree problems, City still looks worst then Watts. Council needs to jump in to hi gear and make citywide repairs to public works property.