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Sept. 25 HMG-CN eNewspaper



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  • Parent says:

    – Questions for all ABC Trustees | Election 2015.

    1) Cerritos HS has vacant Horticulture Land for many decades. What are plans, this lot is blite?

    2) What does ABC have for impaired students, compared to surrounding school districts? Why would parents of impaired children, choose ABC over surrounding districts?

    3) Many school districts are temp importing professionals from many aspects of life, to teach students about work force employment. Why has ABCUSD failed to reach out to public to teach mid-upper schools?

    4) Why is there such a demographic split between ABC –vs- Valley Christian-Los Alamitos USD?

    5) What kind of study sessions do you propose, to analyze sections of Cerritos, which are not serviced by ABC, this has been ongoing administration issues for more then 4 decades?

    6) Recent trip by Pope, why cant ABC have some spec. programs, to bring in South American –European Studies to ABC, as past few decades, ABC has been favoring only China studies and exchange students?

    7) Where is ABC in food chain of events, addressing the issues raised in the most recent failed Mello Roos Bond?

    8) Why cant trustee meetings be cataloged on line, so everyone can view at their leisure?

    9) What is the max. attendance for Whitney, so more students can temporarily participate in this campus?

    10) Candidates vying for election, please tell us your USA/ worldly travels and where did you attend schools? Based on this reply, what past experience can you digest in to ABC to better reach all students?


  • Cerritos Clerks Office says:

    LCCN , 9/25/2015 Edition

    Public Notice: Cerritos Open Bid for New Landscape Maintenance Contractors.

    Sure hope CCC vacates the contract with Valley Crest Landscape, as this city’s maintenance standards, are at all time lowest in 45 yrs. Regional Park and all city maintained parks look great, do not like the frail condition of the city’s meridians and easements..

    Hope the CCC does due diligence in reviewing all contracts and chooses best.