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Inaugural Edition-Montebello News eNewspaper

Introducing HMG-CN’s new Montebello Community News, hand-delivered to 15,000 homes in Montebello every other week.
Also dropped at over 50 high traffic businesses, City Hall, Library, and other city facilities.

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  • Miguel Garcia says:

    “In the spirit of Montebello News”…interesting to start a news paper in Montebello for the sole purpose of targeting political candidates in an upcoming election. Shame on you Brian Hews!!!!

    • OMG says:

      Another Hews hater, shooting the messenger and not caring about the message. I guess it is OK with you Miguel that Jack voted to give 3.5 million in public funds to his friend who owes the city 1.5 million?
      That Jack is connected to the Calderons? John Noguez? Did you read the paper?
      There was some great Montebello articles inside but I guess you are so blind in sticking up for Jack you did not see them. Keep going Mr. Hews!!! Don’t let haters like this bozo stop you!

      • Miguel Garcia says:

        When did council vote? It appears that only Hews is reporting this, I find that odd. How is the Mayor connected to John Noguez and the Calderon’s? I’ve read many articles on this I’ve yet to see any proof. Are you one of those people who believe every single thing that is written?

        • OMG says:

          Miguel, I am a big fan of Hews, obviously you are not. The vote took place at a special meeting, 2-2 one abstention on May 20. Hews was instrumental in busting Noguez, and found that Hadjinian took $5,000 from Noguez for campaign money and is under investigation by the DA…


          Hadjinian endorsed a doomed water bill authored by Calderon in 2012, he is behind Vanessa Delgado who bought her home from Calderon…do your homework before you acuse people Miguel.

        • Miguel Garcia says:

          1. How do you know what happened in a closed session meeting? That would be a Brown Act violation.

          2. Hadjinian stated $250 was given by Noguez and $5,000 was given by Salari, he never received the funding according to the DA’s office because of his campaign treasurer was arrested from stealing campaign funds from many candidates including Dianne Feinstein. The DA has found no wrong doing by Hadjinian. I think LA Times is a much more qualified news source than Brian Hews.


          3. Delgado purchased a home from that was owned by Calderon. This house sat vacant for almost a year. So if I purchase a home that was formerly owned by you OMG, does that mean we are connected?

          Please get your facts straight. You appear to be a fan of someone who targets people he and his minions do not like. That is not real journalism.

          BTW…Do you even live in Montebello?

  • OMG says:

    So where do I start with your logic. Do you think Hews has sources? Just like a newspaper publisher should? That maybe ONE council person called him about the vote, not a Brown Act violation.

    So Jack took the money, then it was stolen, so that qualifies him as not taking the money from Salari or Noguez?

    So someone gives you a car (money), you register the car (report on your campaign reports) then the car is stolen and you claim it was not your car? HMMM

    Read the article on Delgado she was caught lying twice by Hews about not knowing Calderon and Hews caught her just recently registering in Montebello.

    That’s right Miguel, shoot the messenger and do not listen to the message, HATER!

    What difference does it make if I live in MTB or not? You should ask that of Delgado not me. I am a fan of this newspaper…two out of three years best investigative newspaper in Los Angeles beating out the LA Times…