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Feb. 20-Feb. 27 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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  • Lakewood Shores HOA says:

    Similar read in South Cerritos, 2 decades ago.

    Bruce Borrows was on the city council, we had train derailments near the Del Amo Bridge/ South Cerritos. RR accidents between the target store, and a regional park. Today’s, Borrows has been on council for 4 terms, and the place still has not been cleaned up.

    How many meetings has Bruce Borrows attended regarding the regional trains? Well Don Knabe lives few blocks north of the Del Bridge, Don and his political son Matt, have done nothing towards the Del Amo Bridge, nor cleaned up the accidental debris, still rotting in the RR easement. Knabe home backs up to the Los Coyotes Flood Control, between Regional Park and Carmenita, still has done nothing for this area.

    Borrows and Knabe are both lovechilds for the (R) GOP in the area.