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Feb. 6-12 Hews Media Group Community News eNewspaper

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  • Bed Tax says:


    Hotel Bed Tax | CCPA | Sheraton Hotel

    This increase in Bed Tax for the Hotel, will only be used to fuel more junket trips to: Sacramento,
    DC and Florida. Hope the voters are smart and vote no.
    Bed Tax on Sheraton is ridiculous, when most of the time, Sheraton has hi (%) of vacancies. Drive by at night, most of the rooms are dark, many floors are 100% dark, as entire floors are closed off. Hope the voters say no on polls Mar 3, 2015. Yes, the tax will bring in additional $500K yr, which will be siphoned by Sheriffs Union, Magnolia Power Station and Library book. Nothing will go to public works or city infrastructure. This reminds me of the sale of Whitney HS to Warmington Developers, nothing went to the students, all $6M went to ABC teachers unions.

    CCC will say the annual operating budget is like maintaining our city parks. Parks are open to public, CCPA is not open to public, paid subscribers only; hence only 9% Cerritos Residents usage.

    CCC: Edwards, Pulido and Grace Hu did nothing to cure the negative cash flow which is BK City, so why reward them with our Vote today, to return to CCC. They all have cadillac PPO Ins to grave, do any of us???

    $5-7M neg cash flow, residents are subsidizing a private venture, which is not open to public.

    What the CCC has not explained, B-C rated talent, demands (%) cut in the gross sales, which was not present in creating CCPA, nor do CCC tell us, the CCPA is grossly outdated technology. Budget will never be able to keep up operating costs. Great A-rated talent is even more costly up front to book a yr or more out, plus demand higher (%) of the gross.

    Residents must demand for 2 separate companies to analyze and make recommendation for sub contracting out.