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January 16-22 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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  • MLK says:

    Cerritos MLK Boycott:

    Monday January 19th, 2015; MLK celebration was moderately attended in the City of Cerritos. Many long time residents boycotted the festival, because of the closed racial BINDER of today’s and prior City Council’s. Today’s MLK turned in to more of a carnival for the advertising candidates running for March 3, 2015 elections.

    Currently, there are twenty five (25) commissioners appointed by the five councilpersons, and only one (1) African American appointed, to the Fine Arts Commission. Per 2010 Census, Cerritos has almost (7) percent African Americans. Shame shame shame on today’s Council, for only one (1) of twenty ( 25).

    During the past (4+) Four decades, the city has only elected one African American Council person, and appointed 2 African American commissioners. City Manager’s office has never employed African American. Though city manager has been on board for more than 40 yrs as Cerritos employee. Today 600+ employees in the city, African American/native to Cerritos, Sheeree Titus has the highest ranking job, Mgr of Parks and Recreation. City had (1) one appointed Gay Man, but was removed by councilperson, as Korean Population, stated he was less than a man, so was removed. Said person was appointed to the Fine Arts Commission. There has been no Handicap residents appointed to any commissions. No African Americans have held Management positions in the Sherriff Department, which is another closed binder by LA County Supervisor Knabe/ owner of Cal Met Trash and Cerritos Auto Mall BOD.

    Furthermore, the ABC Trustees have had only 2 elected African American Trustees in the past 4+(Four) decades.

    Cerritos is clearly closed binder community, illustrating no diversity; plus run by the GOP as groping the city of true diversity.

    Please consider the (D) running for seat on the Council, as city needs to start Open Binder for all ethnic residents.


  • No All American City says:

    It is clear that the city of Cerritos is only diverse is appearance. While the minority of residents are open minded, accepting and view the city as one big community the majority and most in positions of influence are greedy selfish hypocrites. This was clearly on display when the Good Will store was rejected by neighborhood bullies and an unscrupulous city council (both claiming we did not need a second one in the city).

    Very few stood up for a store that helps the disadvantaged. One individual of courage, who did speak-up for the Good Will, was not a seasoned minority who himself who endured years of discrimination as an immigrant, but a young Asian high school/college man, wise beyond his years. He called it as he saw it. He told those whose who looked like him in appearance and who had come here before him, their stance against the Good Will was showing them as racist and it was wrong. He was right.

    The second Good Will was rejected in this so called diverse city, but somehow a second evidently less offensive Dollar Tree store was quietly allowed to occupy the same location and without outcry from the neighborhood or city council.