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Dec. 19, 2014 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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  • Reply: Cerritos Litter Story says:

    Re: Cerritos Litter editorial.

    Cerritos is a gateway community, a junction where a lot of other cities, have to drive through the city of Cerritos in order to ingress/ egress from surrounding freeways. Curbside friable garbage, is just a common phenomenon.

    Cerritos has no assimilation, so what do you expect, monkey see, monkey do; there’s not enough good Samaritans, to keep the city clean.

    Just check out our current and former councilperson personal dwellings, for most part, none of them are Home/Garden Beauties! Voters are electing trash hounds to represent the residents. Show me one CCC/ winner of CITYWIDE PRIDE CONTESTS .

    Walk around the city hall, lots of trash debris in the sculpture garden, library and city hall patios-balconies. Ck the book-drop off, more litter here, then on mile stretch of the 91 freeway.

    CCC cares more about Sacramento/ Washington DC; then to the litter and horrific breached Public Works. Mayor Pulido spends more time, branding Whitney HS, then addressing Public Works.

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