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Car Crashes Into Subway Sandwich In Cerritos


By Brian Hews

The driver of a late model Nissan parked in front of a Subway sandwich shop at the corner of Del Amo and Bloomfield in Cerritos apparently failed to check what position the transmission was in and slammed into the popular sandwich shop just after 2:oo pm today.

No one was injured in the incident.

Damage to the Nissan was rather minor compared to the Subway, which had both doors completely taken out along with all the windows.

Although dejected the owner was just glad everyone was ok.

“We’ll get through this, the repairmen are already on the way.”

According to reports, vehicle-into-store crashes happen more frequently than most people think. Every day, there are 50-60 serious storefront accidents in the U.S. that involve a car or truck crashing into a restaurant, store, or other type of business.

  • There are 20,000 vehicle-into-building crashes every year in the United States. That’s 50 to 60 accidents every day.
  • Every day in the US more than 20 convenient stores are struck by vehicles. That’s more than 7,300 convenience store crash incidents each year.
  • During the four year period between 1991 and 1995, there were 1,500 crashes into 7-Eleven stores in the US.
  • Forty-one percent of all vehicle-into-building crashes are caused by driver confusion or “pedal error.”
  • There are more than 550 vehicle-into-storefront accidents reported in the news media each year.



Statistics provided by injurytriallawyer.com.


  • Wow says:

    “Popular” — I swear you guys use that word to describe every person, place or thing you write about. Everything is not popular!!!!

  • BRIAN says:

    Details! The store is located in Lakewood not Cerritos. You can tell when you leave Cerritos and enter Lakewood by the quality of the roads. Lakewood re-paves theirs according to a schedule and we have money available to do it. We don’t just think our **** doesn’t stink we prove it!