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August 22 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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  • M c M a h o n says:

    Vote No | Cerritos Water Rate Increase | Sept-Oct 2014.

    10% Increase per yr, for the next 7 years. Proxy via mail in Sept-Oct 2014 Water Bill Statement. ….. PLEASE VOTE NO…….. Cerritos residents are consuming less water, city water needs more revenue to balance budget. Please vote no!! By not voting, this means a Yes vote, meaning the city can increase water rates.


    During the 60’s, voted for desalination water treatment plants for Redondo Beach and Santa Barbara. Vote passed, nothing materialized. Worldwide there are over 15,000 Desalination Plants. Calif has only one start up desalination plant in San Diego Co. Read the fine print for Gover. Brown’s Water Mello Roos Bond. No desalination plants and wants to transfer SJV truck crops to hillsides, for better climate, at expense of Mello Roos Bond Money. Los Angeles Water Bond, wants to convert gutter runoff of by Clean water Mello Roos Bond & or reclaimed-recycled water. Meantime, Santa Ana River, San Gabriel River and Los Angeles Rivers are dumping Mountain Storm runoff in to the ocean and not reclaiming this.

    Many cities will not permit the construction of Artificial Turfgrass, Rock-gravel landscapes, etc. Palms Springs, Las Vegas and Arizona are all drought tolerant landscapes and look great, as Socal is part of the vast Mediterranean Dry Landscape.

    QUESTION: Do we really need state wide Mello Roos Bonds, or do we need some changes in local rules and regulations???


    RE: United-HOA.org

    Grp of elected or appointed city/district officials have submitted a ballot statement opposing the $195 million Mello Roos Bond . Copy of this statement: http://united-hoa.org/ArgumentInFavor.pdf.

    Those who signed this statement; don’t know anything about what happened with the 1997 Mello Roos Bond. They wouldn’t be talking about “a lasting, positive impact” if they knew Gahr High’s roof was replaced in 1999 and 2002, lasted 12-15 years, and has now “outlived useful life” in the district’s own words. They are so naive as to believe taxpayer protections; can be guaranteed because all expenditures will be reviewed by an independent citizens’ oversight committee. The trouble is even the school board doesn’t know any details of what projects will be carried out, which school for how much money. How can anyone else oversee anything? They need to have a detailed plan, if they are really interested in fixing our schools.

    Benjamin Ao | [email protected] | United HOA

  • M c M a h o n says:

    8/25/2014: LCCN HOMELESS:

    Vets: CAR WASH CHARITY editorial:

    Is this the only thing they, (R) can contribute to society? This Cerritos based group (R) appears to be the elite everything in this town. Leave car wash socials, to the local vendors who are in the business of car washes/detailing.

    Why not hold something which could benefit the entire city, invite all the community and charge some fee which could be noted?

    • Suggestion: —Labor Day Progressive Neighborhood Park Social & Dining—

    LA Times is have a progressive Taste Parties throughout the town, which brings communities together.

    With dozens of parks in Cerritos, over 42K residents, anything is better then carwash social.

    Regards to the Downey Job Fair. Great idea, but how will the over 60 employers reach the 500+ Homeless Vet Camp:

    • More then 500+ Vets, living in the Santa Ana River Bed, on the SE corner of the 91/55 Freeway, in the Orange-Villa Park sections of town.

    Said Vets tent city in the Santa Ana River Bed, Orange, is insult to the filthy rich living above in elite areas where homes are selling for over $10M and home to Anaheim’s Baseball Team, whos yrly salary are over $25M ea.
    • Villa Park,
    • Anaheim Hills,
    • Orange Park Acres,
    • Peralta Hills,
    • Cowan Heights etc.

    Next time you drive E on 91, honk your CAR HORNS, to the men who protected our USA lands, and are now homeless and forgotten in OC, where the average sales prices of SFR : $805K | Summer 2014!

    CCC: Mrs/Mr. Joseph Cho, PHD, (D) will go down in Cerritos history, as the only councilperson to hold progressive park luncheons monthly. He reached out to the hoods, to bring communities together in this locked-door-community & non diversified city. Cho family never charged for these Cerritos Park Picnics and their donation to Cerritos is countless.


  • M c M a h o n says:


    TO: Mayor Mark Pulido.

    RE: CCC, Thursday August 28.

    Two (2) agenda discussions are not very clear.

    Street Tree Program.

    Forests around the perimeter of the neighborhoods, trees are creating havoc destruction, and trespassing in our private homes-compounds, making sidewalk passage for pedestrians impossible. Also, there is nothing in this resolution, to accelerate large 40’-50’ trees from a yearly thinning- trimming. Street Trees are becoming windbreaks, robbing air circulation and natural light to penetrate on to Dwellings. Shade trees are great, but we have more then shade trees, we have gigantic tall wind breaks, which are penalizing air flow. Allowing some HO to remove trees, is not going create a POSITIVE BALANCE, between neighbors of various cultures.

    LB Humane Society contract:

    Currently Long Beach does not take away our captured –trapped: possums, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, hawks. Homeowners responsibility to relocate trapped animals. Only thing Long Beach Humane Society will do is remove dogs. They will not remove cats, they will neuter wild cats, and bring them back to our property for fuel to: coyotes and raccoons to eat. In the beginning, the Humane Society was founded for a human way of transporting wildlife away from the contact, in a humane fashion. Todays Humane Society is taking a hands off approach.