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August 15 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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  • M c M a h o n says:

    ———-Artesia City Council——————–

    RE: Planning Suggestions for Safe Store Fronts.

    August 1965, Watts Riots. Google/ Look at the footage, see how looters smashed into store fronts, with their cars. Most of the stores today, have no barriers around the front doors or entryways.

    Furthermore, having handicap parking adjacent to the front door, it’s a great idea, but remember handicap parking is for impaired drivers and passengers, so do not always have the proper judgment and maneuvering around the entrance.

    Entryways need protection with:
    1. Concrete Ballards.
    2. Concrete Courtyard Walls
    3. Multiple egress/ingress store fronts for fire and earthquakes.

  • M c M a h o n says:


    RE: United-HOA.org

    A group of elected or appointed city/district officials have submitted a ballot statement opposing the $195 million bond measure. For a copy of this statement please visit http://united-hoa.org/ArgumentInFavor.pdf.

    Those who signed this statement apparently don’t know anything about what happened with the 1997 bond. They wouldn’t be talking about “a lasting, positive impact” if they knew Gahr High’s roof was replaced in 1999 and 2002, lasted 12-15 years, and has now “outlived useful life” in the district’s own words. They are so naive as to believe taxpayer protections can be guaranteed because all expenditures will be reviewed by an independent citizens’ oversight committee. The trouble is even the school board doesn’t know any details of what projects will be carried out at which school for how much money. How can anyone else oversee anything? They need to have a detailed plan if they are really interested in fixing our schools.

    Benjamin Ao | [email protected] | United HOA

    PS: Vote No | Cerritos Water Rate Increase.

    10% Increase per yr, for the next 7 years. Proxy via mail in Sept-Oct 2014. Please vote no. Since residents are consuming less water, city water needs more revenue to balance budget. Please vote no!!